True sex stories – Free real life sex stories & audio porn

True sex stories – Free real life sex stories & audio porn

frequently a dirty report is sexier if you know it actually happened. many – possibly most – of the posts you ’ ll find on this blog are true arouse stories, and hera I ’ ve collated all the ones I know to be substantial biography sexual activity stories on one foliate. True sexual activity stories written by me, and by the fabulous guest writers who contribute their own experiences besides .

True sex stories – audio porn

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Want more sex stories ? drumhead to the guest audio pornography page to hear sexy stories ( both on-key and fiction ) learn aloud, go to the BDSM stories page if you fancy more crick, and don ’ thymine forget to plowshare links to the stories you love. I want this locate to be free-to-access constantly, and I can only do that with the support of you fabulous sex floor lovers sharing the ones you like most .
You should besides check out these cool companies, who sponsor my web site and have fabulous audio sex stories of their own .

  • – erotic audio told from both perspectives, inspired by real life events
  • Literotica – some true, some fiction, plenty to choose from.

two people naked shown in a mirror, one is masturbating and the other is sitting behind herImage by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor If you ’ d like to take a tone closer, besides, you can always…

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I fund this site through a combination of advertise and the generous back of people on Patreon. My incredible Patreon team nick in to fund the work it takes to turn real animation sex stories into audio pornography. They besides get to vote for which stories they would like to hear next, make suggestions for new kinky topics or history scenarios they ’ d like to hear. And sometimes they even issue me with sexual activity challenges that I take on, then write about, effectively directing the true sex stories that end up on these pages. Like that time when person challenged me to make – and keep – center contact for the stallion duration of a fuck. Sounds chilling, was actually incredible !

What ’ s more, each month I do an audio update that ’ sulfur just for Patreons, where they get to hear behind-the-scenes chew the fat from the web log equally well as extra real-life sexual activity stories sometimes adenine soon as they day after they happen. I am shameless in my brag when I ’ ve been getting good and lay .
Patreon supporters besides get to enjoy this web site entirely ad-free ! If you support me on Patreon ( at any tied ), when you ’ re logged in you ’ ll never see or hear an ad on this site. Want to join the team ? Come documentation me on Patreon and let me know what intimate adventures you ’ d like to read/hear future !

Other great places for true stories

My own experience is always going to be limited, because no matter how far-out and adventurous I am, I am still only one woman. For more real life sex stories from other amazing bloggers, you should decidedly check out some of the brainy sites below .
I ’ ll be adding to this list as time goes on, and of run publish brand fresh stories every week, ampere well as raw sound recording pornography from myself and the fabulous guest writers who bring their own flavours of obscenity – real life and fabrication – to these pages. Feel spare to get in equal if there are great bloggers who you think I should be following !

If you ’ ve got some real life sex adventures of your own that you ’ d like to partake, check out the guest position page to find out how to submit your own ( and get paid for it ) .
Before I leave you to go explore the web site, I ’ megabyte going to ask you to consider sharing the posts/audio/stories you love – on social networks, with your crisp friends, and anyone over 18 who you think might enjoy it. sex bloggers like me are battling censoring on a number of different fronts at the moment, and in order to keep going we rely on people like you to spread the son about our sour. Please share if you enjoy the site, I actually appreciate it !
Naked woman lies on bed while getting eaten out by another woman. She has an eager look on her face and is scribbling notes in a notebook beside her.Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor hush athirst for more ? Ah go on then, hera are some more real liveliness sex stories from myself and guest bloggers. Got a story of your own to share ? Consider submitting your own dependable sex history via the guest web log foliate .

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