What Is Scissoring? Your Complete Guide to the Scissor Sex Position

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a buy using the associate included, we may earn committee. What do your trash drawer and bedroom have in coarse ? Scissors. Well, one should have scissors you use to cut ( ✂️ ), and the other should have the scissoring arouse side you use for pleasure ( ✂️ ✂️ 😈 ). While you might equate scissoring with vulva-on-vulva action, it ‘s actually a far more expansive and inclusive sex position than mainstream pornography ( sigh ) might have you believe. “ Scissoring arouse is any sex act that involves genital-on-genital friction or grind, ” explains body-positive pleasure expert Carly S., laminitis of Dildo or Dildo n’t.

The position earned its name because it most normally entails two people spreading their legs, “ like two pairs of open scissors, and then meet at the middle, ” according to Sarah Sloane, a sex educator and coach at effective Vibrations and Pleasure Chest. It can be accomplished by both partners lying on their bet on or sides, or with one spouse straddling the other. But that ‘s barely the beginning. Read on for everything you need to know about scissoring and how to scissor with any genital combination .What Is Scissoring? 12 Things to Know About the Scissor Sex Position

What Is Scissoring? 12 Things to Know About the Scissor Sex Position

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1. Scissoring is not just for lesbians or people with vaginas.

“ historically, scissoring was a sex dissemble that involved two vulva-owners pressing their vulva against each other, ” says Sloane. Key discussion here : historically ! These days, what qualifies as scissor has expanded to include any genital-on-genital reach, says Carly S. Thanks to PornHub categories scissoring has a repute as “ The Lesbian Sex Act, ” but this is false. “ Scissoring is not a lesbian sex act, ” agrees Sloane. For one, not everyone who tries or likes scissoring identifies as a lesbian. intimate orientation, after all, is determined by personal recognition, not by which arouse acts you prefer. Second, there are many lesbians who do not practice the scissor arouse place, and this fact does not make them any less lesbian. ( More : An Insider ‘s Guide to Sleeping with Another Woman )

2. Scissoring can feel really good.

“ vulva owners have a bunch of erectile tissue under the labium ( including the clitoris ), which can be stimulated through external stimulation, ” says Sloane. ICYDK, your clitoris is much more than that little kernel at the top of your labium ; super sensitive clitoral tissue extends under the labium on either side of your vulva, and so stimulate this entire sphere ( which scissoring surely does ) can absolutely feel amazing and add to your arousal. Fun fact : many vulva-owners ‘ clitorises will become gorge and their labium will become heavier and puffier ( yes, it ‘s basically having a erection ) during scissoring thanks to all the blood rushing to the stallion area and filling up that erectile tissue in response to being turned on, says Sloane. Another cool thing about scissor is that your pelvic deck muscles automatically activate when you move your pelvis in a crunch motion against your spouse, she says. ( Yep, grinding is basically like doing a lot of bantam pelvic tilts in Pilates ! ). Because orgasms are basically a series of pelvic floor contractions, she says that you may notice that orgasm come more quickly during this position as a result. As for penis-owners ? “ Scissoring allows them to experience the sensation of rubbing their penis against something warm ( and sometimes wet ) attached to a person they either sexual love or are sharing a sexual experience with, ” says Carly S. Inherently, that ‘s going to feel dependable, she says. ( See : Hot Take : Grinding Is the Most Underrated Sex Act )

3. Lube can make the scissor sex position feel even better.

even though vaginas naturally produce quite a sting of lubrication during sexual activity, it ‘s specifically your vagina ( that ‘s the home canal ) that produces the lubricant, and not the vulva ( the external function of female genitals ). Because your vulva is what ‘s experiencing most of the friction while scissoring, this can cause kid ( ouch ). An slowly fix : “ Adding a bite of boughten lubricant to the vulva can help increase the sensation, and help the genitals glide more easily against each other, ” says Sloane .

4. You can scissor with clothes on.

“ scissor can be acute with dress on, excessively, ” says Sloane. “ You might have one partner leave their jeans on so the moment collaborator can experience extra friction. ” Or you might both keep your dress on in a dry-humping move.

5. Scissoing is basically a workout.

In terms of department of energy consumption and prerequisite forte and stamina, scissoring is right up there with Rider On Top ( which you might know as cowgirl ). once you get into the scissoring get down stead, you ‘re going to want to move your genitals up and down against each early in order to stimulate your genitals, explains Sloane. This movement calls on your glutes, core, quads, and hamstrings big time. If you get banal center through, ask your spouse to switch up who ‘s doing the most of the sour, says Carly S. ( normally the person on top is doing more employment than the person on bottomland ). “ You can besides switch to a unlike sexual activity act all in all, ” she says. You might, for case, take a snorkel during spooning sex or reciprocal masturbation, then return to scissoring once you ‘re rested up.

6. It’s a good idea to stretch before the scissor sex position.

On that eminence, equitable as you would n’t jump into a exercise without warming up first, you should n’t jump into scissoring without warming up first. “ Stretching your hips ahead of fourth dimension may help make the position more comfortable, ” says Carly S. Runner lunges, frog stretch, visualize 4, and 90/90 stretch will do the trick. ( You might besides take a hip-opening spouse yoga class together. ) besides, H2O plays a key function in helping your muscles officiate. While a mid-romp cramp is actually NBD — barely get out of position and shake it off — if you can avoid them with a few gulp, you might equally well. ( As a bonus, begin well hydrated can increase your ability to self-lubricate. )

7. Your surroundings (and pillows) are your friends while scissoring.

“ Do n’t be afraid to use your surroundings to help you placement your body, ” says Carly S. Have a headboard ? Hang onto it. Getting down on the couch ? Use the couches back or arms for leverage. Bed littered with pillows ? Lean on them. In fact, sexual activity educator Marla Renee Stewart, M.A., sexpert for Lovers adult health post and retailer recommends investing in a put pillow like the Liberator Wedge ( Buy it, $ 110, lovehoney.com ). “ Placing the rotary actuator underneath your butt can help make sure your genitals are more easily-accessible, ” she says .

8. You can add a vibrator to the scissor sex position.

Uhh, what sex situation is n’t made better by the addition of a vibration ? ? ( touch : none ). “ Add some vibrations between both of your bodies for extra sensation, ” says Stewart. She recommends incorporating the We-Vibe Chorus ( Buy it, $ 200, lovehoney.com ) which is a wearable couples vibrator that allows one partner to experience internal and external stimulation, and the other to experience external stimulation. ( See More : care Couples of Any Gender Combo, You Need the We-Vibe Chorus ) Another option is a palm vibrator like the Romp Wave ( Buy it, $ 30, amazon.com ), Le Wand Point ( Buy it, $ 130, babeland.com ), or Dame Pom ( Buy it, $ 100, babeland.com ). Ergonomically designed to curve around the vulva, Sloane suggests tucking the buzzing tag-a-long between your bods, “ then rocking so you can both experience the sensation. ”

9. You can also try an internal toy.

The arouse toy dog possibilities hera decidedly are n’t limited to vibrators. “ Everything in the pelvic region is interconnected, so filling your vagina or anus with a non-vibrating dally like a butt plug or vaginal beads can enhance sense all over, ” says Sloane. She recommends opting for a leaden translation of these toys, such as the b-vibe Snug Plug 1 ( Buy it, $ 48, babeland.com ) or Lelo Beads Noir Kegel Balls ( Buy it, $ 50, babeland.com ) because with every thrust, the weight will shift, stimulating the nerves alongside your inner canal. “ It ‘s a reasonably cool ace, ” assures Carly S.

10. Add something squishy to your scissor sex.

Point lacuna : If you or your collaborator ( randomness ) have a osseous or protruding pelvis or hip bones, scissoring can be more “ ouch ” than “ ohio ! ” “ One prison term after scissoring person, my pelvic region was bruised from all the bone-on-bone labor, ” says Carly S. Pass.

11. STI transmission and pregnancy are still possible while scissoring.

“ scissor is a lower-risk sexual natural process, but it ‘s not a no-risk intimate activity, ” says Sloane. Both STIs spread through skin-to-skin contact and STIs spread through bodily fluids can be spread during the position, she says. ( See : How to Have Safer Sex Every Time ) If you do n’t both know your stream STI status, or one or both of you presently has an STI, you can reduce the risk of transmission by using security, says Sloane. If a penis is involved, that means an internal condom or external condom, while for two vulva-owners that means a dental decameter. ( relate : lease ‘s Get Some Things Straight About Dental Dams ) You can besides keep your pants or panties on. “ [ They ‘re ] not fluid-proof but wearing bottoms will surely reduce the hazard, ” she says. “ Another option is to go for genital-on-hip grinding rather than genital-on-genital grind. ” Does your spin on scissoring include a penis going in a vagina ? If therefore, pregnancy may be potential. Take the necessary precautions if creating a small human is not an consequence you are train for. ( Related : How to Find the Best Birth Control for You )

12. Scissoring just might not work for you.

“ In my experience and research, many folks are n’t a winnow of scissor, ” says Stewart. People with less-exposed, back-facing vulva — meaning, their vulva is angled more toward the back of the body — in especial, tend not to enjoy the scissor arouse position. blame geometry : The angle makes it trickier to stimulate them from a traditional scissor sex position. ( To better understand the diverse vulva angles, spend some meter perusing The Great Wall Of Vagina. )

Carly S. agrees that scissor is n’t always possible or comfortable anatomically ; mobility, military capability, and soundbox human body can besides impact whether or not a pleasure-seeker is a fan. “ I ‘m an advocate for trying things at least three times, ” says Stewart. “ If after that you still do n’t enjoy the placement, you may precisely need to settle that it ‘s not your thing and that ‘s absolutely approve. There are batch of other options, including rubbing your genitals on your partner ‘s thigh, humping different parts of their torso, and so much more. ”

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