The Luckiest Lottery Numbers Ever!

It ’ randomness common practice for many lottery players to put a great deal of think into which lucky numbers to pick for the lotto, whether it ’ s birthdays, wedding anniversaries or their own ‘ golden ’ numbers. The wonder is, are certain numbers very ‘ luckier ’ than others ? In this article, we expose the truth about democratic lottery numbers and reveal the most common numbers to appear in the Irish Lotto along with the three biggest worldly concern lotteries. postpone of Contents :

Which numbers are considered lucky or unlucky?

To the Chinese, 8 is a golden number as in Mandarin and Cantonese bā / baat sounds exchangeable to the symbol for fā / faat ‘to prosper’ and is besides associated with integrity and completeness in the taoist acculturation. 9 is golden because it sounds like ‘ long lasting ’. On the other hand, 9 is considered doomed to the Japanese as in Kun ’ yomi it is pronounced as ku which sounds like the japanese bible for ‘torture ‘ or ‘suffering’ and 4 is doomed to both the Chinese and the Japanese as it sounds like ‘death ‘. then of course there is the count 13, normally considered doomed in the West due to its association with the final Supper and besides with the persecution of the Knights Templar by King Philip IV of France on Friday, 13th October 1307 .



Why Is 7 considered a lucky number?

Revered since ancient times amongst the Egyptians and Greeks and silent considered a universally symbolic number to the Abrahamic religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. There are many reasons why the number is sol meaning, whether in religion, mythology, superstition or doctrine. One of the main reasons amongst the Abrahamic religions goes back to the creation fib, where 7 represents God ’ sulfur completeness, perfection and keeping the Sabbath sidereal day holy place .

Is 7 really a lucky lotto number?

Number 7 does not appear in any of the stream record jackpot wins, but studies have shown it is 25% more likely to be picked than any other number  in people ‘s selections .
Let ’ s beginning consider the Irish Lotto, which has a current stand record of €18.9 million dating back to 2008. The lucky lottery numbers that prison term were 4, 12, 26, 27, 29 and 37 plus the bonus ball, 38. Out of the six most normally drawn balls in Irish Lotto, entirely number 27 appears. 27 besides appears in the list of the most normally draw balls in EuroMillions and was one of the winning numbers of the 3rd largest EuroMillions draw to be won in Ireland .
The UK Lotto has had a number of adult wins, of which David and Carol Martin ‘s was the largest. They shared a £33 million win with an anonymous ticket holder in January 2016, with the lucky numbers 26, 27, 46, 47, 52 and 58 .
27, 46 and 52 are amongst the most frequent pairs to be drawn in the UK Lotto. The most common UK Lotto numbers are 35, 42, 5, 13, 2 and 26 .
Of course, every lottery testis has an equal luck of being drawn, however, it is discernible that some appear far more frequently. Although 7 by itself does not stand out to be peculiarly golden, total 27 does appear quite frequently .
'Any choice of numbers is equally likely to win the jackpot. 70% of winners are quick picks.' - Skip Garibaldi
Renowned mathematician and lottery expert Skip Garibaldi, Director of the Center for Communications Research at La Jolla, share of the Institute for Defense Analyses. Garibaldi has published numerous papers on the mathematics of the lottery and according to his research ; ‘any option of numbers is equally probably to win the jackpot’ and ‘seventy percentage of winners are quick picks ‘. Some sound advice by Garibaldi is to avoid dates as you will be more likely to share the winnings with other people who have chosen the lapp numbers and you are besides limiting yourself to numbers below 31 ; ‘a bunch of people play dates, and numbers between 1 and 12 are specially popular so you might avoid those. ‘
even though every number has the same chance, some numbers of path do appear more much than others and some lottery players like to analyse which are the ‘hot’ ( most frequent ) or ‘cold’ ( most delinquent ) numbers when considering which numbers to pick for the lotto. Let ’ s have a look at some of the ‘hottest’ numbers to date ( July 2021 ) :

Irish Lotto Lucky Numbers

The most common Irish Lotto number is 27
Since the inaugural draw in 1988, the most coarse irish Lotto Numbers are 27, 47,42,10 and 29. Bear in mind the Lotto has gone through many changes over the years ; it started as a 36-number game but has since gone up to 47. Number 27 has been drawn 102 times whereas the number with the lowest frequency, 36, has been drawn 54 times. 13 is presently the ‘coldest’ act.

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The hot numbers for the Irish Lotto are : 27, 47, 42, 10, 29.
The cold numbers for the Irish Lotto are : 13, 41, 19, 2, 6.

EuroMillions Lucky Numbers

The most common EuoMillions number is 20
Since its launching in 2004, EuroMillions has hard established itself as Europe ’ s biggest lottery, paying out huge jackpots lone surpassed by the US giants Powerball and Mega Millions. The UK has had more jackpot winners than anyone else with 113 ( 22.2 % ) with Ireland in 7th place, having eighteen pot winners. The most coarse EuroMillions numbers are 20, 27, 23, 15, 39 plus Stars 2 and 3. Please note that we do not offer bets on the EuroMillions and are including these numbers for comparison purposes .
The hot numbers for the EuroMillions are : 20, 27, 23, 15, 39 + Stars & 3.
The cold numbers for the EuroMillions are : 45, 23, 4, 32, 50 + Stars 1 & 2.

Mega Millions Lucky Numbers

The most common Mega Millions number is 10
Established in 1996 as The Big Game, it was initially offered in merely six states whereas it is now offered in forty-five states plus the District of Columbia and the U.S.Virgin Islands. Of the five earth record jackpot wins, two of them were Mega Millions wins, including the biggest one ticket gain, an incredible $1.537 billion pot won in South Carolina. The most coarse Mega Millions numbers are 10, 14, 4, 31, 17 with 22 and 11 being the most common Mega Balls .
The hot numbers for the Mega Millions are : 10, 14, 4, 31, 17 and Mega Balls 22 & 11.
The cold numbers for the Mega Millions are : 21, 51, 36, 5, 35  and Mega Balls &  3.

Powerball Lucky Numbers

The most common Powerball number is 23
The older of the two U.S. rivals, Powerball was formed in 1992 and has grown to become the biggest lottery in the worldly concern. Offered in 45 states, D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, three of the top five universe record jackpots are Powerball winnings, with the biggest jackpot ever being $1.586.4 billion, shared between three tickets purchased in California, Florida and Tennessee. The most frequent Powerball numbers are 23, 32, 61, 53, 69, 21 plus 18 and 24 being the most patronize Powerballs .
The hot numbers for the Powerball are : 23, 32, 61, 53, 69, 21  and Powerballs 18  & 24.
The cold numbers for the Powerball are :  58, 42, 9, 14, 45, 32 and Powerballs 15 & 12.

Which lucky numbers won the biggest jackpots?

As one would expect, the top five universe record jackpots are all in the United States with some absolutely mind-blowing jackpots ranging into the billions of dollars. It should be noted though that lottery wins in the US are heavily taxed, although even after taxes, the entire winnings are hush highly generous. For model, the golden winner of the $1.586 billion jackpot collected a erstwhile swelling union of $877,784,124 – although it seems that the winner was either in no first-come-first-serve to collect the money or possibly had misplaced the slate as it took the anonymous winner five months to come forward. Having said that, some lottery winners prefer to wait for the hype to die down, along with remaining anonymous, in ordering to avoid any potential complications .
On the other hired hand, Mavis Wanczyk of Massachusetts who won $758.7 million decided to do the arrant inverse. Upon hearing the good news, Wanczyk immediately quit her subcontract at a checkup center which she had been working at for over three decades and came forward publicly as the winner the identical adjacent day. As a consequence of her promotion, according to police reports, strangers began prowling the neighborhood where Wanczyk was residing, trying to find her address. Her name was besides used in an e-mail and social media victimize in which people were being led to believe that she was giving out money for charitable causes and in order to receive free cash they would need to give out their personal details. Wanczyk closed all her social media shortly after the acquire. After all was said and done, she took home around $336 million .

Record jackpot lucky numbers
Lottery Place of Ticket Purchase Jackpot Winning Numbers
Powerball CA, FL, TN* $1.586 billion 4,8,19,27,34 +10
Mega Millions South Carolina $1.537 billion** 5,28,67,65,70 +5
Mega Millions Michigan $1.050 billion 4,26,42,50,60 +24
Powerball Wisconsin $768.4 million 16,20,37,44,62 +12
Powerball Massachusetts $758.7 million 6,7,16,23,26 +4

*California, Florida, Tennessee
**The biggest single-ticket win

Which lucky numbers won the Irish Lotto Biggest Jackpots?

Unlike Ms Wanczyk, the humiliate workers at the Dan Morrissey & Co. pit in Bennekerry, Carlow, were in no rush to cash in nor to immediately quit their jobs as some of them clocked into bring the adjacent day. A syndicate of sixteen colleagues scooped the criminal record €18.9 million jackpot back in 2008. As we saw previously in the top five record pot, number 4 makes an appearance three times along with 44. 4 besides makes an appearance in the Irish Lotto, coming out twice ( including the top jackpot ), along with 12, 29, 32, 38 whilst 37 and 13 – which is presently the “ coldest ” numeral .

Irish Lotto best lucky numbers
Date Place of Ticket Purchase Jackpot Winnging Numbers
28th June 2008 Bennekerry, Co.Carlow €18.9 million 4,12,26,27,29,37 +38
14th April 2010 Dungarvan, Co.Waterford €16.7 million 6,13,24,33,34,38 +9
23rd October 2010 Dublin €16.3 million 15,16,22,25,31,32 +37
28th July 2007 Farranree, Co.Cork €16.1 million 4,13,29,32,35,37 +20
23rd January 2016 Belmullet,Co.Mayo €13.7 million 10,12,13,19,43,45 +5


It was another syndicate, this time a large family from The Naul, which one the current criminal record EuroMillions jackpot in Ireland. The winning ticket had been kept in an Argos catalog and placed under a mattress for safekeeping. The luckiest numbers when it comes to the EuroMillions in Ireland are : 1, 8 and 5 which have each appeared three times in the top five biggest irish jackpot wins. interestingly, 1 and 8 were besides amongst the lucky lotto numbers which were picked by Frances and Patrick Connolly of Moira, Co.Down. The match won £115 million on the New Year ’ s Day EuroMillions draw in 2019. This is the moment biggest EuroMillions win on the island of Ireland, the winning numbers were 1, 8, 11, 25, 28 plus Lucky Stars 4 and 6. By December 2020, the copulate had already given away half of their winnings to kin members and charity, having set up two charitable foundations. They besides bought thousands of presents for hospital patients during Christmas, hundreds of tablets for alone people during the coronavirus lockdown and sewing machines to help produce PPE for health workers. Upon learning about their winnings, the couple claim to have celebrated ‘with a hug and a cup of tea ‘ .

Irish EuroMillions Jackpots
Date Place of Ticket Purchase Jackpot Winning Numbers
19th February 2019 Naul, Co.Dublin €175 million 1,8,18,19,39 + 7 & 9
29th July 2005 Limerick €115 million 3,19,26,49,50 + 4 & 5
25th June 2013 Limburg (Belgium) & Dublin €93 4,5,13,27,35 + 1 & 2
24th January 2017 Lusk, Co.Dublin €88 million 1,5,7,17,23 + 3 & 8
19th September 2014 Dublin €86 million 6,8,34,38,48 + 3 & 9


You may still believe in betting on your own lucky numbers, be it a birthday or other particular occasion. Some lottery winners have actually won after dreaming approximately lottery numbers. possibly rather, you may want to listen to the advice of Skip Garibaldi. If you have been inspired by this article or would like to try your own golden combination using the ‘hot’ or lucky numbers which we have included, you can do indeed by betting on one of our lotto games with the prospect to win some superintendent prizes including betting on the Irish Lotto, PowerBall, MegaMillions and our own Millionaire game. good luck !

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