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At a time when there is an increasing addiction on extensive and expensive fact-finding tests and use of medicines for treating evening little ailment, the theme of a Medicine-free Life may sound far-fetched and even hard to believe .
We at Sumiran have a rationality to believe otherwise. A healthy bust of pure publicize, mineral rich people water, exposure to abundant sunlight, farm fresh organic food and natural exercise on the farms gave us some memorable insights about ailment absolve, it whispered in our ears that we have only one disease – Nature Deficit Disorder. It besides gave us insights on how take care, soundbox and spirit mint a balance for inner peace & rejoice. We love to share this perspective as an unionize course called MFL .
life without medicines is not just a concept but a test health authorization program. What began as a self-prescribed and rehearse life style for Dr. Pravin Chordia ( MBBS, M.S. ) and his family is nowadays a prove successful life style correction course of study. To date it has benefitted more than 3000 participants belonging to all senesce groups – with or without a medical history.

Medicine-free Life course of study is not a pathy of medicate. It is an easily to understand, follow and implement life style, based upon the six vital elements of life made available to all by nature – Air, Nutrition, Sunlight, Water, Exercise and Rest in inadequate, an ANSWER .


From his early on years at the aesculapian school, Dr. Pravin Chordia was curious to study and research chemical versus organic mode of farming and support. He found a potent correlation between how humans over last 50 years have diminished the nutritional and healing capacity of our food by injecting besides many medicines into the territory with how advanced medical science has diminished the self-healing capacitance of our body by indiscriminate manipulation of medicines.

Over subsequent years he gathered enough testify that overdependence on allopathic medicines is creating the same kind of problems to human health as those created by excessive habit of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on dirty and crop. During his very successful checkup exercise as a surgeon for 30 years in Pune he noticed many serious short comings of modern alleged scientific access to restoring health and wellbeing. Over fourth dimension he became sure that he had found a deep penetration into a newfangled way of support and healing a human soundbox. Being an experimenter and research worker that he is, he decided to try everything that he believed in on himself and his family first base before he could announce it to the universe.

so, in 2005 Dr Chordia and his kin purchased a large nerve pathway of bare land near Pune and they started living and practicing what they all believed was a natural and goodly way to live. Slowly the password spread around. First only a few friends and relatives came to their home ( now called Eco Serene village ). The results for those who came were so encouraging that good by bible of sass many inquiries from all over the populace started pouring in. In 2014 Dr Chordia decided to not limit the benefits of these findings to himself, his kin and few patients but to take it to every person in the society and therefore a four-day immersion program was born called Medicine Free Life Program .

Overview of Contents

About MFL The submersion program has been carefully designed not to overwhelm the participants. It has an slowly pace and is very engage and relaxing for all age groups. It has the proper libra of classroom lectures, outdoor activities, drama, fun and learn. The participants come in as strangers and at the end of four highly synergistic days leave as commodity friends with lot of care for memories. Most participants find the program life transforming and highly utilitarian .
Dr Chordia ’ sulfur unfriendly expressive style of explaining the most unmanageable medical terms thru similes, sarcasm, layman stories and jokes makes every lecture of his a memorable and enjoyable one. A farmer and a PhD participant listening to him in the lapp classify can relate and understand what is being said with the same ease and clarity. That is how well midazolam and deep Dr Chordia ’ south hold on the capable is. Every participant feels and connects with the clarity and conviction with which Dr Chordia expresses himself probably because that clearness is born out of living what he is preaching .

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