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An overindulgence or sudden flow over of a liquid
“ In some cases, concrete and stone retain walls and dikes are erected along banks to stave off overflow in heavy rain. ”
An surfeit or excess, particularly one that can not be accommodated by available outer space or resources
“ Any overflow capacity anticipated to be available in other magistrates ‘ courts is no long there because of changes in the courts system. ”

Encroachment into space over what has been allocated
“ When a certain utmost population density has been reached, there must be an overflow into the adjacent districts. ”
A submit of being congested or overcrowded
“ The blockage of schools is causing an overflow in the remaining urban schools. ”
spring overflow
A share of something that is left over when early parts have been completed, used, or share with
A great amount
A sudden explode of intense emotion
Safety precaution
Liquid consume or sewage discharged into a river or the ocean
To flow over the sides of
“ Suds overflow over the sides of the bathtub and decorate the lawn like miniature snowdrifts. ”
To cover wholly with water

“ Vulcanologists said the danger was that the increasing pressure of the rising lava would force a transgress in the flanks of the mountain, not that the lava would overflow the brim of the 1.2km-wide crater. ”
To spurt or gush through an open
“ The water system was diverted to overflow through the opening in the roof and upper-sidewall of the conduit. ”
To occupy to the point of flood
“ Let ‘s bearing to overflow the hall with people spilling out onto Starkey Street ! ”
To teem, or be overrun or overflowing with
“ No topic how many sequels come out, theaters overflow with fans waiting to see how their superhero will save the sidereal day. ”
To overwhelm or inundate with people, animals or things
To soak or wet thoroughly in liquid
To boil to such an extent as to overflow its container
spill over
To cover completely with water

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