Hottest and Coldest Mega Millions Numbers of 2019

Hottest and Coldest Mega Millions Numbers of 2019

Saturday January 11th 2020

What are the Mega Millions numbers to watch in 2020 ? Take a look back at key Mega Millions statistics from 2019 to discover the hottest, cold, and most delinquent numbers to inspire your picks this year .

Hottest Mega Millions Numbers

hot numbers have been drawn more much than early numbers recently. 105 Mega Millions draws took target in 2019, and 525 main numbers were drawn. The main numbers are the ashen balls, which can be any numbers from 1-70.

The most democratic count was 48, which was drawn 17 times .
Number 24 was just edged out of the top spot – it was drawn 16 times .
third identify was a tie, with 34 and 62 each draw 14 times .
fourthly and fifth most-drawn were besides ties, as you can see in the table below :

Most Common Mega Millions Numbers 2019
Number 48 24 34 62 43 14 31 17 4 8 11
Times Drawn 17 16 14 14 12 12 11 11 11 11 11

The most common Mega Ball number ( gold ball ) in 2019 was 10, which was drawn eight times. The Mega Ball may be any numeral between 1 and 25 .
In the “ power pair ” category, we ‘re not talking about celebrities – Mega Millions hot pairs are numbers that have been draw together most frequently. In 2019, 14 and 24 went together like peanut butter and gelatin – they showed up in the lapp draw five times, more than any early pair .

Coldest Mega Millions Numbers

According to the theory of hot and cold numbers, you ‘ll besides want to include some cold numbers in your plays. They ‘re not the popular kids right now, but their luck barely might be about to change and make them the new hot picks this year .
In first ( or possibly that should be final ) place, it ‘s a tie for the least-drawn total : 1, 51 and 69 were each draw entirely twice in 2019 .
alone slightly more popular were 28, 32, 41 and 45, which were drawn three times each .
And the trace numbers were drawn a measly four times each : 2, 13, 21, 36 and 52 .

Least Common Mega Millions Numbers 2019
Number 1 51 69 28 32 41 45 2 13 21 36 52
Times Drawn 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4

The least-common Mega Ball number last class was 8 – it was drawn good a single time !
however, some of these unpopular numbers seem to be staging a rejoinder in 2020. 51 was drawn on January 10, 52 appeared on January 7, and 41 powered into two draws on January 3 and January 7 .
interim, 2 and 21 have n’t been drawn as main numbers so far, but they appeared as Mega Ball numbers on January 10 and January 7 respectively. Stay tuned !

Most Overdue Mega Millions Numbers

delinquent numbers have gone a loooong time without being drawn. And the winner – or loser – here is issue 32. It was drawn way back on May 17 and ( *crickets* ) has n’t been seen since .
According to the theory, 32 is delinquent some wins. Keep an eye on the Mega Millions results to see if 32 turns its luck around this class !

Megaplier Frequency

The Megaplier is a number from 2 to 5 that ‘s randomly selected in every Mega Millions draft and multiplies non-jackpot prizes. Players can add the Megaplier for an extra $ 1.00. Any pry below the jackpot is then multiplied by the Megaplier number. For example, a 5X Megaplier would turn a second tier $ 1 million Match 5 win into $ 5 million !
here are the phone number of times each Megaplier number was drawn in 2019, from most to least. The Frequency column shows how many draws it took for the count to come up. For model, the 2X Megaplier appeared once every 2.23 draws. The right hand column shows the odds of that Megaplier being chosen in any given draw .

Megaplier Statistics 2019
Megaplier Times Drawn Frequency Odds
2X 47 2.23 1 in 3
3X 37 2.84 1 in 2.5
4X 16 6.56 1 in 5
5X 5 21 1 in 15

2019 Jackpot Wins

The Mega Millions pot was won seven times in 2019. Seven is in itself the world ‘s favored act – it is considered lucky by many people and cultures around the earth .
here are all of end year ‘s pot hits :
Did any numbers appear more much than others ? Yes :

  • 14 appeared once as the Mega Ball number on January 1 and once as a main number on September 24
  • 40 was drawn twice, on June 7 and July 23
  • 57 was also hit twice, on January 1 and March 12

Some of the hottest, most popular numbers besides showed up in pot wins :

  • 4 was drawn on July 23
  • 11 was the Mega Ball number on July 23
  • 14 appeared once as the Mega Ball number on January 1 and once as a main number on September 24
  • 17 was drawn on June 7
  • 24 was drawn on September 24
  • 34 and 62 were drawn on January 1

Some of the coldest, least-drawn numbers besides – more surprisingly – showed up in jackpot hits :

  • 1 was drawn on July 23
  • 2 was the Mega Ball number on June 7
  • 45 appeared on July 23

Why Are Some Numbers Popular or Unpopular?

Every Mega Millions draw is wholly random, so any number is a likely to be drawn as any other numeral. In other words, each count has an peer find of winning. Each pull is a “ clean slate ” and the results of past drawings have no hold on future ones .
Probability tells us that each number should appear the same number of times. however, it takes a very long time for this to happen – thousands and thousands of draw. So, some numbers will appear to be hot and “ on a roll ”, and others will go cold and drop out of sight. But ultimately, all of this evens out over the retentive condition .
How much a number has been drawn besides depends on changes to game rules. In October 2017, Mega Millions introduced changes that included dropping the main numbers available from 75 to 70, and increasing the Mega Ball pond from 15 to 25.

The bottom line is that you are good ampere probable to win by using a numeral generator as you are by choosing your own “ golden numbers. ”
You can besides use the fact that other players believe in lucky numbers to your advantage by avoiding numbers that are more often chosen by others. This does n’t make you any more probable to win, but it can increase the chances that you keep the prize all to yourself !
Written by Sarah Jamieson
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