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In her speech, she carefully avoided any mention of her costar.

There was barely a mention of the plan’s possible dangers.

The mere mention of blood makes me ill.

I get nervous at the mention of his name.

Her contributions deserve a mention.

One other issue deserves special mention.


She’s never mentioned anything to me about her husband.

I get nervous every time his name is mentioned.

They mentioned him by name.

I believe I mentioned the problem to you last week.

Most history books don’t even mention the event.

As previously mentioned, his proposal has been widely criticized.

He fails to mention, however, the seriousness of the crime.

She mentioned that she would be out of the office the following day.

late Examples on the Web : noun

Gee’s police report makes no mention of the courthouse shooting.

Stacy St. Clair,, 22 Dec. 2021

As for the state’s attempt to ban critical race theory, for all the Republicans’ talk, the Texas law makes no mention of the term.

New York Times, 10 Dec. 2021

The report also makes mention of new plans by Samsung to create a folding tablet and laptop hybrid.

Joshua Hawkins, BGR, 25 Nov. 2021

In its annual report on civilian casualties in 2019, the Defense Department makes no mention of a strike in Syria on March 18, 2019 that killed civilians.

Oren Liebermann, CNN, 15 Nov. 2021

Andrews’ order makes no mention of freezing bank accounts.

Mckenzie Sadeghi, USA TODAY, 13 Nov. 2021

The planning document, obtained by The Associated Press and shared with Hilder, mentions the possibility of tornadoes, bomb threats, active shooters, civil disobedience and riots but makes no mention of a possible crowd surge., 9 Nov. 2021

There was no mention of items that may have been stolen.

cleveland, 9 Dec. 2021

As of now, the question of who owns NFT rights when there is no mention of them in contracts remains up for debate.

Mitra Ahouraian, Forbes, 9 Dec. 2021

recent Examples on the Web : verb

Not to mention the Starman’s own sui generis take on The Funk.

Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone, 7 Dec. 2021

The program included new and recent music by women and featured a woman conductor, not to mention a composer of color.

Los Angeles Times, 7 Dec. 2021

Celebrated for its deep, fascinating history, striking mountains, stately castles, and misty lochs — not to mention its mythological monsters — Scotland is arguably the most ruggedly beautiful of all four United Kingdom nations.

Jonathan Thompson, Travel + Leisure, 7 Dec. 2021

But constructing thousands of miles of new sewers — not to mention rerouting highways and other herculean, long-term measures — was never Rebuild’s remit.

New York Times, 2 Dec. 2021

Patti LuPone, who has starred in three Sondheim productions on Broadway in the past decade and a half — not to mention a moment in his 80th-birthday concert that was truly one for the ages — spoke briefly, dedicating this one to him.

Christopher Bonanos, Vulture, 27 Nov. 2021

Oregon losing eliminates it, not to mention the Pac-12, from College Football Playoff contention, while leaving the Pac-12 North up for grabs.

Josh Newman, The Salt Lake Tribune, 20 Nov. 2021

The infrastructure bill is just another shot in the arm for STLD, which should also benefit from a rebound in automotive production in 2022, not to mention high demand in non-residential buildings.

Brett Owens, Forbes, 14 Nov. 2021

Sometimes, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done — not to mention the growing shortage of Thanksgiving foods in grocery stores.

Madison Yauger,, 2 Nov. 2021

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