4 simple habits for a natural lifestyle

Do you dare to go au naturale? And no, we don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mean in the nude !
There are lots of good reasons to embrace a natural life style. For one, you damage the land less and benefit your body more. Reduced stress and better health are a few early “ arrant life ” perks you can besides look fore to !
But what does it mean to live a healthy, natural life style ? Do you have to sew your own clothes and consume only foods that grow in the dirt ? merely if you want to ! Living a lifelike life style looks different for everyone, and it ’ s okay not to be arrant .

How to live a natural life style

natural living can be across-the-board, but it doesn ’ t have to be overwhelming. When it comes to developing sustainable habits, belittled steps over a long fourth dimension make a boastfully difference. here are some of our favored tips for going natural.

Forget artificial fragrances

synthetic scents don ’ t hold a candle to pure substantive oils. When you see “ bouquet ” on a cosmetics label, it can include thousands of unidentified chemicals—not precisely something you want to put on your face ! Icky, irritating ingredients like wax, propane, and isopropyl alcohol are besides normally found in commercial air fresheners and candles .
indeed why settle for artificial ingredients when you can have the real deal ?
Essential oils are natural bouquet, and they ’ rhenium potent excessively. All it takes is a few drops to transport yourself to a alcoholic forest, fairytale land, or alien new city .

ditch and switch

Swapping candles and air fresheners for the fresh scents of nature is alone the begin. There ’ s a natural substitute for about everything you use around the house, from cleaning products to personal concern products to makeup. You can even find natural deodorant and plant-based shampoo for your furred acquaintance .
YL tip: Watch out for greenwashing. Companies will add “ k ” or “ natural ” to their labels, but there is short regulation around using those marketing buzzwords. Always check the label before you buy .

Do it yourself

Looking for more ways to give harmful chemicals the boot ? Why not dabble in DIY ? You could make natural versions of the products you use on a regular basis. then you ’ ll know precisely what ’ mho in them and have the freedom to customize the perfume adenine much as you like. You might even have a fiddling fun while you ’ re at it !

Another bonus ? Making things yourself helps you control the come of waste you create. Less drivel is constantly the park way to go .
here are some DIYs to get you started :

  • DIY slime for aromatherapy with little ones
  • DIY bath tea for a new way to up the ante on bathtime
  • DIY leave-in conditioner to moisturize parched strands
  • DIY linen spray to infuse every couch, cushion, and curtain with divine smells
  • DIY clarifying clay mask to bring out your glow

Don ’ t worry, be healthy

Living a healthy life style is about more than the products you use. It means taking caution of your mind, body, and intent. You can get rid of harsh chemicals in your cleaners and lotions, but eating right, exercising, and nourishing your person complete the picture .
Feed your appetite: There ’ mho nothing wrong with loving food—in fact, a healthy appetite is a gift ! Fuel your body with real, healthy foods equally much as you can to feel your best immediately and former. Think clean feed is bland and boring ? Try these tips for spicing up your cook with essential oils !

Quench your thirst: Proper hydration helps everything from your brain to your muscles function well. however, not all drinks hydrate equally. Plain water is the best pick, but coconut water, unsweetened fruit juice, and milk ( regular or dairy free ) are bang-up options excessively .

What are some changes you have made for a more natural lifestyle?

Tell us in the comments!

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