Beautiful Maternity Lingerie, Does it Exist?

Maternity Lingerie By Tracey Montford You don ’ t have to sacrifice your life style or sense of style just because you ’ ra pregnant. Long gone are the days when meaning women were told to cover up and judged for exposing their bodies. meaning women are nowadays celebrating their change shape and demand products that make them feel beautiful .
In the past, motherliness bras were matronly, super wax coverage and all around unflattering. They were far from the kind of brassiere that makes you feel particular and feminine. Nowadays pregnancy bras can be beautiful and flattering, all while providing you with the necessity quilt and support your changing body needs.

hera at Cake, our initial goal was to shake up the motherliness lingerie marketplace by providing beautiful underwear and nightwear for meaning and breastfeeding mama, without sacrificing ease, lastingness and fit .

A brief history

I ’ ve always enjoyed wearing beautiful lingerie. I love the texture of different laces, the shimmer of satins, the find of epicurean fabrics and all of the beautiful small details that make lingerie therefore extra ! I have constantly been happy to pay a little extra for a garment that excites me and I felt no different when it came to pregnancy bras .
Cake Maternity was developed out of a personal necessitate. I was meaning with my now 16-year-old son and I was in the market for motherliness brassiere. much to my disappointment the motherhood lingerie at this time was matronly and unflattering. It did nothing for my self-esteem and I felt like I was giving up a region of my femininity to be a mother. Maternity brassiere seemed to be an afterthought by most brands, and no manage or love had been put into their purpose .
Cake Maternity is nowadays 12 years old and widely viewed as one of the key motherliness bras brands in the universe. A winner of numerous awards, Cake Maternity is stocked in 1000s of boutique and department stores in 45 countries .

The story of our bras

The demand for our nurse brassiere has been amazing, which only reinforces to me that women feel the lapp direction I do, about wanting to retain their femininity while pregnant and/or breastfeed .
At Cake, we love designing new ranges. Necessity truly is the mother of invention and our team is constantly creating and evolving, based on our Cake ma ’ personal experiences and feedback .

High quality maternity lingerie

Designing a brassiere is an intricate work, but confuse pregnancy or breastfeed into the shuffle and you have a whole modern arrange of challenges to overcome. The line, fabrics, flexi-wire, channels, overcharge and eyes, and cup construction all differ from ordinary bras. Each chemical element is cautiously considered and measured to ensure a flexible however supportive fit, with ease and breathability .
While you ’ re breastfeeding it ’ second far excessively comfortable to lose your self confidence and feel like a milk machine first and woman irregular. That ’ s why the appearance of our brassiere is so important to us. Beautiful lingerie that makes you feel good about yourself is a necessity, not a lavishness .
Luxurious fabrics & delicate detailsLuxurious fabrics & delicate details epicurean fabrics & delicate detailsSHOP THE RANGE You might besides like : Best Maternity & Nursing Bras for Your stage of Pregnancy & Beyond

What should you look for in maternity lingerie?

During pregnancy, your breasts can completely change determine and dramatically increase in size and burden — sometimes up to three cup sizes !
That ’ s why it ’ mho imperative that you wear a well suit brassiere that provides enough of support. This will besides help avoid previous sagging and any discomfort or annoyance .

Not all maternity bras are created equal.

If you were fuller busted prior to your pregnancy, you already know that you need to invest a little more in your brassiere. This international relations and security network ’ t because you require more fabric, but because you require superior support mechanisms that your B and C cup women don ’ triiodothyronine .
so if your breasts have increased significantly in size, it ’ randomness important to look out for stronger fabrics and trims with fuller cup support .
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note : by and large speaking, cheaper bras do tend to be made from less durable fabrics and trims, causing the brassiere to end up in landfill sooner. We don ’ metric ton want this ! slow fashion all the way .

Features of a high quality maternity bra

Top cup stretch
The lower section of the brassiere cup should be firm and strong ( no stretch in the cup ) as it holds and supports the breast. The top cup however, should have some stretch in it to allow for fluctuation and changing breast size .
Strong durable elastics
Test the elastics by giving them a firm pull and feel for any immunity. A good quality elastic will feel firmer and retain its integrity by snapping back into position when unstretched .
Fully adjustable straps
timbre, adjustable straps will allow you to adjust as required without loosing their tension.

Multiple hooks and eyes
A brassiere that contains more than 3 rows of hooks and eyes will allow for adequate change in your consistency size. 6 hooks and eyes will allow you to loosen the brassiere underband as your rib cage continues to expand during pregnancy .
Wide, supportive underband
The underband should be wide and contain a strong, durable fabric. Give the framework a rend and gauge the strength/durability. A fabric that has little give will provide much greater accompaniment than a framework that gives easily. Double layered back bands are besides preferable .
Full cup coverage
Whilst immerse necklines are lovely, support is by far the greater precedence. When trying on a brassiere make indisputable the brassiere cups give you adequate support and coverage. You should be able to move your arms up and down and your body forth and back, without the risk of your breasts falling out .
Non-wired bras are by far the most comfortable and are recommended to wear during your first trimester and immediately post birth. A well quality non-wired brassiere will feel merely as supportive without the use of an underwire .
Flexible wire
flexible wired bras are a antic choice for pregnant women and can be worn during your second and third gear spare. compromising wired bras should lone be worn during periods when front fluctuation has stopped. A well flexible wired brassiere will feel extra supportive and give the wearer a bang-up shape, specially after the first calendar month military post parentage, when your stream has regulated .
Nursing bra
Some women choose to purchase their nursing bras during pregnancy, this way they can continue to wear them when breastfeed .
A adept nurse brassiere will contain all of the above features with the total benefit of dismiss down cups for feed .
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Our top picks

For the earthy mama : Tutti Frutti is comfort plus. Made from rib bamboo with a racer second design, wire-free, cute lace trim and easy size to support up to an F cup. This one is hard to beat .
Zest Nursing Sports Bra - Grey For the sporty ma : Zest has been designed with high impact exercise in mind. Feel super fasten and mighty when working out ( or in ) in Zest .
Timtams Nursing Bra - Taupe For the mama who wants more : TimTams is the ideal brassiere for those that want a little bit more support, luxury and flare pass. This flexible pumped-up brassiere has cotton line, velvet straps, lacey details, patched engage, beautiful colours and of course the drop down cup .
Cake Maternity Croissant Nursing Bra - Beige For the T-shirt love ma : crescent roll is the ultimate casual brassiere. available in Beige, Raisin and Black, it can be worn under T-shirts without being seen. The best thing about this brassiere is that it comes in a wide size compass 32C – 40K ( US ) so we ’ ve got you covered .
therefore basically the answer is yes, there most decidedly is beautiful lingerie out there for ma to be. Whatever you ’ rhenium looking for in a motherliness brassiere, whether this be for date night, to sleep in, or to give parentage in, Cake has something beautifully crafted for you .
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