What Is Rainbow Kiss? Is It Safe? Know More About the 69 Position Kiss That Involves Mixing Period Blood with Semen in the Mouth

What is a Rainbow kiss ? One of the most beautiful sound kisses actually is way more complicate and for some people “ crying ” than what you may think. The kiss involves the beloved 69 arouse status, menstrual blood, semen and a lot of kissing. now if you are wondering how precisely are these co-related, allow us to tell how the Rainbow kiss is done and if it is safe or not. many people have considered this gross, while many besides like it ! Let us know more about this 69 place kiss that involves mixing period rake with semen in the mouth. ‘Don’t Google Rainbow Kiss,’ Warn Twitter Users; But What is Rainbow Kiss? Here’s Why People Are Grossed About This ‘Weird’ Sex Practice.

What is Rainbow Kiss?

Rainbow kiss is when a world goes gloomy on a female while she is menstruating in a 69 status while the woman performs reverse job on the man. now as the homo ‘s mouth fills with period blood and the serviceman ejaculates inside the womanhood ‘s mouth, they kiss creating a desegregate inside the mouth which is referred to as the “ Rainbow ” that they make together. According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of Rainbow kiss is : “ When a ridicule gives head to a daughter while she is having her period, and gets all the blood in his mouth. And a daughter gives a ridicule head, and gets semen in her mouth. now when the guy/girl has blood/cum in their talk, they kiss each other. ” This is often confused with “ Snowballing ” which is a alike kind of sex work where man ejaculates the semen inside the womanhood ‘s mouth and then kisses her to suck the semen back into his mouth. They exchange the semen back and away and continue to do so .

Is Rainbow Kiss Safe?

A rainbow kiss may not be the safest matter to try with your partner, particularly if you do n’t know them good, chiefly their intimate health status because both semen and menstruation lineage can contain potentially infectious pathogens that may cause HIV, syphilis, hepatitis and more. If you want to perform a rainbow kiss it is authoritative that you and your partner are absolutely healthy. It is very easy to pass on STDs and STIs this manner. besides, consent is important because not everyone can handle the wholly semen, period rake mix in the mouth.

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