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________ is best understood as a state that energizes and directs behavior. motivation
an aroused or activated state that is often triggered by a physiological need is called a _______ drive
according to drive theorists, the foremost motivation for all organisms is to maintain _______, a steady internal state. homeostasis
positive and negative environmental stimuli that motivate behavior are called ______. incentives
according to maslow’s _______ the most basic motives are based on physiological needs, needs are satisfied in a specified order, and the highest motives relate to self-actualization. hierarchy of need
people with a high need for achievement prefer tasks of _____ difficulty, where success is attainable to their own skill. moderate
the correct sequence of needs in the hierarchy described by maslow are: a. physiological, b. safety, c. love and belonging, d. esteem, and e. self-actualization
lisa loves sky-diving. it would be most difficult to explain lisa’s behavior according to the ______. drive-reduction
people with ______ are significantly underweight; people with ______ are trying to maintain their current weight. anorexia; bulimia
our preference for ______ and ______ tastes are genetic and universal. sweet; salty
because ______ with others increased our ancestors success at reproduction and survival, it became part of our biological nature. bonding
people are most likely to dislike the taste of ______ (unfamiliar) foods. novel
anorexia and bulimia usually develops in ______ in their ______ or early 20’s. females; teens
people with ______ achievement motivation tend to choose either very easy or very difficult tasks where failure is either unlikely or not embarrassing. people with ______ achievement motivation tend to choose tasks with moderate difficulty where low; high
the ______ hypothalamus triggers hunger – lesion it even a starving animal will have no interest in food. the ______ hypothalamus depresses hunger – lesion it and the stomach will process food more rapidly. lateral; ventromedial
people whose eating is triggered more by the presence of food than by internal factors are called ______ externals
the _____ is the specific body weight maintained automatically by most adults over long periods of time. set point
the ______ nervous system is especially involved in bringing about emotional arousal, and the _______ nervous system calms the body after the crisis is over. sympathetic; parasympathetic
the ______ theory of emotion states that the conscious experience of an emotion occurs at the same time as the body’s physical reaction. cannon-bard
schachter’s _____ theory of emotion emphasized that emotion involves both a physical arousal and cognitive label. two-factor
the ______ theory of emotion states that we feel our emotion after we notice our physiological responses. james-lange
emotional arousal prepares for _____ or ______ fight; flight
people who are exuberant and persistently cheerful show increased activity in the brains ______ frontal lobe, which is rich in receptors for the neurotransmitter ______ left; dopamine
emotions consist of ______ reactions, _______ expressions, and ______ feelings. physiological; behavioral; conscious
law enforcement officials sometimes use a lie detector to asses a suspects responses to details of the crime believed to be known only to the perpetrator. this is known as the ______ test. guilty knowledge
research on nonverbal communication has revealed that ______ tend to be the same the world over. ______ vary from culture to culture. facial expressions; gestures
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