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CONCORD, N.H. – For the first time ever, players can play the New Hampshire Lottery on-line. This month, the New Hampshire Lottery introduced iLottery, an on-line platform for playing New Hampshire Lottery games. Players can choose from a menu of games, including the New Hampshire Lottery ’ s most popular describe games, Powerball and Mega Millions, ampere well as eight e-Instant games. Online e-Instant games offer different games than traditional boodle games sold in stores .
“ The New Hampshire Lottery ’ second focus is squarely on our players. Everything we do is driven by our players, and we are constantly striving to offer players new opportunities, ” said Charlie McIntyre, executive director of the New Hampshire Lottery. “ iLottery is a strategic response to our technology-driven culture—you can now play the New Hampshire Lottery from anywhere while in New Hampshire. ”
“ The New Hampshire Lottery is constantly looking for opportunities to drive tax income, which supports education in New Hampshire, and we see iLottery as an crucial raw tool to support our efforts to increase sales, ” McIntyre continued. “ We expect our iLottery offerings to support continue momentum as we work to drive record-breaking sales and revenues. ”

In addition to the eight e-Instant games presently offered on iLottery, the New Hampshire Lottery will add raw e-Instant games monthly. iLottery will ultimately offer a entire of 24 e-Instant games by the end of the first gear year .
In addition to Powerball and Mega Millions, the follow on-line e-Instant games are presently offered on iLottery :

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  • Wizard of All
  • 10X the Cash
  • Blazing Red 7s
  • Diamond Payout
  • Jackpot Cash
  • Multiplier Max Out
  • Pot o’ Gold
  • VIP Black

iLottery has been met with enthusiasm from players, as more than 4,200 players are separate of the raw platform. Since iLottery launched on September 4, the New Hampshire Lottery has paid out $ 362,263 in winnings. To date, players have deposited closely $ 100,000 in iLottery accounts to purchase tickets .
To play, players must register for an iLottery account through the New Hampshire Lottery. Registered players deposit money into their iLottery accounts to be used to play iLottery games. Players can play from a smart earphone, tablet, laptop or background computer.

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iLottery is available to all U.S. persons located within New Hampshire. Players must be at least 18 years of old age and must pass an identity verification summons, which requires the submission of the last four digits of the player ’ s sociable security numeral .
For more information and to play, visit www.nhlottery.com
About New Hampshire Lottery
Since 1964, the New Hampshire Lottery has had a significant fiscal impact on the express. For the past 54 years, the New Hampshire Lottery has recorded more than $ 6.6 billion in lottery sales and other earnings, with over $ 4.4 billion paid in prizes and other cost of sales. net proceeds to education sum more than $ 1.9 billion to date.

The New Hampshire Lottery Commission, located at 14 Integra Drive in Concord, presently manages all lottery operations in the state, including moment games, New Hampshire Powerball®, New Hampshire Mega Millions®, Tri-State Megabucks℠ Plus, Tri-State Pick3®/Pick4® Daily Numbers games, Gim me 5, Fast Play games, Lucky For Life® and KENO 603 .

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