Sex drive: What is normal and how to increase it

Read on to understand why some people may have a high or broken sex drive, plus tips on how to increase it. Every person has their own sex drive that is normal to them. A number of factors may cause it to increase or decrease. arouse drive, or libido, refers to a person ’ s hope to engage in sexual activeness. A low libido refers to a decrease hope relating to arouse, while a high libido is an increase in desire for sex. Some reasons that a person may have a higher sex repel admit :

There are many reasons a person could have a lower arouse drive, including :


Studies looking at female libido highlight that during menopause, sexual hormones decrease. This can cause a descent in arouse drive and arousal. Learn more about how menopause affects sex drive .

Culture and religion

People who are capable to highly restrictive religious or cultural beliefs may have lower levels of intimate desire .

Mental health

Studies have found that males and females with mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression, may have a higher risk of sexual dysfunction. This can lead to a decrease in sex drive .


Sex drive may fluctuate as a person ages. One review highlights that once people reach the senesce of 60, there is a decrease in libido .


There is some research to suggest that a link exists between fleshiness and sexual dysfunction, which may lead to a lower sexual activity campaign .

Chronic conditions

chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, can cause sexual dysfunction, which may reduce sex drive.

One analyze highlights that both the biological effects of diabetes, such as steel price, paired with the psychological effects, such as self-image and fatigue, can decrease libido .


One study found that women tended to reduce their intimate bodily process during pregnancy. One of the main reasons for this was a decrease in their libido. Learn more about how pregnancy affects sex drive .

Relationship satisfaction

One sketch found that the libido of some females may decrease, depending on their satisfaction with the kinship .


Medicines or treatments may cause a decrease in a person ’ randomness sex drive. Some of these include : Chemotherapy : In males, chemotherapy may reduce testosterone levels, which leads to a decrease in their arouse drive. For females, chemotherapy may besides cause the libido to lessen, as it can cause the early attack of menopause. Female hormonal contraceptive : A review of women and hormonal contraceptives highlights that the follow contraceptive methods may decrease libido :

  • contraceptive ring
  • injection
  • implant

Antidepressants: A historical count into antidepressants and sexual dysfunction suggests they may decrease arouse drive.

Learn more about causes of a low libido .

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