What is the Average Penis Size?


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A draw of guys have some anxiety about the size of their penis, but statistically address, most guys have an average-sized penis. How large is that ? probably not american samoa big as you think .


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Average penis length and girth

A 2015 inquiry follow-up found that the average erect penis size is 5.17 inches long ( 13.12 centimeter ). And the average raise penis circumference ( aka “ girth ” ) is 4.59 inches ( 9.31 centimeter ). For a flaccid penis, that size goes down a act to 3.6 inches ( 9.16 curium ) long on average, with an average cinch of 3.67 inches ( 9.31 centimeter ) ( Veale, 2014 ) .
Why, then, do most men think the average penis size is more than 6 inches long ? We can thank a research worker named Alfred Kinsey for that ( King, 2020 ). He and his colleagues published a report in the 1960s that claimed that the average penis size was over 6 inches, and unfortunately, that debatable number has buried itself thick in our soul ( Kinsey Institute, n.d. ). After more extensive research on the topic, we now know that it was an overshoot of about 20 % beyond the actual number .

How many guys have 7 inches or more?

It ’ south rare. Super rare. According to the available research, just one in a hundred guys have a penis that measures between 7–8 inches tumid.

numerous studies have found that Kinsey ’ s original appraisal of 6 inches is around a full edge longer than average. While we ’ ll take his findings with a grain of salt, Kinsey ’ s other research showed that extremely large penises ( over 7–8 inches ) are extremely rare. In fact, the original Kinsey penis-size survey found that only ( Kinsey Institute, n.d. ) :

  • 1% of men have a penis between 7–8 inches  
  • 6 in 1000 guys (0.6%) have a 9-inch penis
  • Just over 0.2% of guys have a penis larger than 9 inches—that’s 2 in 1000

up to 90 % of male penises are within an inch of the median size. statistically speaking, that means most guys have a normal-sized penis. No, in truth. Your penis is most likely within the normal compass .

How to make your penis bigger

While most penises are a absolutely adequate size, many men are still unsatisfied with the size of their penis and want to find ways to make it bigger. If your penis falls in the normal range but you ’ re silent bothered by the size of your penis, you may have what some researchers call penis anxiety or penis dysmorphic disorder ( PDD—a type of body dysmorphic disorder ) .
In some cases, though, specially if you ’ re in the rare group of people with a micropenis, penis expansion procedures or devices may be able to help. Learn more about the penis expansion options available.

Does penis size matter? 

The size of your penis about decidedly matters more to you than to anyone else, including your sexual spouse or partners. One large cogitation showed that lone about 50 % of men are satisfied with their penis size, while a humongous 85 % of women are satisfied with their partner ’ s penis size ( Lever, 2006 ) .
A batch of myths and stereotypes link penis size to raceway, hand size, or flush horseshoe size. But there fair aren ’ t enough credible studies to back up any of these claims. Most guys have a penis that ’ south within an inch of the modal size, so you ’ re credibly properly where you need to be. If you calm have concerns, you can speak with your healthcare provider about the options available .


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