19 Next-Level Missionary Sex Positions

Fine, yes, all right : the missionary sex position can frequently be considered “ vanilla ” for some. But that ’ s what thus commodity about it—everyone understands what ’ s going on, and the put itself is versatile enough that you can make it playfulness. Like, very fun. A set of the positions people aspire to are very adventurous, complicated and athletic, which is great. But, let ‘s face it, that ‘s not casual arouse for most people, and not possible at all for many others, ” says Tara Struyk, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Kinkly. “ Missionary is easy to get into, easy to get out of, and does n’t involve feats of potency or flexibility. ”

Plus, missionary can be extremely familiar and quixotic. You ’ ra face-to-face with person you ’ rhenium super hot for ! “ It ‘s arousing to be able to look into your partner ‘s eyes and see their facial saying while having sex, ” says Carmel Jones, a kinship adept who writes about arouse, go steady, and relationships at The Big Fling. “ It besides allows for a draw of skin-to-skin contact. ”

But, the count one thing to know about missionary ( like, deep in your soul and despite what you see in practically every movie/TV show/ 99.9 % of pornography ) is that most women do not orgasm from penetration alone. And this is—repeat after me—totally convention. The solution ? Get your clitoris involved !

here are a few ways to do that, for the missionary non-believers.

    Get handsy

    “ Use your hands. This may be the most cosmopolitan and helpful topple regardless of position, ” says Jess O ’ Reilly, PhD, sexual activity adept at Astroglide. “ Reach down and touch yourself. Rub, grind, vibration, play, stroke, press, pulsation or caress to your center ’ sulfur content. Don ’ t trust on one body separate ( a penis or strap-on ) to get you off. Your hands are the ultimate arouse dally. ”

      Call in the toys

      “ Use a toy ! many toys, like the and, are designed to be worn during intercourse. Both offer rumbly vibrations and can be adjusted to suit your body and angles, ” says O ’ Reilly. “ And if you ’ rhenium play with a toy, be certain to use a toy-safe lubricate like Astroglide ’ s Toy ‘ n Joy so that your toys last for many years to come. ” once you give your clitoris the attention it deserves, try some of these tips and tricks to enjoy missionary sex to its fullest likely.

        Put a ring on it

        “ My favorite variation on missionary is adding a vibrating hammer ring, so we both get a little rumble in the jungle, ” says, nonmigratory sex educator for sexual hygiene and body caution company.

        Build a pillow fort under your butt

        “ Add a pillow under the get spouse ‘s hips. It creates the perfect slant for deeper penetration, ” says Howard. not doing it for you ? “ Bed pillows wo n’t resist that much action, so I recommend a estimable placement pillow, ” says Tami Rose, owner of romantic Adventures, an adult storehouse in Mississippi.

        Use your legs

        “ Lift your legs and hook them over your partner ’ s shoulders for cryptic penetration, ” says Ruby Payne, sex adept at adult toy retailer UberKinky. “ You can wrap your legs around your partner ’ mho waist for maximize closeness and closeness, or you can evening straighten your legs out ( if you ’ re the receiver ) so your partner is about lie bland against you for some shallow penetration that feels incredible. ” ( Fact check : true ! See The Lock and Load position below. )

        Add bondage

        “ Bringing some alight bondage into your missionary position is easy and a great way to add a little spice. With the wrists of the bottom partner manacle together, you can raise their hands above their drumhead and practice a fiddling might dally, ” says Searah Deysach, arouse educator and owner of feminist arouse shop early to Bed.
        here are 19 of the best positions for missionary sex—and feel dislodge to sprinkle in one ( or all ) of the tips above for point pleasure while working your way through ’em. Feel very, identical free.

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