Pain Under Left Rib: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and More

Depending on the induce, it might feel sharp and stabbing, or dull and aching. In most cases, left rib batting cage annoyance is due to a benign, treatable condition. Your ridicule cage consists of 24 ribs — 12 on the right and 12 on the bequeath side of your body. Their function is to protect the organs that lie beneath them. On the entrust side, this includes your heart, left lung, pancreas, irascibility, abdomen, and left kidney. When any of these organs are infected, inflamed, or injured, trouble can radiate under and around the left rib batting cage. While your heart is under your leave rib cage, feeling pain in that sphere normally doesn ’ thymine indicate a heart attack .


costochondritis refers to ignition of the cartilage that attaches your ridicule to your sternum. This can happen for several reasons, such as :

  • an infection
  • physical injury
  • arthritis

It causes a sharply, stabbing pain that ’ sulfur normally felt on the leave side of your rib cage. It gets worse when you cough, sneeze, or press on your rib .


The pancreas is a gland located near your minor intestine in the upper left character of your body. It secretes enzymes and digestive juices into the modest intestine to help break down food. pancreatitis refers to excitement of your pancreas. This can be ascribable to :

  • an injury
  • alcohol abuse
  • gallstones

pain caused by pancreatitis normally comes on lento and intensifies after eating. It may come and go or be ceaseless. Additional symptoms of pancreatitis include :

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • weight loss

Ruptured spleen and splenic infarct

Your spleen besides sits in the upper part of the left side of your consistency, near your rib cage. It helps to remove old or damaged lineage cells and produce white ones that fight infection. An blow up irascibility, besides called splenomegaly, normally doesn ’ thymine cause any symptoms other than fullness after eating alone a little come of food. however, if your spleen ruptures, you ’ ll probably have pain near your left rib batting cage. An enlarged irascibility is more probable to rupture than a normal-sized spleen. several things can cause an hypertrophied irascibility, including :

  • viral infections, such as mononucleosis
  • bacterial infections, such as syphilis
  • parasitic infections, such as malaria
  • blood diseases
  • liver diseases

If your spleen ruptures, the area might besides feel tender when you touch it. You ’ ll besides likely experience :

  • low blood pressure
  • dizziness
  • blurry vision
  • nausea

A irascibility rupture most normally occurs as a result of injury. It ’ s a checkup hand brake and you should seek checkup attention immediately. You can besides experience trouble under the forget side of your rib batting cage with a splenic infarct. splenic infarcts are rare conditions where a dowry of the irascibility necrotizes or “ dies. ” This happens when the blood supply is compromised, normally as a result of trauma or arterial blockages.


gastritis refers to ignition of the trace of your stomach, which is besides near the left side of your rib cage. other symptoms of gastritis include a burning annoyance in your stomach and an uncomfortable sense of comprehensiveness in your upper abdomen. gastritis can be caused by :

  • bacterial or viral infections
  • frequent use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • alcohol abuse

Kidney stones or infection

Your kidneys are region of your urinary tract. They ’ re located on either side of your spine, but when they become kindle or infected, the pain can radiate to the presence. When your bequeath kidney is involved, you might feel trouble near the leave side of your rib cage. Kidney stones are hardened calcium and salt deposits that form into stones. They can cause a cramp pain as they move out of your kidneys and make their way toward your bladder. In addition to pain in your left rib cage, kidney stones can besides cause :

  • an urge to urinate, with little coming out
  • bloody or cloudy urine
  • pain in your side that radiates to the front of your body

Kidney infections occur when bacteria from your urinary nerve pathway make their manner into your kidneys. Anything that obstructs your stream of urine, including kidney stones, can cause a kidney infection. Additional symptoms of a kidney infection include :

  • fever
  • nausea
  • vomiting


Your heart is surrounded by a fluid-filled pouch called the pericardium. pericarditis refers to ignition of this theca. When it ’ second inflame, it can rub against your heart causing pain near your leftover rib. The trouble may be a dull ache or a cutting annoyance that ’ s normally worse when lying down. Researchers aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sure why it happens, but potential causes include :

  • infection
  • injury
  • certain blood thinners
  • anti-seizure medications


Pleurisy is a condition in which the weave that covers the lungs becomes kindle. This can occur as a resultant role of bacterial, viral, or fungal pneumonia, malignity, injury, or pneumonic infarct normally related to a blood curdle in the lung. pleurisy on the left side may cause trouble under the left rib cage, but the independent symptom is a sharply, stabbing annoyance when you breathe. See a doctor if you experience any acute thorax annoyance during breathing.

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