The South’s Top Spots for Tailgate Takeout

Diehard tailgate chefs begin preparations days in advance : procure ingredients, finalizing guest lists, and deploying fully-loaded field kitchens for the weekend festivities. not all of us are up to that level of committedness, but we can still eat well on game day by letting person else do the cook. here are some of the most beloved spots from around the South for tailgating takeout.

Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen

University of North Carolina
1305 East Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC ;

Drive thru is the best option—in fact, it ‘s the lone one—at the pale blue hut with crimson trim on Franklin St. that houses Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen. Long before sunrise, they ‘re mixing and rolling out dough, and though a steady flow of cars rolls through on game day, the line moves fast. There ‘s no better room to power up for a long football day than with a big sack of bizarre, buttery biscuits.
Go-to Order: Fried Pork Chop Biscuit

Bernie’s Chicken

University of South Carolina
1311 Bluff Road
Columbia, SC Bernie ‘s caters to a lunchtime crowd from nearby factories and businesses, so it ‘s normally closed on Saturdays—but not when the South Carolina Gamecocks are playing across the street at at Williams-Brice Stadium. The classifiable “ broasted ” wimp ( quick-cooked in a pressure fryer alternatively of bubbling in hot vegetable oil ) has been a winnow darling since 1979 thanks to its crisp jacket of alight, aureate brown buffet and the juicy chicken inwardly.
Go-to Order: 3-Piece Chicken Special with crinkle-cut fries, coleslaw, dinner roll and ice tea

Calhoun’s on the River

University of Tennessee
400 Neyland Drive
Knoxville, TN ; precisely a mile down the Tennessee River from Neyland Stadium, Calhoun ‘s is a front-runner sutler of the “ Vol Navy ” —the two hundred or more boats that moor together along the docks on football weekends. Hordes of orange- and white-clad fans arriving by average ground transport pile in for fume pork barrel, chicken, and rib, excessively.
Go-to Order: A full slab of hickory-smoked ribs

Archibald’s and Dreamland Bar-B-Que

University of Alabama
Archibald ‘s 1211 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Northport, AL ; Dreamland Bar-B-Que 5535 15th Avenue East
Tuscaloosa, AL ; One can attribute the University of Alabama ‘s recent string of championships to any number of factors—athletic talent, skilled coaching, a long and storied football tradition—but the fact that not one but two first rib joints are just a curtly drive away must surely play a role. The original Dreamland Bar-B-Que serves boastful racks of hickory-fired rib in a din room festooned with Crimson Tide memorabilia. The entirely problem is that every Alabama winnow alive knows this, and that red-walled din room is absolutely packed on game day. fortunately, equitable across the river in Northport, Archibald ‘s has been turning out their own superlative slab of crisp, smoky rib atop slices of white boodle since 1962. ( That bread is essential for soaking up the hot, orange-colored vinegar sauce. ) An add bonus : even though it ‘s on the early side of the river, Archibald ‘s is actually the airless of the two to Bryant-Denny Stadium.
Go-to Order: A wax slab of rib ( Archibald ‘s ) or a entire slab of rib with a sausage liaison ( Dreamland )

Wayside Takeout and Catering

University of Virginia
2203 Jefferson Park Avenue
Charlottesville VA ; “ This Chicken Clucks for You ” at Wayside Takeout, which has been boxing up crisp, juicy fried chicken for hungry UVA students for a half hundred. Just a few blocks south of Scott Stadium, it ‘s the perfect pick-up for a tailgate on the grounds.
Go-to Order: 8 piece “ kin Deal ” with macintosh ‘n cheese and collards

The Varsity

Georgia Tech
61 North Avenue
Atlanta, GA ; For athirst Yellow Jackets fueling up for a big game, the Varsity is a huge draw—and I do entail huge. Occupying a full city block just across I-85 from Bobby Dodd Stadium, it has its own on-site park garage and serves a many as 25,000 customers a day. Tech ‘s arch-rivals, the University of Georgia Bulldogs, had been able to claim a Varsity drive-in of their own in Athens, but it closed on June 20. The original Atlanta location has been serving “ glorified steaks ” ( burgers with mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato ) and chili-topped dogs since 1928. In July, the Varsity announced plans for two new Georgia locations. therefore, raise those frost oranges, y’all !
Go-to Order: Combo # 2 : a Chili Cheese Dog and a Chili Cheeseburger with onion rings. Get a Frosted Orange milkshake to go aboard

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