Romance Movies on Hulu: 27 Love Stories to Stream Now

Who are we to try and resist a good love affair movie ?
Every once in a while, we need a great love fib to bring us back to reality and remind us what biography is all about. Whether you ’ rhenium looking for a popular Hulu Original romance like Palm Springs, an Oscar®-winner like La La Land, or a classic like Some Kind of Wonderfu l—we ’ ve got a wax collection of heart-warmers waiting for you on Hulu .
Check out some of the top romantic flicks streaming now .

Best Romance Movies on Hulu

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If you ’ ra looking for the best woo movies on Hulu, start here. Discover the Golden Globe®-nominated film Palm Springs, one of the most-streamed movies of 2020, plus Oscar®-winners like Slumdog Millionaire , La La Land, and more .
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Funny Romance Movies

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Prefer your love affair movies with a healthy drug of drollery ? Check out some of the best romantic comedies streaming immediately, like Second Act starring Jennifer Lopez, Together Together, Vacation Friends, and more .
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Black Romance Movies

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It ’ randomness constantly a great time to celebrate Black sexual love stories, and these are some of our favorites ( if you haven ’ triiodothyronine checked out our Black Stories Hub, now is the prison term ). Discover the Oscar®-winning film If Beale Street Could Talk , the popular rom-com Just Wright, 24-Hour Love , and lots more .
Discover Popular Black Stories Streaming Now

Sad Romance Movies

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We ’ ve all been there—sometimes you just need a good cry—and these sad romanticism movies will get you there. Check out romantic tearjerkers like The Age of Adaline , Wild Mountain Thyme, The Ultimate Playlist of Noise , and more.
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LGBTQ+ Love Stories

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Love is love—and Hulu likes to celebrate that all year long. Check out our Pride Never Stops Hub and pick from popular woo flicks like Happiest Season ( because it ’ s never besides early to start watching Christmas movies ) Love, Simon, Booksmart, and many more .
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Classic Romance Movies

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movie this : date and relationships before cell phones or social media. Just pure, arrant love affair, grand gestures in place of good dawn texts—truly, truly childlike times .
Discover the authoritative love stories that continue to define the era of wholly rad hairstyles and hella fresh dance moves, like Some Kind of Wonderful, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Dirty Dancing, * and more .
Discover ’80s Romance Movies on Hulu
*Dirty Dancing requires Hulu with HBO Max® addition subscription .

Best Breakup Movies

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Breakups are hard. If you need some avail getting over your ex-husband, our Breakup Movies Watchlist is a great place to start. Accelerate the curative action with relatable and inspiring picks like We Broke Up, A Nice Girl Like You , Revolutionary Road, and more .
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Best Teen Romance Movies

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These kids keep us young ! Go back to the days when love was fresh ( and somehow even messier and more awkward than it is in adulthood ). adolescent romance movies like All Summers End and popular quixotic comedies like Plan B and Flower are streaming now .
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Best Wedding Movies

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What ’ s more chaotic and romanticist than a wedding ? We can ’ t think of anything—which is why we weren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate surprised to realize that our front-runner wedding movies are besides some of our favored rom-coms.

Check out some hilarious picks for wedding season, like Plus One ( starring Maya Erskine from PEN15 ), Our Family Wedding , Sister of the Groom, and more .
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Need more chat up in your life ? Check out our Romance Movie Hub for more titles you ’ ll love .

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