Butt Plug Reddit: Anal Amateur Toy Sluts at /r/ButtPlug

Mr. Porn Geek visits ButtPlug

Mr. Porn Geek has never actually had a butt plug in his own rear entrance, but my girlfriend has a little solicitation she ’ s curated over the years and they ’ ra fabulously fun ! nowadays I know what you ’ re think : why am I talking about butt plugs ? The argue is dim-witted : Mr. Porn Geek is going to be reviewing the subreddit known as /r/ButtPlug, which is obviously devoted to them ! note that this international relations and security network ’ t general discussion, reviews and discounts on these rear-entrance blockers : it ’ sulfur all about girls wearing them ! Sounds like the type of thing you ’ vitamin d be interest in ? then keep read and I ’ ll tell you everything you need to know about Reddit ’ s Butt Plug residential district.

First thoughts on /r/ButtPlug

Let ’ s kick things off hera with a small objective analysis : /r/ButtPlug was created back in October of 2011 and has been alive and kicking ever since. This is a medium to older age community, which likely explains how it ’ randomness managed to collect over 190,000 followers since its origin. According to my records, this means that Butt Plug is one of the crown 175 subreddits by its sheer number of subscriptions – not a bad title to fame. nowadays then, what about submission rate ? To find that out, I ’ megabyte going to navigate over to the newest posts on /r/ButtPlug. You get roughly 15 newfangled entries on a daily footing, which is slightly below average for a community of this size, but it ’ s not the end of the universe, since I think the niche is rather difficult to get contented for. speaking of capacity – it ’ sulfur about time for me to enjoy the butt plug here, indeed let ’ randomness go ahead and see what ’ s cooking in the corporeal department !

Butt Plug on Reddit: content review

To put this subreddit to the test, I ’ meter going to look at the top rated submissions from the last year : this ought to show us what ’ sulfur considered ‘ good ’ by the standards of those who ’ re subscribed to /r/ButtPlug. The first gear thing that immediately jumped out to me was the fact that a draw of links hera are to original capacity – we ’ re talking around 80 % of the most popular links here coming heterosexual from the girls who feature in the images and clips. I think the number one video is a commodity exercise of what guys enjoy here : two sexy chicks at the beach, both plugged up and in bikini. On the trope side of the equation, Mr. Porn Geek is giving the award for ‘ hottest butt ballyhoo photograph ’ to this one from a girl called Pale Like Ice – she hasn ’ thyroxine seen sun in a few years !

Final thoughts on /r/ButtPlug

When push comes to shove, Mr. Porn Geek has to say that this is a capital subreddit if you ’ ra interest in butt plugs. It ’ s likely the largest community devoted to this subject and I good loved the plain quantity of original submissions here. It ’ second hot amateur substantial and I ’ molarity never going to get bored of that ! Be indisputable to visit /r/ButtPlug yourself and squeeze your hog while looking at these incredible plug sluts. You can besides check out my other NSFW subreddit reviews if you want – I ’ ve got hundreds for you to look through !

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