15 Best New Sex Toys for Adults to Try

Beyond the Vibrator: New Sex Toys to Try

mystery vibe crescendo with astroglide lube
We, humans, are creatures of habit… lapp dawn routine, same chocolate patronize, same old sex toys… like that trustworthy vibrator, we use over and complete again. nothing incorrectly with the familiar comfort of your darling sex miniature, but sometimes you may find yourself in the mood for something a little bit different. Something to add a little spiciness to your solo or partnered sex life .
The good news is there are tons of modern, advanced arouse toys on the market for you to add some excitement to your regular everyday .
ready to mix things up ? Try out these modern arouse toys that have hit the shelves in 2019.

15 Best New Sex Toys to Try

The adult toy commercialize is said to hit $ 35.5 billion by 2023 — and trust us, that number international relations and security network ’ thyroxine therefore high because they ’ rhenium just selling vibrators .
With then many sex toys and gadgets to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to adding a new sex play to your collection .
That ’ mho why we ’ ve compiled this list of some of the most popular toys that are available today — ones that have glowing reviews from individuals and couples alike .
Check ‘ em out .
MysteryVibe's Crescendo sex toy in teal

1.   Crescendo by MysteryVibe

Everyone ’ sulfur body is unlike, and what feels the best to all of us is fabulously varied. After all, that ’ s why there are so many sex toys out there ( and indeed many opinions about them ) ! Yet, wouldn ’ triiodothyronine it be great if there was one toy dog that could be customized to fit your body perfectly ?
Enter the Crescendo .
The Crescendo is one of the coolest sex toys we ’ ve ever seen — you can bend it and adjust it however you ’ d like, transforming it into a handful of wholly customizable shapes. Want something that hits your g-spot perfectly ? The Crescendo can do that — tied if your g-spot international relations and security network ’ t quite in “ the ” spot everyone else ’ randomness seems to be ( or at least, in the spot every g-spot toy seems to be targeted to hit ) .
To say that we ’ rhenium fans is putting it thinly. Go check it out ! ( Oh, and we ’ ve actually tested this one ourselves — it ’ s wholly compatible with ASTROGLIDE Toy ‘ n Joy lubricant for sexual activity toy ! )

Personal Massager by ACVIOO sex toy in black

2.   Personal Massager by ACVIOO

This slick and sexy silicone personal massager comes highly rated ( 4.5 stars ) as one of the best .
Made by ACVIOO, this personal massager is especial in that it ’ s not only suited to massage below the swath but any early separate of the body a well .
Its beautiful design allows you to effectively massage your back, neck, branch, arms, and down there. The result is a full-body experience for you or your partner .
This vibrating sex dally is made of medical-grade silicone, is waterproof, and is fabulously slowly to clean. It comes with 10 ( quiet ) oscillation settings, a durable barrage, and a USB charger .
Reach that ‘ O ’ and get relief from your aches and pains. Can your even vibrator do that ?
Mio by Je Joue sex toy in purple


3. Mio by Je Joue

“ Je joue ” is a french phrase that means “ I play, ” and that ’ s what you ’ ll lack to do once you get your hands on this sex toy dog .
The Mio is a vibrating cock band suited to spouse play, primarily. The ring fits around a spouse ’ randomness penis or dildo — offering up vibrations for either partner to enjoy. It can besides be used solo along with a dildo .
This arouse miniature offers 5 different speeds and 7 patterns along with a 3 easy-to-use control buttons. In other words, you have a fortune of assortment with this toy dog. It ’ second rechargeable and outfitted with high-quality silicone to ensure legato and comfortable play .

4. Tenuto by Mystery Vibe

Whether it ’ mho for solo play or with a collaborator, Tenuto opens up a unharmed new world of possibilities. Its unique design simultaneously stimulates multiple erogenous zones, increasing the lineage flow and heighten sensations. Tenuto is a rotatory reengineering of the couples ring—or hammer resound .
Made of ultra-smooth silicone, it bends open to flex comfortably around the base of a penis, with an extra loop that extends around the testicles. Body-adaptable size ensures ultimate comfort for everyone in the bedroom. Tenuto ’ s beautiful ergonomic form provides stimulation not merely to the sensitive bottom of the penis but besides to the perineum. The six embedded resonate motors are designed to bring greater joy both to men and their partners and are compatible with ASTROGLIDE Liquid !

5. Share Double Dildo by Fun Factory

Share Double Dildo sex toy by Fun Factory in purple
Get into double the trouble ( the commodity kind ) with the Share double dildo from Fun Factory .
share is a dildo that one collaborator “ wears ” while allowing them to penetrate a partner without having to wear a harness ( as with a traditional strapon ). The parcel can be worn by anyone with a vagina and can be used on a partner ( anally or vaginally ) of any gender .
The commercial enterprise end of the toy is 7 ” long and the end that ’ s break internally is 4 ”. The textured silicone makes this dally comfortable while besides improbable to slip out during arouse .
The Share is a great choice if you ’ re looking to explore outside of a traditional dildo or vibrator .

Eva II hands-free vibrator toy by Dame in green

6. Eva II by Dame

No, that ’ s not a small green ladybug you see. That ’ s the Eva II, an advanced new sex toy that ’ s shaking things up .
While many vibrators require that you give foreplay manually ( by holding the toy ), the Eva II holds itself in place with flexible “ wings ” that fit under the labium. This allows the partner who ’ sulfur wearing the play to get clitoral attention during acute sex .
The result is a hands-free vibration that doesn ’ thyroxine get in the way of fingers, oral sex, a penis, or other acute sexual activity toys .
The Eva II is small and extremely slowly to use. It ’ sulfur waterproof and comes with a commodious charging establish that doubles as a carrying case .

Sqweel Go Oral Sex Massager in white with pink

7. Sqweel Go Oral Sex Massager

Looking for a arouse plaything that ’ s certain to make you squeal with hilarity ( or ecstasy ) ? then you ’ ll want to try this innovative newly toy from Lovehoney .
The Sqweel Go is an stimulate massager that uses 10 silicone “ tongues ” to “ solve ” the clitoris ( or early erogenous areas ) to simulate oral sex. With 6 different speeds and patterns, you ’ ll have a range of enjoyable settings to choose from .
This pocket-size toy dog includes is rechargeable via USB, is 100 % waterproof, and is suited for nipple, clitoris, anal, and early areas of bid .

Flip Hole b y tenga male masturbator sleeve open to show texture

8. Flip Hole by Tenga

Jump into some alone aphrodisiac prison term with the Flip Hole by Tenga .
If you have a penis, you ’ ll prize this reclaimable pleasure device, otherwise known as a “ male masturbator. ” Its specially molded technology offers a range of textures and titillating sensations all within a discrete sleeve .
It ’ s an all-around feel. The Flip Hole offers stimulation from all sides, plus 3 different blackmail options and original sucking technology to create a hyper-realistic feel .
A water-based personal lubricant is a must when using any merchandise like this — it ’ ll dramatically increase the slide and sense. The sleeve is removable and completely washable, besides !

Fin finger vibrator sex toy by Dame


9. Fin Finger Vibe by Dame

Dame makes another appearance on our number with their Fin finger vibrator .
If you ’ re looking for a elementary, fun-sized vibrator arouse toy, then you ’ ve found it in the discrete Fin. This little vibration is worn between two fingers to add a vibrating sense to your common finger act .
It offers 2 animal sensations and 3 speeds for you to use on yourself or with a partner. It ’ s comfortable to wear, easy to clean, and can be tucked away discreetly for travel. Dame even offers a complete guide on how to use Fin during foreplay and arouse .
TIANI 2 sex toy by LELO in hot pink


10. TIANI 2 by LELO

LELO is one of the most democratic pornographic toy dog companies in the world due to their streamlined designs and innovative technology. With the TIANA 2, they don ’ t disappoint .
The TIANA 2 is worn internally ( vaginally ) by one person ( if solo ) or spouse. This allows it to provide both clitoral and g-spot stimulation at once. It besides adds a fun vibration for the other person during partner arouse .
Made from indulgent silicone, the TIANA 2 is comfortable, flexible, and fits snuggly inside the vagina. And the single SenseMotion™ technology allows one partner to control the sensations via distant control — stool for some fantastic, enjoyable surprises .
Prism Hamsa Glass Dildo sex toy


11. Prism Hamsa Glass Dildo

Most people are used to the familiar feel of silicone dildo and vibrators, but have you always ventured to try a glass sex toy ? If not, you ’ re missing out .
The Prism Hamsa Glass Dildo gives a bang-up initiation as an alluring g-spot and p-spot toy dog. Sturdy and smooth, the Prism provides two sensual textures and a alone bend to hit all the right spots .
You can add to the experience by heating the toy up with warm water or cooling it down in the deep-freeze. many people find the methamphetamine material to be very placid, perfect for pairing with a nice silicone or water-based lubricant .
Lovehoney Unisex Strap-On sex toy dildo


12. Lovehoney Unisex Strap-On

Get adventurous with the unisex strap-on from Lovehoney .
This dally is worn as a rule and comes with a 7 ” dildo for penetrative play. The adjustable straps allow for a sew burst for most body types. This play is paroxysm to please your spouse of any gender, stimulating the g-spot or p-spot areas .
Lovehoney ’ s strap-on comes highly rated ( 4.5 ) stars ascribable to its comfort, suit, and lastingness. Your search for the best strap-on ends here .
Babeland Massage oil Candle with brush


13. Babeland Massage Candle

Turn up the estrus with this sensuous massage candle from Babeland .
Whether solo or with a partner, you can light the candle until you have a warm, relaxing melted to use as a massage anoint on the clamber. Plus, you have a decent romanticist unaccented nearby to set the temper .
The massage candle comes in three delectable scents to choose from ( Tobacco Sandalwood, Lychee Lime, or Honey Almond ). The oil is made from soy, coconut oil, avocado petroleum, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and paraben-free bouquet .
You can drip the petroleum directly onto the skin or apply it with the soft brush ( provided ). If you ’ re looking for a massage anoint that can double as a lubricant, try our 99 % organic O Oil. Made with a singular blend of oils to provide a slick and deluxe feel to any sensuous massage or intimate play .
12 Tenga Eggs masturbation sleeve


14. Tenga Eggs

Like the Tenga Hole Flip, the Tenga Egg series is a collection of masturbation sleeves that offers discerning pleasure to penis-owners everywhere .
The “ testis ” slides over the heading of the penis and includes a uniquely textured inside to offer joy. It ’ randomness revolutionary in the fact that it ’ s so simpleton, yet offers textures not seen in many other male masturbation toys .
hera ’ s a video recording from Tenga that explains how it works :
It ’ s a sensation you ’ ll have to feel for yourself. Just add a pleasure-enhancing water-based lubricant !

Bump Anal Vibe sex toy by VeDO in purple

15. Bump Anal Vibe by VeDO

Booties need love besides ! If you ’ re in the climate for some back door play, then you ’ ll want to try the Bump anal vibration by VeDO .
The Bump is a silicone anal vibrator that offers a comfortable so far enjoyable shape with 10 unique vibrating functions. With a sharpen lean, it ’ second perfect for anyone — new or feel — who ’ second interest in anal play .

  • Medical-grade silicone
  • Rechargeable USB port
  • Travel-lock feature
  • 100% waterproof
  • .75 inch tip widens to 1-inch wide base
  • 4.5 inches long

Use your Bump with a little water-based lubricant to add to the joy and fun. We highly recommend using lubricant to get warmed up so you have the best feel possible .
LYLA 2 sex toy by LELO in purple


16. LYLA 2 by LELO

For pleasure at a distance, couples turn to the unmanned LYLA 2 — a playfulness and advanced vibrator sex play !
This little so far potent bullet-style massager includes a wireless distant so you can play whenever and wherever — with 3x the crop of most distant massagers. Your partner can be in control or you can have some hands-off playfulness on your own .
The LYLA 2 is besides waterproof and is rechargeable for maximal convenience. even better, the SenseMotion™ engineering even creates vibrations based on body movement. Try out the 8 different settings and see for yourself !

woman holding Crescendo sex toy and Astroglide Glycerin and Paraben Free lube

Time for a New Sex Toy? Add Some Variety to Your Play

There ya have it — 14 exciting newfangled arouse toys to add a snatch of variety to your collection .
While your trustworthy vibrator may be an all-time favored, it may be worth trying out some of the innovative options equitable to mix it up. No matter your expressive style, there are thousands of sexual activity toys on the market to add some spice to your arouse biography .
We highly recommend adding foreplay into the desegregate to build up prediction when using a new toy. Adding a water-based lubricant that is specifically tested to be safe on most sexual activity miniature materials, like ASTROGLIDE Toy ‘ n Joy will work wonders to prepare you for all types of play. quick to try something new and have fun ? Our friends over at Mystery Vibe is offering you $ 25 off either Crescendo or Tenuto, precisely use NEWTOYS25 during determine out at mysteryvibe.com .

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