Paragraph on Importance of Good Health

good health is the most crucial view to live a stress dislodge and active long animation. Health can be described as genial, social and physical life well and live a liveliness fuller. A healthy body not lone means disease free body, but besides to have good immune system to recover from illness and other problems. dear health besides means factors like good environment, good genetics, healthy relationships and appropriate education.

A healthy body can be maintained by healthy diet, time to prison term exercise, timely check-up of diseases and doing all the task which can help you to maintain a healthy life sentence.

Health Definition 

According to world health administration ( WHO ), “ Health is the state of complete physical, mental and sociable well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. ” WHO, 1948. Living a healthy life always lead to the living a broad life for a healthy human being. In late studies, researchers give a newly definition of heath i.e. the ability to adapt and fight new infirmities that body is going to face in future menstruation and reduces the threats to get ill. In late time when human is getting more and more social involved and getting more aware about his life style and new threats of diseases and how it affects the human life in end few decades .

Types of Health

To maintain the healthy life style, it is more important to understand that how many types of health are there so we can maintain them .

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health

Physical Health

Any person who is living a healthy life can easily understands and defines that body does not perform its best when it is disease release but besides when it having a proper and balance diet, regular exercise and even giving soundbox a proper and sound rest. power naps besides helps in regulating healthy life style for human being as per today ’ s hussy-bushy life style. effective forcible health always helps in reduction of health emergence and risk of wound. To lead a physically healthy life style it is very important to avoid drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. Including of goodly life style, maintain the personal hygiene and practice safe sex is the keystone factors to lead a healthy life .

Mental Health

mental health can be defined as anyone who is living a adept emotional, social and psychological life has a good genial health. It is hard to define genial health in a park percept because one thing which makes one person felicitous can be black for another one. Mental health perception can be different from person to person. Mental health of a person can be understood by learning the individual ’ mho perception towards life and their experience with their life But nowadays in some cases mental health of a person can be diagnosed by CT scans and in different genetic screen. goodly mental stage not only means a person with no signs of depression, anxiety or any other mental problems or disorders. Mental health of a person besides depends on the way of his/her living life and seeing the problems .

If a person has following abilities then definitely he/she is living a healthy mental life

  • He/she is enjoying his/her life
  • No problem in getting back to life after facing bad experiences.
  • Feeling of safety and security in family and relationship.
  • Achieving the set goals on time.
  • Adapting the diversity in environment and balancing it firmly.
  • No or very less change in lifestyle during hard time.
  • Not carrying the burden of bad thoughts 24/7 in your mind.

If you are besides having the lapp mental stage as above then decidedly you are having a very healthy mental life. physical and genial health is the two faces of same coin. They both affect each early wholly. For model, if a person is suffering from chronic disease then there are high chances of that person to lead to high depression and stress.

Or, if a person is having stress like monetary problems than it can badly affects his body weight and his all over body function. so, to live a healthy life style it is then important to get your health in ‘ wax ’ i.e. both physical and mental health .

Aspects of Good Health

There are different aspects on which a healthy life style depends. Every human being is born with different genes, and some time when these familial patterns are not balanced then it may lead to less than good view of health which can be physical or in some case mental excessively. environment in which human being is living plays an adverse effect on the life style. sometimes even when a person is having perch of the aspects balanced flush then environment impact can cause high flush of mental equally well as physical illness. According to WHO following factors have more adverse impact on health than various diseases:

  • Where the person is living or his/her living atmosphere.
  • What is the stage of his/her surrounding in which he/she is lives.
  • Genetic factors of the person.
  • Monetary status of the person.
  • Type of relationship or status of relationship he/she is sharing with his friends and family.
  • Support from the family members.
  • Educational status.

According to the most holocene study of WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION ( WHO ), higher the person is having the socioeconomic condition ( SES ), there are more chances of his/her good health, high department of education, quite well paid in job, gallant working condition, and even can afford better healthcare services than others. People living a life of lower socioeconomic factors are decidedly relates more to stress, fiscal difficulties and unemployment. Lower socioeconomic group of people besides faces the problems such as discrimination of the society and marginalization. These kinds of risk and factors affect the mental and physical health of the human beings. People who are living a animation of depleted socioeconomic condition spark advance to less access to healthy food, healthcare, and low hygienic life style. People living in countries with low living standard have short life expectancies than those people who lived in develop countries. culture of the societies or normally called cultural factors of the company have its adverse impression on health. If a person is living a healthy cultural life then it decidedly leads to a glad and healthy life style. For case, people living in Mediterranean region have the culture to consume high ratio of healthy and hempen fruits, vegetables than in comparison to fast food culture .

Keep up of Healthy Lifestyle

The best way to get health is to maintain it. It ’ randomness better to preserve health than to wait until you get pale and put things in a right manner. To maintain a healthy life style, health and to live a lifelong health is a daily commitment. You can not gain a healthy life style in few weeks and goes on animation long. Following steps can help to increase our health and wellness:

  • Having a balanced, nutrition full diet and hygienic food.
  • Regular workout and exercising enhance the chances of healthy life
  • Time to time check-up or meeting doctor is most important for the prevention of risk.
  • As per today’s lifestyle it is essential to manage the day to day life stress.
  • It is also very important to maintain a positive life.
  • Appreciating for what you have in your life.

Path to gain a Healthy & Improved Lifestyle

  • Healthy Eating Habits

Eating habits of a person closely leads to his health and life style. Living a biography with healthy and poise nutrition has many more benefits. Adapting healthier food choices helps in prevention of heart diseases, bad strokes and even chronic disease like diabetes.

  • Regular Workout & Exercise

regular use not alone helps in leading goodly life style but besides helps in prevention of chronic diseases like diabetes, high rake coerce, depression etc. In accession to the above factors in the list, it is important to give time for your whole-body health. A healthy life style of a healthy person is the sign of aura and beautiful life. A healthy person never complains from his liveliness and constantly seems to be glad and cheerful .

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