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Can I have some tranquillity here ? I ‘m trying to study. : the quality or express of being repose or calm : the quality or country of being quiet or calm the tranquillity of a wooded trail Can I have some quieten here ? I ‘m trying to study. I need a little peace and quietly. : the quality or express of being quietly or calm the hushed of a wooded chase Can I have some tranquillity here ? I ‘m trying to study. I need a fiddling peace and quieten.

the quality or state of matter of being quiet ( see quiet entry 2 He took a lull satisfaction in a job well done. : carried out secretly or discreetly quiet statesmanship : not made known openly or publicly worked with repose decision She had a placid confidence about her. He took a quiet gratification in a occupation well done. 4 : carried out secretly or discreetly repose diplomacy : not made known openly or publicly worked with lull decision She had a quiet confidence about her. He took a hushed satisfaction in a job well done. : not disturbed by make noise or activity silence reading a moment of quiet contemplation : enjoyed in peace and relaxation a quiet cup of tea c : not disturbed by noise or action hushed reading a moment of hushed contemplation : enjoyed in peace and rest a silence cup of tea At such an early hour, the streets seemed queerly quietly. marked by little or no motion or natural process Please be quiet —people are trying to study. : have or involving no randomness or identical short make noise : qualification or involving no noise or identical little noise a quietly centrifugal a silence conversation Everyone on the spur of the moment went quiet. Please be tranquillity —people are trying to study. b : make or involving no noise or very short randomness a silence motor a quietly conversation Everyone suddenly went repose. Please be repose —people are trying to study. The lights went down and the dramaturgy became silence. : to become quietly — normally used with down : to become quietly — normally used with down

Examples of quiet in a Sentence


My hostess told me she had some records I might like to hear and she called for


in the room. People sat down on the floor in groups, sharing bottles of wine and slivovitz. The host put the record on a windup record player and Lester Young’s saxophone yowled out of the silence.

— Maya Angelou




When my parents needed peace and


, they didn’t put me in front of the television to watch a “Baby Einstein” video; they plopped me in a chair to watch my mom do housework or cook.

— Robb Moretti




the quiet of a wooded trail

Can I have some quiet here? I’m trying to study.

I need a little peace and quiet.


Breakfast at the Royal Bombay Yacht Club, a members-only institution founded in the city now called Mumbai in 1846 by British colonial officers, is a meal of


elegance. The second-story veranda looks out over a small garden and, beyond that, the Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal Hotel. Outside is the tumult of horse-drawn carriages, touts, and taxis. Inside is peaceful stillness, broken only by the sounds of crunched-on toast and rustling newspapers.

— Lyla Bavadam




One change I notice is that I get sleepy earlier than I used to, sometimes by 8:30 or 9 if I am having a


evening at home.

— Andrew Weil




I interviewed Virginia, who is totally blind, in a small local library. Walking with her guide dog, this young-looking woman arrived soon after I came in. We found a


corner to sit and talk while her dog settled beside her chair. At forty-three, Virginia was used to telling her story and found time for our interview in her busy travel schedule. She had just returned from San Francisco where she had spoken at the California Academy of Sciences and was about to leave for Montreal, Canada, to conduct workshops in diversity awareness.

— Mary Grimley Mason


Working Against Odds


Attributing their behaviors to their personal dispositions, we decide Julie is shy and Jack is outgoing. Because people do have enduring personality traits, such attributions are sometimes valid. However, we often overestimate the influence of personality and underestimate the influence of situations. In class, Jack may be as


as Julie. Catch Julie at a party and you may hardly recognize your



— David G. Myers




the quiet hum of the refrigerator

He spoke in a very quiet voice.

Surprisingly, the class was quiet.

He’s a very quiet person.

She has a quiet disposition.

During the morning, business was quiet.

Some days at the store are quieter than others.

a quiet stretch of road

He led a quiet life.


lie quiet and no one will guess you’re hiding under the bed


Clemens had few questions to answer about Piazza. The beanball and broken bat from 2000, and the Mets’ tepid retaliation last season, were memories. And since Clemens recorded his 300th victory on June 13, the buzz around him has



— Tyler Kepner


New York Times


When she walked down the hall past his classroom, the sounds of chaos came over the frosted-glass pane above the door. She had taken to making random visits; the sight of her in the doorway


the kids.

— Mary Gordon




Even with that, Presser was so scared that he fled to Florida and moved from hotel to hotel till the gang war


down, with his side on top.

— A. H. Raskin


New York Times Book Review


the museum docent told the rowdy youngsters to quiet down for the tour

quiet a crying toddler with candy

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late Examples on the Web : noun

By facing faith’s most troubling questions head-on, Simone probes with the sanctity of a gospel — and in the quiet of her words, offers a path for all of us to find more grace.

Maureen Lee Lenker, EW.com, 11 Nov. 2021

This is where my vivid memories come in: the absolute quiet of the park, the silence of the skies, and the emptiness of that walk.

Anna Wintour, Vogue, 10 Sep. 2021

Pryor, a former sixth-round pick by the Eagles who was trying to establish himself on a team that needed capable tackles aside from veteran Lane Johnnson, kept his injury quiet.

Joel A. Erickson, The Indianapolis Star, 11 Nov. 2021

The attacks would come during sustained silences, which evoked the quiet in a shelter after the fire had passed.

The New Yorker, 8 Nov. 2021

Tinsel arches in red, white and green — the colors of the Italian flag — decorated the narrow corridor buzzing with energy after 18 months of unprecedented quiet amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Washington Post, 25 Sep. 2021

After months of quiet at the Center for Active Living in York, Maine — no seniors coming in for a cup of coffee and a muffin, no lively cribbage games or field trips — chef Nancy Garfield had an idea last fall.

BostonGlobe.com, 1 June 2021

Inside the Premier League’s empty stadiums, their cries cut through the quiet like a toddler in an art gallery.

Joshua Robinson, WSJ, 25 Dec. 2020

Defeats would be marked with silence on the way home, a quiet that might stretch into a family dinner or two in the following days.

Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle, 13 Oct. 2021

late Examples on the Web : adjective

Molly, who was quiet and guarded around strangers, deferred to her sister’s judgment.

New York Times, 1 Dec. 2021

These clippers are quiet, which was most important to him, and easy to use, which is great for me.

Ariel Scotti, PEOPLE.com, 30 Nov. 2021

Kenney said the mall was quiet, and seemed almost nostalgic for the Black Fridays of yore.

Globe Staff, BostonGlobe.com, 26 Nov. 2021

The pavements of London’s Bond Street are still quiet.

Laura Mccreddie-doak, Wired, 26 Nov. 2021

Emily Swetlik said her son was quiet and had a small group of friends.

James Swetlik, jsonline.com, 18 Nov. 2021

China sent a smaller than usual delegation to the COP, and was quiet during the high-level first week of the summit.

Aurora Almendral, Quartz, 15 Nov. 2021

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has been quiet on the matter, and his silence is deafening.

Rick Klein, ABC News, 12 Nov. 2021

The halls are orderly, students generally well behaved, and classrooms can be quiet or have a buzz of activity.

Liz Bowie, baltimoresun.com, 11 Nov. 2021

late Examples on the Web : adverb

This quiet-running progressive resistance bike trainer that offers a road-like feel is once again our top choice for the best model.

Allen Foster, chicagotribune.com, 25 Sep. 2020

The Stadio San Paolo, Napoli’s famed crumbling colosseum, erupted as Mertens headed home from Adrian’s save, only to fall quiet after seeing the linesman’s flag raised for an obvious offside.

Matias Grez, CNN, 17 Sep. 2019

Then, at some random moment, the atom goes quiet, signaling that the atom has entered the dark state.

Chris Lee, Ars Technica, 5 June 2019

When the sun is up, the city center is crowded, but the streets empty as night falls, quiet except for the occasional sound of gunfire and rockets exploding on the outskirts of town.

Najim Rahim, David Jolly And Ahmad Shakib, New York Times, 6 Feb. 2016

The boat goes quiet except for the occasional flap of the sail.

Chris Jones, Esquire, 15 Sep. 2010

recent Examples on the Web : verb

Severna Park got a goal in each half and used its suffocating defense to keep Potomac’s Winston Churchill quiet in a workmanlike 2-0 win Saturday night, giving the defending champion Falcons their 25th title to extend their own state record.

Rich Scherr, baltimoresun.com, 13 Nov. 2021

And for me, the goal of meditation is to center myself and quiet my inner world.

Kristine Kwak, Rolling Stone, 20 Oct. 2021

But the assurances couldn’t stop his nightmares, always of the gun, or quiet his fear that My’onna wouldn’t ever forgive him.

Washington Post, 27 Sep. 2021

The crossing would be constructed and landscaped to resemble the surrounding countryside, with sound-blocking barriers to quiet the noisy traffic below.

Craig Pittman, Scientific American, 1 Sep. 2021

This ritual consisted of dainty sandwiches, scones and sweets to quiet their stomach rumblings between meals.

Washington Post, 31 May 2021

After the shot, Young raised his right index finger to his lips, telling the largest New York City crowd since the pandemic to quiet down.

Adam Zagoria, Forbes, 24 May 2021

It’s going to be harder than ever to quiet Jake Paul now.

Josh Peter, USA TODAY, 30 Aug. 2021

That’s one way to quiet the critics and take back control of the offense.

Tom Green | Tgreen@al.com, al, 3 Oct. 2021

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