69 (sex position)

coincident oral sex

A man and a womanhood performing common oral sex in the 69 status Sixty-nine or 69, besides known by its french mention soixante-neuf ( 69 ), [ 1 ] is a group of arouse positions in which two people align themselves so that each person ‘s mouth is near the early ‘s genitals, each simultaneously performing oral sexual activity on the other. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] The participants are therefore mutually inverted like the numerals 6 and 9 in the number 69 ( 69 ), therefore the name. [ 4 ] [ 5 ] This position can involve any combination of sexes.

method acting

Variations of the 69 positions include common anilingus or “ double rim ”, and digital penetration of either partner ‘s anus or vagina. In these positions, the partners are said to experience sexual stimulation simultaneously, but this can besides distract those who try to focus entirely on pleasuring themselves. The status can besides be awkward for partners who are not like in height. [ 6 ]


The term sixty-nine or soixante-neuf for reciprocal coincident oral-genital stimulation is an english translation of the euphemistic french term, “ soixante-neuf. ” [ 1 ] The term “ soixante-neuf “ has not been traced any earlier than the Whore’s Catechism s published in the 1790s in France, normally attributed to the early on leader of the french Revolution, Mlle. Théroigne de Méricourt. [ 7 ] “ The earliest definitive representation of the sixty-nine appears to be that on an oil-lamp preserved in the Munich Museum ( Deutsches Museum ), and first reproduced in Dr. Gaston Vorberg ‘s … portfolio, Die Erotik der Antiken in Kleinkunst und Keramik ( Munich, 1921 ) denture 58, showing the womanhood lying on crown of the man. Dr. Vorberg gives this … to be of the time period of the Roman Caesars …. however, another oil-lamp of the same kind, showing the sixty-nine about identically … is more recently reproduced as a full-color plate, in Prof. Jean Marcadé ‘s Eros Kalos ( English-language edition, Geneva : Nagel, 1965 ), facing foliate 58, in … lamps preserved in the Heracleion Museum in Greece. ” [ 8 ] “ A Hindu temple-sculpture from the hallowed caverns of the island of Elephanta, near Mumbai in India, showing this side with the man actually standing, and holding the woman hanging down in this from his shoulders, was … brought to England in the deep eighteenth century …. … this sculpt break up … is both discourse and illustrated in Richard Payne Knight ‘s A Discourse on the Worship of Priapus, privately issued for the Dilettanti Society of London in 1786 …. The exemplification in question is a detail engraving given in Payne Knight ‘s plate xi ; and the entire form of this sculptured group is … given as plate twenty-four. ” [ 9 ]

The Kama Sutra mentions this sex position, albeit by a unlike name : “ When a world and woman lie down in an inverted order, i.e. with the head of the one towards the feet of the early and carry on [ mouth ] congress, it is called the ‘congress of a gloat ‘. ” [ 10 ]

Internet meme

In reference book to the sex position, “ 69 ” has become an internet meme, where users will respond to any happening of the number with the discussion “ decent ” and draw specific attention to it. This means to sarcastically imply that the character to the sex position was designed. Because of its association with the sex position and resulting meme, “ 69 ” has become known as “ the sex number ” in these communities. [ 11 ]

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