What does RTA stand for?

RTA Regional Tourism Authority RTA Referral Travel Agent RTA Regional Training Academy RTA Registrar and Transfer Agency RTA Regional Transit Agency RTA Reviews the Achievements RTA Roads Traffic Authority RTA Riverside Transit Agency RTA Rafting Tours Augsburg RTA Regional Trading Agreements RTA Receive Terminate Ack RTA Real Time Audio RTA Restoration Tax Abatement RTA Ron Turley Associates RTA Relating to the August RTA Road and Transport Authority RTA Retinal Thickness Analyzer RTA Ready to Assembly RTA Regional Trade Agreements RTA Regional Training Agency RTA Road and Traffic RTA Required from the Agency RTA Residenza Turistica Alberghiera RTA Road Transport Authority RTA Road Traffic Authority RTA Refuse to Accept RTA Registration of Titles Act RTA Research Technical Assistant RTA Road Transport Administration RTA Rudlin Torah Academy RTA Rideau Trail Association RTA Ragnarok the Animation RTA Religious and Theological Abstracts RTA Regional Technology Alliance RTA Region and in That RTA River Thames Alliance RTA Rail Transit Agency RTA Register Tape Advertising RTA Resident Theatre Association RTA Real Time Analyser RTA Renal Transplant Associates RTA Real Time Applications RTA Received the Amazing RTA Real Time Analyzers RTA Rail Tec Arsenal RTA Regional Trading Areas RTA Request for Technical Assistance RTA regional transporation authority RTA Research Training Associates RTA Rapid Thermal Anneals RTA Relative Transcriptional Activity RTA Round Table Associates RTA Ramona Trails Association RTA Roads and Transport Authority RTA RedCliffe Training Associates RTA Retro Transit Authority RTA Risk Talent Associates RTA Remote Terminal Access RTA Regional Trading Arrangements RTA Research and Teaching Associates RTA Riga Travel Agency RTA Remote Telephone Activator RTA Records and Tax Administration RTA Round Table Austria RTA Retail Traders Association RTA Real Time Automation RTA Regional Transit Authorities RTA Regional Transport Authority RTA Rapid Thermal Annealer RTA Request for Travel Authorization RTA Republic Telecommunication Agency RTA Request for Travel RTA Regional Technical Academy RTA Retrolateral Tibial Apophysis RTA Roth Talent Associates RTA Regional Technical Assistance RTA Refundable Tax Account RTA Resource Technology Associates RTA Radiographic Texture Analysis RTA Racehorse Transporters Association RTA Runder Tisch Amateurfunk RTA Real Time Assessment RTA Right to Accept RTA Roads and Transports Authority RTA Renzo Tonin Associates RTA Rate Transient Analysis RTA Runden Tisch Amateurfunk RTA Referring Travel Affiliate RTA Runde Tisch Amateurfunk RTA Regional Tourism Association RTA Refferting Travel Agent RTA Remote Technical Assistance RTA Railway Transport Agency RTA Real Time Adherence RTA Research Technology Associates RTA Real Time Author RTA Russian Tunnelling Association RTA Rapidio Trade Association RTA Riverbed Technology Alliance RTA Retribuzione Totale Annua RTA Roads and Traffic Administration RTA Reflections Treatment Agency RTA Road Traffic Advisor RTA Regional Training Authority RTA Reciprocal Trade Agreement RTA Rewrite Techniques and Applications RTA Real Time Accelerator RTA Research Triangle Area RTA Recognised Tenants Association RTA radio television anjouanaise RTA Regional Tourism Authorities RTA radical-trapping activity RTA radiofrequency thermal ablation RTA Radiolabeled tracer analysis RTA rat tail arteries RTA reflex taste aversion RTA reflex threshold angle RTA relative tachygastria activity RTA Relative telomerase activity RTA relative thallium activity RTA relative transcription activity RTA relative transforming activity RTA relative tumour area RTA renal transplantation alone RTA renal tubular antigens RTA retinal thickness analyser RTA retinal thickness analysis RTA return to activity RTA reverse transcriptase assay RTA reverse transcriptase activity RTA Ribitol teichoic acid RTA rolling time average RTA replication and transcription activator RTA Requests for Tenancy Approval RTA Rapid Thermal Annealling RTA Rural Transit Assistance RTA Roads and Traffic Agency RTA Right to Acquire RTA Return to Active RTA Recreational Trail Advocates RTA Recreational Therapy Administration RTA return to normal activities RTA rhythmic theta and alpha RTA Ridge Trails Association RTA Ready to Attack RTA Reach the Travel Agency RTA Research Technology Agency RTA Rapid Treatment Area RTA all-trans-retinoic acid RTA anti-CD3F(ab’)2-ricin toxin A chain RTA MAB-ricin toxin A chain RTA Recognised Testing Agency RTA Ricin toxin A chain RTA ricin toxin A subunit RTA Ricin toxin A-chain RTA Tfn-ricin toxin A chain RTA Real Tennis Association RTA Regional Transit About RTA Readington Trail Association RTA Respond to Archive RTA Rat Tail Artery RTA Remote Terminal Adapter RTA Registry or Agency RTA Registered Tax Agent RTA Remote Test Access RTA Royal Training Academy RTA Radio Technology in Action RTA Refusal To Accept RTA Resident Twinning Advisers RTA Rapid Thermal Annealers RTA Review of the Adequacy RTA Ramona Teachers Association RTA Rapid Transit Association RTA Rapidly Thermal Annealed RTA Regional Technology Academy RTA Regional Tourist Associations RTA Rome Teachers Association RTA Row Team Austin RTA Radio Televiziunea Arad RTA Radio TV Afghanistan RTA Real Time Analog RTA Rag Tag Alliance RTA Ready to Assamble RTA Rate Time Adder RTA Research and Trust Accounting RTA Returned to Active RTA Radius of Target RTA Report on Tenancy RTA Ronald Trahan Associates RTA Round Tapered Aluminum RTA Regional Transit Alliance RTA Retail Transaction Account RTA Returned to Australia RTA Revolving Term Appointment RTA Robert Tall Associates RTA Regional Theatre Auditions RTA Roads and Transport Agency RTA Regional Technical Alliance RTA rear trailing arm RTA Remote Trading Access

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