Nipple Stimulation to Induce Labor: How Does It Work?

Whether you ’ re distillery waiting to reach your child ’ s due date, or the 40-week crisscross has already come and gone, you might be curious about natural ways to induce british labour party. With your doctor or midwife ’ randomness blessing, there are some ways you can get things rolling at home. One of the most effective things you can do is nipple stimulation. here ’ s what you need to know about this rehearse, how to do it, and what questions you ’ ll want to ask your doctor or midwife.

note : If you have a high risk pregnancy, nipple foreplay might be dangerous. Always talk with your care professional before trying any generalization techniques.

Is it safe to induce at home?

In a 2011 study published in the journal Birth, 201 women were asked if they tried to induce department of labor naturally at home. Of the group, about half said they tried at least one method, such as eating blue food or having sex. You should constantly speak with your midwife or doctor before trying any trigger techniques. That being said, the majority of home induction methods aren ’ thyroxine backed by scientific tell, so their effectiveness is largely measured by anecdotic accounts. The potency of nipple stimulation does have some upstanding scientific evidence. But depending on your medical history, the method acting may or may not be safe for you to try. If you ’ re concerned with going far past your ascribable date, here are some questions you might want to ask your concern professional :

  • What monitoring do you use after 40 weeks?
  • What types of natural or at-home induction methods do you recommend, if any?
  • What types of induction methods do you perform medically if labor doesn’t begin on its own?
  • At what point would you consider medically inducing labor if it doesn’t begin on its own?
  • At what point do you recommend I come to the hospital or birth center once contractions begin?

How do I perform nipple stimulation?

Before you get started, note that this method of tug stimulation is merely recommend for low risk pregnancies. Its effects in late pregnancy can be knock-down. On the other handwriting, light or occasional nipple stimulation during earlier pregnancy is not probably to bring on parturiency .

Step 1: Choose your tool

For the best results, you want to mimic a baby ’ s latch american samoa closely as you can. You can use your fingers, a front pump, or even your collaborator ’ s mouth to stimulate your nipples. In most research studies, the participants have used their fingers. It ’ sulfur significant to note that nursing an older child throughout pregnancy has not been found to stimulate tug or run to preterm birth .

Step 2: Focus on the areola

The areola is the dark circle that surrounds your actual nipple. When babies nurse, they massage the areola, not just the nipple itself. Use your fingers or palm to gently rub your nipple and areola through dilute clothing or directly on the skin. You can besides use an oil or lubricant on your nipple to make it more comfortable .

Step 3: Use care

It is possible to get besides much of a commodity thing. Follow these guidelines to prevent overstimulation :

  • Focus on one breast at a time.
  • Limit stimulation to just 5 minutes and wait another 15 before trying again.
  • Take a break from nipple stimulation during contractions.
  • Stop nipple stimulation when contractions are 3 minutes apart or less, and 1 minute in length or longer.

Always speak with your doctor or midwife before using nipple stimulation to induce parturiency.

What are some other safe labor-inducing techniques?

You can besides use nipple foreplay in combination with other natural labor-inducing techniques. Most methods you ’ ll read about don ’ t have much scientific back, so wear ’ metric ton be discouraged if they don ’ thymine air you into fully labor soon after trying them. If you ’ rhenium full moon term and have your doctor or midwife ’ mho blessing, you can try the take after :

  • exercise
  • sex
  • spicy foods
  • bumpy car ride
  • evening primrose oil

Important: It ’ randomness best to avoid using crimson raspberry leaf herb tea tea or supplements, which have limited scientific testify showing effectiveness and may evening have adverse affects.

When should you head to the hospital?

When the day comes, you ’ ll likely know you ’ re going into parturiency. In the days or weeks prior to labor movement, you ’ ll probable have noticed your baby cliff lower into your pelvis, or you might have lost your mucus plug. When undertaking starts in earnest, you ’ ll probably start to get regular contractions. In the early stages of department of labor, these contractions may feel like dull blackmail or mild discomfort in the lower separate of your belly, your depleted back, or in your pelvis. Time a few of your contractions deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you notice them so that you can communicate the information with your healthcare team. In the early on stages, contractions may be 5 to 20 minutes apart and last round 30 to 60 seconds. As you approach active tug, they ’ ll likely drive stronger and more uncomfortable. The time between contractions will shorten to 2 to 4 minutes, and they ’ ll stopping point between 60 and 90 seconds. If your water breaks before contractions begin, call your repair or midwife to find out the next steps. besides let your care professional know if you experience any bleed. differently, you might consider heading to the hospital or birth center when your contractions have been equitable 5 minutes apart for over an hour. If you ’ re planning a home parturition, stay in close communication with your midwifery team so they know when to come to you. Your individual timeline will depend on a phone number of factors, so it ’ second best to constantly keep an open line of communication with your care professional.


nipple stimulation is an effective way to induce labor, backed by scientific research. Massaging the nipples releases the hormone oxytocin in the body. This helps initiate undertaking and makes contractions longer and stronger. Speak with your doctor of the church or midwife about whether nipple stimulation is safe for you to try. The final stages of pregnancy can be a trying time. You may be uncomfortable, exhausted, and anxious to meet your baby. The good news is, no count how you might feel, you won ’ thymine be fraught constantly.

Speak with your doctor of the church or midwife about what actions might be safe for you to try. And remember that babies generally are healthier and do better when they reach at least 39 weeks of pregnancy before being born. otherwise, judge to have solitaire, take care of yourself, and rest adenine much as you can before the agitation of labor movement begins .

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