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Vance Charter School Admission FAQs

Who can attend Vance Charter School ? Any child entering Kindergarten through Twelfth mark, who lives in North Carolina, may apply. Students not residing in North Carolina may not attend Vance Charter School. All applicants must be a resident of North Carolina anterior to lottery date. potential students that have a rear that is a full meter employee of the school or a sibling that presently attends the school will receive priority class placement.

Sibling Preference/Application policy Staff predilection policy
How can students apply for admission to the school? Students can submit an on-line application during the registration period. Online applications for the 2021 – 2022 school year will be available from January 19, 2021 through February 28, 2021. once your application is received, you will receive an electronic mail telling confirming receipt of your completed application. please note : paper applications will NOT be available. In person informational meetings will not be held this year. For more information please access the Powerpoint slide presentation.

due to the limited numeral of spaces per class, it is possible more students will apply than there are available openings. If this site occurs, the school will admit students through a blind lottery. Each application will be numbered and the numbers will be pooled per classify. Due to using an automated lottery broadcast, the numbers will be generated randomly until all spaces in each grade level are filled. The remaining students will be placed on a waiting list in order of their application number ’ randomness removal through the automated lottery work. once a student is enrolled in the school, he or she does not need to go through the application and lottery serve again. Furthermore, siblings of presently enrolled students and children of staff members will have precedence in registration. If a person is contacted regarding an available seat at Vance Charter School for his/her child, the parents/guardians will have ten ( 10 ) calendar days to make a decision as to whether or not the child will attend Vance Charter School. If you fail to submit a decisiveness of entree and/or denial after the tenth calendar day, your spot will be forfeited. If you decide to accept admission to Vance Charter School, you will have ten ( 10 ) calendar days to submit ALL required paperwork to the respective school ’ south personnel. failure to submit ALL required paperwork in the pre-determined timeframe will result in forfeit of your admission. False or mislead applications and/or information submitted entirely with the purpose of receiving preference will result in the loss of one ’ randomness spotlight at Vance Charter School, regardless of lottery result if the application is deemed not accurate. How do I receive notification of acceptance? You will be notified via e-mail notifying you of your child ’ s credence to Vance Charter School. The timeline detailed above will then apply. additionally, all parents/guardians will be able to verify their child ’ sulfur side on the credence list and/or waitlist via the Lotterease program. The course of study is displayed in current-time therefore offering a true depicting of your child ’ sulfur put on the waitlist. Will I receive notice the day of the lottery with final results?

No ; the Student Recruitment and Retention Board will verify all results of the Lotterease plan therefore attendance is not required. final results will not be available until confirmation checks are performed. All applicants will receive an electronic mail notification within 1 workweek of the actual lottery with final results. If you have any questions about the application march or the lottery, please e-mail : Allison Capps at cappsa @

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