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  1. Are there plans for a course about (topic) later this year?
    A. We review ideas for classes throughout the year — and welcome suggestions. If you have ideas for specific courses and/or speakers in which you are concerned ( or have previously viewed ), send an e-mail to PMI-MN Chapter Administrator — your ideas will be forwarded to our planning teams. You can besides contact committee members at the meetings or via electronic mail .
  2. Does PMI-MN offer exam preparation classes for PMP® certification? If so, when?
    A. Yes. We offer evening classes and a three-day run. Dates, times, and locations are available in the PMP® Certification incision — and you can check the Events & Meetings for approaching classes .
  3. Does PMI offer project management classes? I am looking into project management training, and classes toward PMP® Certification.
    A. Yes. We offer visualize management train and certification classes to members and non-members. You can check approaching courses listed on the Events & Meetings tab.

    PDD : Every year PMI-MN holds a four-day league with three days of one- and two-day courses — and a one-day symposium on project and commercial enterprise refer topics. It ‘s called Professional Development Days ( PDD ) and is normally held in September. You can besides contact PMI-MN ’ s Professional Development Director via e-mail .

  4. Can PMI-MN events be used toward certification or certification renewal?
    A. Yes. You can find out more in the PMP® Certification section of this locate .
  5. How much does the PMP® Certification Exam cost?
    A. It depends. In 2010 the PMP® Certification Exam fee is $ 405.00 for PMI members ( $ 555 for non-members ). If you are in speculate transition, your country employment counselor may approve funds from the Dislocated Worker or WIA programs to cover your PMP® examination tip. Go to Global PMI for current costs .
  6. Is there a charge for taking the PMP® test if I take the PMP® Certification Exam Prep Class?
    A. Yes. There is a separate tip to take the PMP® Certification examination. For details, go to Global PMI
  7. Do I need a laptop PC in PMI-MN classes? Can I bring one?
    A. A laptop personal computer is not required — unless the PMI-MN classify description specifies it. You can bring one with you to class. barren wi-fi service may not be available in all classrooms .
  8. Does PMI-MN offer prep classes for CAPM and PGMP certifications? What do these certifications cost?
    A. PMI-MN does not presently offer homework classes for these certifications. For information about PMI certifications, go to Global PMI. The cost for certifications varies by certificate .
  9. How do I sign-up for the PMP® exam? I am taking classes at a local college for project management certification, and want to take the PMP® exam when I complete the required classes.
    A. Online: The best locate to find out about the PMP® examination, application summons, and monetary value is at research for PMP Certification – the FAQs and application form will display.

    In Person: You can ask our volunteers at the Membership mesa at Chapter dinner meetings — they welcome your questions. Members are available from 5:00 – 6:30 autopsy. confluence dates and locations can be found under the Events & Meetings check .
    Step by Step Workshop: several times a year we offer help on the process and how to complete the PMP® application form. Sessions are held before the schedule Chapter dinner meet. Check Events & Meetings or the Certification segment for specifics .

  10. Is there help for completing the PMP® certification exam application? I looked at the online application and could use some help filling it out.
    A. PMI-MN offers a bit-by-bit Application Writing workshop — covering the application process and how to complete the PMP® examination application — respective times a class. Sessions are held before the schedule chapter dinner touch. Check PMP® Certification section for specifics .
  11. Does PMI endorse specific courses or class providers? Are there PMI registered providers?
    A. PMI-MN does not endorse person classes or course providers. PMI-MN is a registered education Provider. Check the PMI Global web site for a list of other Registered Education Providers in the area .
  12. How do I renew my PMP® certificate? My PMP® certification is out of date (lapsed).
    A. Go to the take after placement at Global PMI : certificate suspension
  13. Are there assistance opportunities for individuals in job transition or unemployed?
    A. ESI International ’ second Stand Out Scholarship is making a half million dollars in career development tuition aid available for out of work stick out managers, business analysts and general business professionals. The Stand Out Scholarship gives unemployed people individuals the opportunity to build a more competitive resume by providing tutelage aid that can be used to cover the majority of tuition fees on up to three ESI courses, enabling them to potentially earn an Associate ’ mho Certificate. Students will have the opportunity to take Project Management and Business Analysis courses in our public classrooms nationally or on-line via e-Training or the virtual Classroom. This platform launched on July 1, 2009 and will run through December 31, 2010, or until all funds have been awarded. For more data or to download an application, visit
  14. Can a training or resource vendor demonstrate or promote its products at a PMI-MN event?
    A. PMI-MN offers sponsorship opportunities at its events and on our web site, adenine well as logo placement in mastermind eblasts and monthly newsletter to its members. Under intend terms, registered vendors and/or companies are recognized at sponsor events and are provided an opportunity to promote services to attendees. If you are interest in being a patronize, reach PMI-MN Sponsorship Chair.

    Read more: Oregon Lottery

    PMI Minnesota Chapter does not endorse specific vendors or classes .

  15. How can I receive the member discount if you do not know I am a member?I’m a new member and I want to register for the PMP® Certification Exam Preparation course starting July 7th — the deadline is June 30th.
    A. To register for the PMP® Certification Exam Preparation class, you can call the adjustment line immediately at 1-888-925-7644 and tell them you are a new penis. We will let our call center staff know that you will be calling, and you should have no trouble getting registered at the chapter penis rate .
  16. Are the PMI-MN PMP® Certification Exam Preparation materials available to individuals who can not attend the in-person classes?I live in Iowa, and am preparing to take the PMP® certification exam next month. I heard you have a fantastic guide on Project Cost Management.
    A. unfortunately, no. We do not sell or distribute our PMP® Certification Exam Preparation materials individually from the in-person course held by PMI-MN at this meter .

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