Want to know if your diet is healthy? Track your blood sugar.

Are you confused about whether your diet is healthy?
Are whole grains well for us ?
Do we need to be gluten-free ?
Should we be eating dairy regularly ?

What about fruit ?
Nuts ?
Beans ?
With all the conflicting diet information out there, it ’ mho enough to drive you crazy trying to figure out the right approach ! Where do you even start ?
Fortunately, it actually doesn’t have to be complicated.
The impact particular foods have on your health can be cursorily identified by one very basic measurement : your blood sugar .
Having a normal serve lineage carbohydrate is the key to optimal health and the prevention of chronic disease in your life. Virtually all chronic diseases are either caused by poor people blood sugar control or are improved by better blood boodle management .
But beginning, let ’ s look at the very basics .

What Is Blood Sugar ?

lineage boodle, or glucose, is the sugar found in your blood that comes chiefly from the food you eat. Whenever you eat something, your digestive organization breaks it down into smaller components, and one of the major components is glucose .
Glucose is our bodies ’ prefer energy source. It ’ s a necessary ingredient for maintaining the optimum affair of your organs, muscles, and anxious system .
If you barely ate a meal high in carbohydrates, starch, and/or sugar, your blood boodle will rise high over a normal fast degree. If you precisely had a meal of goodly fats and proteins, your lineage boodle will not rise american samoa gamey .
Blood sugar after meals that is continuously outside of the normal range can lead to major blood vessel and body tissue damage.
This damage creates toxic compounds called advanced glycation end products ( AGEs ) .
AGEs are proteins or lipids that are tagged with glucose molecules as a result of continuous exposure to high carbohydrate levels. AGEs accelerate the aging process by depleting your body ’ second antioxidant stores .
They besides wreak havoc in the body by damaging DNA and lead to the development, or worsening, of many diseases including diabetes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and Alzheimer ’ second disease .
fortunately, it ’ randomness very elementary to measure the direct effect on your blood sugar of any kind of food, whether it ’ s a stadium of greens or a bad juicy burger .
That means you can constantly make an informed decision about your dietary choices and ensure that you have the datum you truly need to optimize your health over the long term .

How To Test Your blood sugar

To test your rake sugar at home, all you need is a very cheap piece of equipment you can find at any drug store or drugstore called a glucose meter or glucometer .
Glucose testing from home using a glucometer is typically done by a finger stick test. This involves pricking the topple of your finger and collecting a little drop of lineage onto the testing strip .
here is a glucometer that I recommend, which includes 100 testing strips and 100 lancets .
Click hera for a video tutorial on how to test your blood sugar .
The examination itself is very gently afflictive but if you are feeling dainty, I recommend having person else help you with the finger stick because it may be harder to do on yourself .
here are the data points that you will want to track when assessing your body ’ randomness reply to meals : :

  • fasting blood boodle levels
  • blood sugar 1 hour after eating
  • blood sugar 2 hours after eating
  • lineage carbohydrate 3 hours after eating
  • how retentive it takes for rake sugar to return to fasting levels after eating
  • a diary of foods eaten before the tests

Let’s work through the best way to test your blood sugar and get all these data points.
first : Test your lineage carbohydrate first matter in the dawn before you have eaten anything .
This is called your “ fasting ” blood sugar level. optimally this level should be between 82-88 mg/dL ( 4.55-4.88 mmol/L ). conventional medicine considers anything < 100 mg/dL ( 5.55 mmol/L ) as normal . second : Test your 1-hour post-meal lineage carbohydrate . Your blood carbohydrate will reach its highest point around 1-hour after eating the meal. This reading tells you how high your meal has made your rake sugar. It is important that you are not eating food that systematically raises your blood carbohydrate over 120 mg/dL ( 6.66 mmol/L ) . third : Test your 2-hour post-meal blood sugar . This reading tells you how efficient your soundbox is at balancing your lineage carbohydrate. optimally this level should be less than 120 mg/dL ( 6.66 mmol/L ). The close to 100, the better . fourth : Test your 3-hour post-meal blood carbohydrate . Your glucose level should be back to your fasting level or under 100 mg/dL ( 5.55 mmol/L ). This is a convention goodly response to eating a meal . Fifth : If your blood carbohydrate has not returned to your fasting level by hour three, continue to test it hourly until you see how long this process takes for your body. A normal response is 3 hours post-meal . In the beginning, it is a good idea to pick some meals that you eat on a regular basis and take a day to test those. 
Record your findings. And as time goes on, you will have a diary of what foods your body responds to best .
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Normal vanadium optimum lineage carbohydrate ranges

I ’ ve written extensively about the difference between normal and optimum blood markers hera, and the lapp applies to your blood sugar ranges .
From the perspective of conventional medicine, a fast blood carbohydrate level of 100-125 mg/dL ( 5.6-6.9 mmol/L ) indicates prediabetes .
Two straight fasting glucose levels of ≥ 126 mg/dL ( 7.0 mmol/L ) indicates diabetes, adenine well as a random glucose interpretation of ≥ 200 mg/dL ( 11.1 mmol/L ), and a 2-hour post-meal reading of ≥ 200 mg/dL ( 11.1 mmol/L ) .
But a lot of the data in conventional medicine comes from populations who are not enjoying optimum health .
So what does a healthy daily glucose response look like from the perspective of preventative medicine?
On wake : inquiry indicates that your optimum glucose after waking in the good morning should be between 82-88 mg/dL ( 4.55-4.88 mmol/L ). This floor is associated with optimum aging, the lowest hazard of chronic disease, and the lowest mortality gamble .
( Of naturally, there are always exceptions. Some people experience something called the “ dawn phenomenon ” in the dawn and their fast glucose level is slightly elevated above 88 mg/dL. This can be a convention response to cortisol raising in the good morning. If this occurs, invalidate consume for an hour and then observe your 1-hour post waking glucose level. )

After meals : blood boodle peaks between 1 and 2 hours after the meal and should be rear depressed to fasting levels by 3 hours post-meal. From the position of optimum health, you should avoid regularly eating foods that raise your blood carbohydrate over 100 mg/dl ( 5.55 mg/dL ) .
One scheme to test the impingement of your diet on your long-run health is to measure your blood carbohydrate before and after meals .

How to Improve Blood Test Results

Identifying the foods or meals that regularly spike your blood sugar besides high, excessively debauched, or besides long can help you to individualize your diet for longevity .
After a few weeks of testing your rake sugar levels after eating assorted types of food, you should have a clear record of how your body responds .
By familiarizing yourself with the effect that food has on your blood carbohydrate, you will start to learn what foods your body loves and which ones to eat alone on special occasions or not at all .
A poise lineage sugar results in a greater sense of wellbeing, having more energy, preventing the good afternoon clang and impression “ hangry ” ( athirst + angry ), and getting a better night ’ randomness rest .
Here’s what It feels like to have normal blood sugar:

  • No extreme hunger between meals
  • No sleepiness after meals or mid-day
  • Balanced mood
  • stable energy
  • restful and review sleep
  • mentally abrupt

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar ( in a non-diabetic person ) :

  • Feeling fatigued and sleepy, specially after meals
  • Poor brain function and focus
  • Increased thirst
  • frequent micturition
  • Dry talk
  • Weight fluctuations

But what does it mean if you eat something clearly insalubrious, like a sugarcoat legal profession or burger, and your blood carbohydrate does not elevate over the 120 mg/dL ( 6.66 mmol/L ) mark ?
This means your torso is adapting to the rise in lineage carbohydrate identical well !
This is a good thing. You have a identical goodly body. however, if you continue to eat processed foods high in starch and sugars, over meter your body will lento lose this ability to adapt. This is not a good rehearse .
Want to know some foods that commonly convert quickly to sugar and cause a rapid high spike in blood sugar?

  • White foods : white rice, white potato, all forms of sugar
  • Refined grains : bread, pasta, crackers, baked goods, cereals, chips
  • Candy and sweets
  • Soda, juice, sweetened drinks

consumption of refined carbohydrate increases your risk for many chronic diseases including fleshiness, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and non-alcoholic fatty liver-colored disease ( NAFLD ) .
If your blood sugar is excessively high, or if you ’ re plainly experiencing some of the symptoms of high rake boodle after corrode, the best thing you can do is to exercise. exercise clears sugar from the rake so that it can be used as a fuel source for your muscles .
Different types of exercise work to a different extent for different people. To determine your individual consequence from use, test your glucose levels before and immediately after different types of exercise. Going for a walk after meals or a quick high-intensity interval coach ( HIIT ) session is a good plaza to start .
If your test results are consistently outside the healthy range, here’s what you do:

  • test and record your levels
  • Get a lineage test to further investigate other lineage carbohydrate relate biomarkers : hemoglobin A1c, fasting insulin, triglycerides
  • experiment with reducing foods high gear in carbohydrates and starches, particularly low-fiber processed foods ( i. white boodle ) and those with add boodle ( internet explorer. salad dressings with sugar as an add ingredient, check your labels ! )

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Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar ( in a non-diabetic person )

  • hunger
  • Feeling precarious or tremble
  • climate changes — cranky or moody ( “ hangry ” ), anxious
  • Sweating
  • Tired
  • Heart rate fast or impound
  • dizziness
  • sleepiness
  • Weight fluctuations

If your blood sugar is besides low, the best thing to do is to eat a balance meal based on the datum you ’ ve collected since you started tracking your rake sugar after eating .
If you don ’ t have enough data ( or any ) just yet, start with something that ’ randomness chasten in carbohydrate and besides contains some protein and healthy fats. An apple with some nut butter is a good option, as is kernel or seafood with some vegetables cooked in olive oil .
Clearly, there’s a huge range in the effects different types of food have on your blood sugar.
That ’ sulfur why tracking your blood sugar 1 hour after eating and your blood boodle 3 hours after eating over a few weeks can be such a valuable tool.

When you ’ re learning how to improve your blood test results and optimize your long condition health and longevity, you must have data as the foundation .
Your rake boodle is one of the fundamental indicators of your current and future health, and if you focus on this one measured alone, all the early biomarkers in your annual lab are probably to improve angstrom well .
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