Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position: What It Is & How to Ride in Sexy Style

The reverse cowgirl sex position is one of the hottest ways to have sex AND show yourself off! What is it, and how to do it right? Find out here!

You can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate skip the super-hot rearward cowgirl sex placement in bed. It ’ s a great way to look like you know what you ’ re doing, and make your world love the way you look besides ! Wan sodium know why it ’ randomness been dubbed as one of the best sexual activity positions, and why you should add it to your sex arsenal ? We ’ ll tell you everything you need to know, and more !
When it comes to getting freaky in the bedroom, this is the military position you don ’ metric ton want to leave out. We think we can speak for every charwoman out there when we say that overrule cowgirl is among the best of all the positions. And we besides believe we can speak for every man out there when we say that they LOVE it .
Because this position pleases both men and women so much, it ’ mho signally the best for so many reasons, and we ’ ll list them as we get to the late half of this feature of speech.

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What is the reverse cowgirl sex position?

For those of you who, unfortunately, have never been able to experience or even know about this great position, we ’ ll break down precisely what it is .
We ’ ra sure most, if not all, of you know what the cowgirl place is. It ’ mho when a woman is on crown, straddling and riding her collaborator when he penetrates her, and they ’ rhenium facing each other .
Reverse cowgirl is basically what it sounds like. All you do is take the womanhood who is on exceed and turn her around so she ’ mho facing away from her serviceman, while placid straddling him. The only thing that would make this position more accurate for its appoint is if she threw on a cowgirl hat .
On that note, these days many people call this position the Reverse Rider to keep it more sex achromatic. so if you ’ five hundred prefer to call it that alternatively of invert cowgirl, you do you !

The cowgirl vs reverse cowgirl positions

Both of these sex positions are pretty much the same, and even, the inverse of each other. When you ’ re in the cowgirl position, you sit on the man while he lies down under you. You ’ ra looking at him, and you face towards his face. [ Read : 19 ways to own the cowgirl position and make it way hotter ]
The change by reversal cowgirl sex position is the accurate like – you sit on the guy while he lies down under you on a bed. But rather of facing him, you face his toes. So he doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate perplex to see your face, but he gets to see your aphrodisiac rotter rather !

Have you tried it, and not enjoyed it?

Have you heard nothing but rants and raves about how perplex reverse cowgirl feels from your girlfriends, only to be disappointed by the lackluster reality ? Or are you confuse and not sure how to position yourself ?
You ’ re decidedly not alone. With females going doddering over this blue sex placement, you ’ re bind to feel left out once you do the act without getting off .
The bottomland occupation ? If it doesn ’ thymine feel good, you ’ re not doing it right ! We ’ re here with many tips and tricks on how to do the change by reversal cowgirl correct, and we ’ ll bring to all of them below .
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The reverse cowgirl and how to get into position

If you ’ re wondering how to do the reversion cowgirl, we ’ re here to get you started. Reverse cowgirl is precisely what its name suggests : merely “ daughter on peak ” missionary, with you spun about. Have your man lay down on his back and insert his penis into you with your back facing his face .
From here, you may choose to bounce up and down *tiring, and rarely enjoyable for the girl* or tend advancing *as if in pooch style* and pierce against his penis .
early variations include leaning back and grind, or having your man sit up as you mount him. This can be wholly hot, or amazingly romantic—your call !
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The pros and cons of reverse cowgirl

Have you or your partner expressed a wary attitude when it comes to getting down and dirty in revoke ? Your reservations may be warranted. Before getting into our tips and tricks, we ’ ra looking at the pros and cons that may have you excited, even hesitant about the prognosis of reverse cowgirl sex .

The pros of reverse cowgirl

What ’ sulfur indeed capital about this placement that so many girls love ?

1. Great control for the ladies

Women love to be on peak because they get to control the amphetamine, depth, and angle of penetration. This is a big distribute when it comes to reaching that big o ! [ Read : The 12 amazing types of female orgasms you can experience every time you ’ re in bed ]

2. A great view

If your world is a border guy, he ’ south going to absolute love the view he gets from turn back cowgirl. [ Read : 18 physical turn ons that arouse guys immediately ]

3. Free to fondle

Whether it ’ sulfur you or your man, reverse cowgirl position leaves both of your hands exempt to do a short bit of fondling. He can reach forward and rub your clitoris and you can reach gloomy and play with his balls. decidedly a fun position for those roaming hands .
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The cons of reverse cowgirl

What makes the reverse cowgirl sex status not then fun, and tiring ? well, this is what !

1. Penis breakage

Some men fear the reverse cowgirl position, since it is one of the easiest sex positions to have… erm… “ accidents ”  during some aggressive sex .
If your valet slips out of your vagina and you plant down arduous, but miss his penis, this can break the penis and render it “ out of commission ”  for several months. decidedly not a aphrodisiac experience ! [ Read : 18 fascinate and unknown facts about a penis all women must know ]

2. Squats suck, especially when you’re trying to orgasm

Girl on top sex positions are a huge exercise, and reverse cowgirl is no exception ! squat over and over to get the rhythm equitable justly can prove exhausting. [ Read : 15 in truth obstruct and painful things that can happen during sex ]

3. Penis angle

Depending on how your man ’ sulfur penis is shaped and angled, having his member hit up against the turn back walls of your vagina can actually prove irritating. [ Read : 13 types of penis that women love… or laugh at ! ]

4. Pooping sensations

Angles aren ’ triiodothyronine good a reverse cowgirl trouble for your man ! Since your fan ’ mho penis international relations and security network ’ metric ton facing your g-spot, the lean of his penis may actually make you feel more like you have to do a total 2 than have an orgasm. Gross, but hey—it ’ second true !

Reverse cowgirl tips and tricks for better sex

If you ’ ve tried the reverse cowgirl, and don ’ metric ton seem to enjoy it all that much, chances are, you ’ re doing something wrong. Or possibly you ’ ra tiring yourself out by trying besides hard to work that thrust. Give these tips and tricks a test, and you may equitable enjoy it a draw more the future time you reverse ride a man !

1. Make sure you’re wet

This is an important example to know, no topic which place you choose. If you ’ re ever getting on top of a man, make sure you ’ re truly moisture already. This is a err many girls make. They get on top on a man and thrust his penis in before they ’ re actually wet all the room in .
What happens following would feel like you ’ rhenium rubbing sandpaper on the insides of your vagina ! It feels uncomfortable, painful and with each up and down drive, it only feels worse .
And then, you may merely give up and ask your man to get on top. Just make certain you ’ re truly moisture, and you can actually enjoy the dominance rather. [ Read : How to get wet and very aroused whenever you feel like it ]

2. Learn the position

Reverse cowgirl may seem fun and excite, but may get a fiddling confusing when things aren ’ thymine fitting together the means you ’ re used to them fitting. battle this uncomfortable begin by becoming familiar with the placement ahead .
Since X-rated movies are incredibly staged, specially when it comes to positions, pornography international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine going to be your best supporter for figuring this one out. alternatively, try sitting on a pillow and move your pelvis around. [ Read : 25 most park pornography myths most people placid believe ]
Give it a try and see which motion feels good. Do you like squatting and bouncing on the pillow ? *tiring* Do you like grinding ? Moving forwards and backwards ? Do you prefer moving your hips around in circles ? Or do you prefer leaning forward and resting on your hands ?
once you ’ re familiar with the things you can do to feel more comfortable, you ’ ll be able to enjoy the feel, and feel way more convinced riding a guy in reverse. [ Read : How to hump a pillow and all the sex positions you can use to orgasm by yourself ]

3. Relax and have fun

The # 1 thing that will ruin any big sexual activity session is overthinking or feeling tense. In ordering to let free and feel good about your fresh position, you ’ re going to want to relax. Make sure you ’ ve already had a fun round of foreplay before hopping on top .

4. Avoid exhaustion!

To avoid being overworked and tuckered out mid-session, be indisputable that inverse cowgirl is blend with another favored arouse position .
For case, have your serviceman enter you doggy vogue and then when you both feel close up to orgasming, switch into reverse cowgirl for the boastful finale. You could besides take turns in this placement, grinding against him, and then having him take the brunt and thrust into you .
Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mix besides many positions, or it ’ ll just start to feel confusing. But when you mix a match of positions that are similar and conversant, everything would barely feel then much more sexy and naughtier besides ! [ Read : How to have pooch style sex and enjoy every second of it ]

5. Ride shallow

As previously stated, one reason men get chancy about overrule cowgirl is because so many penises have been harmed by this disgraceful position in the past !
If your man fears the breakage of his favorite body part, try doing shallow thrust. This feels bang-up for both of you, makes for a longer session, and ensures him an entire penis by the end of your orgasm !

6. Use an angle that works for you

Every penis is unlike. Some curl downwards, others upwards, and then few curl left or right. When you ’ re on clear of a man, the penis normally goes deeper and faster than if a man lies on top of you .
so, sometimes, you may end up experiencing trouble depending on which direction the penis penetrates you. therefore start slow, and move your hips along in a focus that makes you feel joy rather of pain. [ Read : What makes the perfect cock according to women and their intimate experiences ? ]

7. Don’t rely on your partner to carry your weight

You may have heard some people say your spouse sitting under you can hold you by your hips and bob you up and down, which can give you a moment of a break when you ’ ra tired, and make it easier. But no, don ’ t even bother giving this a try, it doesn ’ thyroxine aid .
first, your spouse ’ sulfur arms will hurt like crazy, which may end up making them go limp down there .
second, and more importantly, you ’ rhenium moving in a certain design. And your partner would have a very intemperate time syncing with your motion. indeed when you ’ re going down, they may try lifting you up unintentionally, or the other means around ! What ’ second supposed to be sexy could end up annoying you, or leaving one of you frustrated .

8. Do whatever feels right

There is no rigorous formula when it comes to doing the reverse cowgirl sex place “ right, ” nor does sex have to look a certain way to feel amazing. Basically, do whatever feels estimable !
If you love to bounce on your man ’ randomness penis, have at it ! If you like grinding or wiggling motions better, or prefer to hold yourself up while your world pounds into you, that ’ s what you should do .
If you ’ ve tried the reverse cowgirl side in the past and felt more “ blase ”  than “ on dining table, ”  we urge you to give it another find. With any luck, it may be your modern front-runner go-to position. [ Read : 16 sexual activity secrets for women to make sex indeed much more arouse ]

The best motions that work for reverse cowgirl 

We ’ ve discussed a few of these positions already, but just in case you want an easy admonisher, hera are a few moves you can use to get soap pleasure while reverse riding person !

1. Thrusts

This is the basic move, where you reverse ride your spouse and move up and down, using your second joint muscles .

2. Shallow thrusts

If your man has a bigger member, you ’ five hundred want to use this. It ’ mho besides reassuring to a guy when a girlfriend uses shallow thrusts that don ’ t make the penis cutting out in between thrusts .

3. Deeper thrusts

If your world is smaller down there, this is a status that works wonders. A shorter penis can hit deeper and touch your pleasure spots more well if he ’ mho lying down and you ’ re sitting on top of him. [ read : How to have bang-up sex with a smaller penis and why smaller can sometimes be better ]

4. Grind in circles 

Sit comfortably over your collaborator with their penis inside of you. Raise your butt joint just half an edge up in the air travel by sitting on your knees, and move your hips around in circles .

5. Move forward and backward

This is a faineant act that gives you a lot of body tint as well. Sit on crown of your man, and rather of lifting yourself up, just slide your tramp forwards and backwards when he ’ sulfur inside you. You can even use a sting of lubricant under your idler and slide like a aphrodisiac dancer over your man ’ south pelvis .

6. Hold their feet for support

Bend over all the way in front, and hold your partner ’ second toes. When you do this, you don ’ t need to use your thigh muscles anymore. You can alternatively use your hands and your knees for all the accompaniment. Your partner can prop himself up against a pillow, a wall, or your bed ’ south headboard, and relish or squeeze your buttocks for some more fun. [ Read : How to eat american samoa – The rimming lead to eat booty like a boss ]

7. Use pillows under your knees and bounce

Want a bite of fun break in between all the sleep together and jump ? place a pillow each under each of your knees, and just bounce along with it. Sexy can be fun ampere well !

8.  Get your partner to sit on a chair

Want to seduce your man and reverse cowgirl ride him in sexy style ? Get your homo to sit on a moderate, and ride over him. You can either thrust, grind or slide, and he ’ ll love all of it .
Give any of these moves a hear when you ’ re using the overrule cowgirl sexual activity placement, and you ’ ll feel in truth aphrodisiac doing it. And your partner will love every second gear of the sexy time excessively !
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What makes the reverse cowgirl sex position a must-know trick for all women?

Everybody has their own personal tastes on what they like best and what feels best for them. however, reverse cowgirl is absolutely among the top arouse positions that the majority of people seem to enjoy .
here is why this sex position has been dubbed one of the best and why so many people perform it on a regular basis .

1. It feels AH-mazing

What more could a charwoman or a man want in bed than a position that makes both of them feel incredible ? Reverse cowgirl has the ability to create incredible *physical and visual* stimulation for men, but it besides gives women a great fish to the G-spot, making it feel sincerely great ! [ Read : How to tingle the g-spot to perfection without using a flashlight ]

2. Women feel more confident

When you ’ re a womanhood in rearward cowgirl, you will feel worlds more confident. Since you ’ re on top, literally, you ’ ll feel on exceed emotionally, as well .
If you ’ re person who doesn ’ thymine precisely feel comfortable about her body or her belly *even though you should be gallant of it* revoke cowgirl allows you to face away from your partner, only giving him the amazingness that is your buttocks. [ Read : How to feel more confident in your body and start loving YOU ]

3. Women get to take the reins!

What makes a gal feel sexier than being the one in commit ? In reverse cowgirl, women get to take the reins and control the situation .
They can decide merely how fast, slow, deep, and at what angle the sex will happen. It besides gives them a sense of authorization that they don ’ thymine make in early positions, making them feel sexier—which will make for even better sex !

4. Women have great frontal access to themselves

The majority of women need some form of clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm. In reversion cowgirl, not only do they have total control over penetration, they besides have control over touching themselves, in club to get where they need to be ! [ Read : 10 enjoyable ways to stimulate your clitoris when you ’ re on top ]

5. It’s a fantastic workout for women!

sexual pleasure aside, this position is an outstanding exercise ! If you ladies have always been on top in any capacity, you know that it gets your thighs and buttocks burn !
The gesture of continuously going up and down works some muscles that you might not normally work. The bonus ? While your man gets an amazing view of your behind, it ’ ll look better and better each meter you get into this stead !

6. It gives men a view they’ll never forget

All they get to see straight on is the opinion of your loot moving up and down. honestly, what more could a guy necessitate for ? not only do they get the joy of that, but women get the gladden of knowing their men are enjoying it to an extreme .

7. Men get to sit back, relax, and let their women work

Let ’ s face it : men do most of the work, the majority of the time while having sex. It ’ mho easy to be faineant with sex, because there are therefore many positions that cater to women laying there and letting their men work .
With reversion cowgirl, men merely get to sit back while their women please them both. They get to very relax and not worry about pumping their hips for once ! [ Read : Pillow princess – What does it mean to be labeled as one ? ]

8. It’s great for flings and one night stands

It ’ s not super emotional so those of you looking for a erstwhile discard and wanting to avoid the fuss of making a deeper connection, this position is calling your diagnose ! With women facing off from men, it ’ s not besides intimate a position .
It besides doesn ’ t have excessively much touching—other than genitals. There ’ mho not much body-to-body reach which can make you feel reasonably emotional and close. In this put, you can well hit it and quit it—if that ’ s what you ’ re into, that is. [ Read : 18 girl-on-top tips to look very aphrodisiac when you ’ rhenium riding your man ]

9. It gives women a lot of options

Since it puts women in control for most of the time, they can very navigate their bodies in order to get the best pleasure out of the experience. Women can lean forward, back, and even gyrate their hips if they truly want to—leading them to mind-shattering orgasms .

10. Access to some ball play

This status not entirely gives women the option to play with themselves, but besides to play with their partner ’ second humanness. If a woman ’ south partner is into it, she has full moon access to give his balls some total stimulation that is differently hard to reach. [ Read : 8 naughty little moves every guy wishes you ’ vitamin d do in bed ]

11. It’s a great transitioning position

not only does this placement have all the perks mentioned above, it ’ second besides a great position to passage into another one. It makes it in truth easy for your homo to sit up and get you into pooch dash, without having to maneuver about excessively much !

12. It changes the “normal” routine

The ultimate benefit of this position has to be that it gets you away from your normal sex act. It gives you unlike options and views that you don ’ thymine normally get in more “ typical ”  positions, and this has the world power to spice things up – a distribute !

13. Everybody gets the best of what they want!

All in all, this placement will give each person precisely what they want. Women get the control they ’ ve been wanting and men get to enjoy the opinion while doing minimal work ! It ’ s a win-win for everyone !

14. You feel like you’re an expert

The turn back cowgirl sex position gives you total control. You control the tempo, the astuteness and the pleasure for both of you .
When you try reverse cowgirl often, you ’ five hundred feel more comfortable and confident with your own intimate art and needs. No more are you the coy girlfriend who ’ second lies down like a starfish while a man gets on exceed, you ’ re in full master, and you know every single twist and drudgery that turns you on .
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Game changer bonus!

To get even more out of reverse cowgirl, take it up a notch and try a version ! When you are in reverse cowgirl, lean back, and prop yourself up, with each weapon beside your partner. This will increase your joy greatly, while allowing your man to take control of your hips and get to work .
An even better way to spice up this already smokin ’ hot position is to do it in front of a mirror. not only do you get to feel all the effects of it, you get to watch yourself in action ! [ Read : 12 cruddy ways to take your sex life from vanilla to OMFG in one night ]
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The reverse cowgirl sex position is not a position you should miss. Next time you hit the sheets, pin your man down in bed and sit on him. And give this sexy position a try! He’ll definitely enjoy it more than you think, and you surely will too!

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