8 Sex Positions to Try This Weekend

predictability is a well thing sometimes. I like knowing my electric bill always stays under $ 22 ( the perk up of living in a 300 sq. ft. studio ), that my dad is basically always available on Sunday afternoons for a telephone call, and that ION always has reruns of Law and Order: SVU on work-from-home days. There ’ south something about knowing you don ’ t have to worry about something, that it ’ ll just always be the same way .
arouse international relations and security network ’ t inevitably one of those things .
Getting into a sexual act in a relationship is inevitable. We like what we like ! But after a while, doing the like old stuff gets boring, and we all know what happens when arouse with our partner gets boring : both parties are excitable, thwart, and insatiably corneous ( so a lot so that your sex drive can tied drop ). The easiest manner to get out of a act is, without a doubt, trying a new position. It ’ s the dateless way to make sex fun and exciting without actually having to experiment all that much ( I will constantly recommend exploring kinks and fetishes, don ’ thymine get me ill-timed ) .
These aren ’ thymine positions that will “ make him go crazy ” ; these are positions that will enhance your ’ sulfur and your partner ’ south pleasure. thus, what do you have to lose ? Whether you ’ ve already tried these and forgot about them or just want a slender variation of your common missionary ( no shame, missionary is h-o-t ), we ’ ve got you covered.

1. Cowgirl

obviously a basic, but a lot of people are uncomfortable on crown, whether it being their body or not knowing what to do. If this is a raw position to you, try putting your legs in different positions to see which is the most comfortable for you. Straight straddling can be a exercise on your inner thighs, indeed try kicking one leg out to the side. If you ’ re having sex with person with a penis, have them put one stifle out arsenic well and see if it ’ south easier for your body to accommodate to their legs being spread out a little moment .
If sexual activity can be irritating for you, being on top is a great put to try, as you can control the astuteness, the travel rapidly, and the pressure. Another manner to make this easier on your knees and thighs is having your partner support your back with his leg flex at the knees .

2. Legs above the shoulders

This is something people shy away from if they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think they ’ re compromising enough, but you ’ vitamin d be surprise ! This position doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate require harebrained flexibility, but it is helpful if your partner helps you. This is a adept one because it pushes your leg together, making your vagina close and convulse around their penis or fingers. This position is nicknamed the “ G-Whiz ” because it makes hitting your G-spot so easy. ( I hope this one good made it to the top of your list ! )
Have your partner come as close to you as they can in missionary and then lift up your legs, using their shoulders and chest to hold them up ( see, you don ’ t have to be that compromising ) .

3. oral sex : knees to chest

Getting in a estrus with oral sex positions is very real. sol, do what your waxer says and pull your knees to your chest of drawers. It might feel awkward at inaugural, but it ’ s a fresh way for your partner to get all in the goods. It can besides be a identical loose form of bondage. Your hands are besides busy holding your legs in place to be touching your partner or telling them precisely what to do .

4. Sitting face-to-face

You can do this position on a go to bed, on a frame, or in a chair. The face-to-face of this stead allows you to connect with your spouse and is obviously super sexy. experiment with them sitting all the way up and you on lead, straddling them, or you can try you sitting up against a electric chair and them penetrating from the front. You could besides try wrapping your legs around them ; this allows you to get even closer and more intimate, and it makes doing your kegels while they ’ ra inside you super easy ( and ace, super hot ) .

5. Spooning

This is a big position to try in the dawn *wink wink*. If you ’ re having sexual activity with a person with a penis, obviously, you ’ ll want to be the little spoon, but you could be big or little spoon if you ’ re having acute arouse with fingers. This allows you and your partner to get extremely close. The penis or fingers are coming from a different angle, so it might feel unlike and hit your G-spot more easily. Woohoo on that ! If it ’ s easier, you can lift up your top peg here angstrom well .

6. The bridge

This can be done for penetrative or oral sex. We all know what a gluteus bridge looks like, right ? basically, this position requires holding a gluteus bridge in the typical missionary side. The aggrandizement allows your partner to get deeper and puts your vagina in a different position. This one besides gives easy access for your partner ( or you ) to stimulate the clitoris while penetrating or going down on you. All wins for everyone involved, if you ask me .

7. oral sex : peal on your english

This works for both giving and receiving oral sex. If you ’ re giving, have your partner lay on their slope while you ’ re facing them. This could be at the edge of the sleep together or in the middle with you laying on your side as well ( this could besides entail every middle schooler ’ s front-runner number, the 69 position ! ) If you ’ ra welcome, you could follow the lapp steps : ballad on your side and have your partner come from the side. This will look differently depending on your anatomy deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the person you ’ ra giving oral sex to, but the main focus here is switching perspectives therefore you ’ ra not directly facing each other. Again, we ’ re trying to change the slant to hit different parts of both the clitoris and the penis, indeed keep that in judgment as you ’ re trying this placement. The views are besides quite good in this position, so you ’ re tie down to both be super turned on .

8. Laying on the edge of the bed

A different twist on missionary and the legs above the shoulders side, this one involves your spouse standing next to the bed while you ’ re lay at the edge. You can add in the legs-above-the-shoulders put here, or you can keep your legs pulled into chest of drawers, held out in a “ V ” shape, or whatever feels comfortable. What ’ s good about this status is that your partner is securely planted on the ground, so they ’ re able to thrust deeper and more controlled ( meaning faster or slower, whichever you prefer ! ) .

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