75 Cute Nicknames for Boyfriends 2021

One of the most interest things about a new relationship is the way a vocabulary develop. In-jokes and other shared references from date nights turn into shorthand references for shared experiences, and it ‘s about as if you get to speak your own, shared language that exists just for the two of you. Names are no exception. There ’ mho something incredibly intimate about choosing a nickname for your significant other. Anybody can call your partner by his given list — but only you can call him by his pet appoint. Which name you choose, though, is crucial. It sets the tone for who you are as a couple, and what your “ copulate personality ” is like. Do you want something highly cute that ’ ll show the earth how in love they are ( but might get others to roll their eyes at you ) ? Do you want to choose something that ’ mho particular to his personality, like how fresh he is, or how snuggly ? Do you want something inspired by something you share in concert, like your favorite quixotic movie or fantasy worldly concern ? Or do you want so extraordinary that even you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tell if you ’ re being dry or not ?

These are our favorite cunning nicknames for boyfriends, from the sweetness to the romantic to the absolutely pathetic. The best matter is that you don ’ t have to pick just one : Try out a few and see if any of them stick. ( And you can check out some cunning nicknames for girlfriends, excessively, if you need. )

Food-Related Nicknames for Boyfriends

He ‘s the sweetest guy you know, so give him a darling name that ‘s just as tasty. If none of these fit the bill, choose the dessert you ‘re most likely to share in concert .

  • Cookie
  • Cutie Pie
  • Dumpling
  • Honey
  • Jelly Belly
  • Meatball
  • Peanut
  • Pickle
  • Pudding
  • Pumpkin
  • Stud Muffin
  • Sugar
  • Sweet Pea

    Adorable Nicknames for Boyfriends

    particularly popular among new loves, ultra-cute nicknames for boyfriends may drive everyone else around you up the rampart, but you ‘re excessively into it to care ( or even notice ) .

    • Babe/Baby
    • Buddy
    • Bubba
    • Lovey
    • Papa Bear
    • PIC (as in “partner-in-crime)
    • Pookie
    • Snookums
    • Snuggles
    • Squishy

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      Nicknames for Boyfriends Borrowed from Other Languages

      The dutch like to call their significant others “ mijn poepie, ” which literally translated means “ my little crap. ” If that ‘s not romanticist enough, try these terms of endearment from languages other than English .

      • Amorzinho (“sweetheart” in Portuguese)
      • Cara Mia (“my beloved” in Italian)
      • Cariño (“honey” in Spanish)
      • Chang noi (“little elephant” in Thai)
      • Guapo (“handsome” in Spanish)
      • Liebling (“darling” in German)
      • Mo Chuisle (“my pulse” in Gaelic)
      • Mon Ange (“my angel” in French)
      • Mon petit chouchou (“sweetheart” in French, literally “my little cabbage”)
      • Ke aloha (“beloved” in Hawaiian)
      • Rodnoy (“soul mate” in Russian)
      • Schnuckiputzi (“cutie pie” in German)

        Title-Related Nicknames for Boyfriends

        time to get serious … or not in truth. still, a very official-sounding list will show him that he ‘s the top world for the occupation. ( Just make surely you get a title in reelect ! )

        • Boss
        • Captain
        • Chief
        • Doc
        • King
        • Major
        • Mister/Mister Man
        • Monsieur
        • Prince
        • Sailor

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          Actual Pet Names for Boyfriends

          If your boyfriend were an animal, would he be a tiger ? Or is he more of a cuddle give birth ? They do n’t call them “ pet ” names for nothing !

          • Bear
          • Dragon
          • Ducky
          • Foxy
          • Honey Bunny
          • Honey Bee
          • Love Bug
          • Tiger
          • Stallion
          • Wolf

            Pop Culture-Related Nicknames for Boyfriends

            Whether he ‘s into Tolkein ‘s elves or very wish watching honest-to-god Seinfeld rerun, you can find a nickname that suits him from his favored books, shows and movies .

            • Casanova
            • Drogo
            • He-Man
            • Meldo
            • McDreamy/McSteamy
            • Mr. Big
            • My Lobster
            • Prince Charming
            • Romeo
            • Schmoopy

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              Not-Entirely-Serious Nicknames for Boyfriends

              sometimes it ‘s fun to barely call each early by the silliest, most extraordinary names you can think of. When the climate strikes, try one of these on, and see if you can say them without laughing .

              • Dream Boat
              • Fuzzy Butt
              • Goober
              • Hunk
              • Hot Lips
              • Hottie McHotpants
              • Lover Boy/Loverman
              • Snuggle Buggle
              • Sweet Cheeks
              • Wild Thing

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