A Beginner’s Guide to Masturbating with a Condom

Masturbating with a condom — or “ classy wanking ” — international relations and security network ’ t a waste of latex paint, but rather an clever masturbation hack with several potential benefits. We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a humble commission. hera ’ s our process. Posh wanking for everyone ! *Throws arms in the air and spins* not at all ! Masturbation international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate reserved for penis-having folks, and neither is doing it with a condom on.

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To help you get used to the feel of a condom

If you ’ re new to sex and condoms or are one of those people with an antipathy to condoms, wearing a condom while masturbating is a good way to get used to the feels. This goes for people who want to get used to wearing condoms or get accustomed to the feel of having a condom inside the vagina or the anus by slipping one on your fingers or a miniature for a solo sesh .

It can increase your condom confidence

Fumbling to put on a condom is NBD, but we get that it can be anxiety-inducing ( and a blunder baby buster ) in certain situations. If rolling one on gives you anxiety, classy masturbate is a beneficial way to practice putting on a condom sans press .

It can simulate partner sex

Missing your boo on account of pandemic isolation or a long-distance relationship ? Been a while since you ’ ve had partner sex and are missing the sense of sex with another human ? Rolling a condom over a dildo or vibrator can help simulate the feel of the partner arouse you ’ re craving. If you have trouble enjoying partnered sex with a condom a much as masturbation, this could help bring the experiences together for you.

It can be a form of sensation play

Condoms have come a long means since the days of tie-on linen sheaths soaked in chemicals to help ward off syphilis. now you can find condoms in varying sizes, textures, and sense lubes. What a time to be alive ! different styles come in handy ( hour angle ! ) if you ’ d like to take your solo sesh with a side of ace play. Bonus : You can find them in styles that work whether you ’ re wearing the condom or using it on a toy on your vagina or anus .

It might help you last longer

Wearing a condom might help you and/or your erection last farseeing. By putting on a condom you change the amount of stimulation, which can help with premature ejaculation. If you have perturb staying hard, a condom with a close — but not excessively snug ! — match around the base of the penis can help, alike to wearing a hammer gang .

They make cleanup a breeze

The lack of mess is precisely what makes classy wanking classy. Condoms during masturbation just make sense. They ’ re the ideal come catcher and a simple solution for poop-free anal play. Plus, they protect your bedsheets ( or sofa ) if you :

  1. are super juicy or a squirter
  2. use sex toys
  3. like to hump soft furnishings and bedding
  4. all the above

fair remember to use a fresh condom if going between holes to avoid the dispersed of bacteria and prevent infections .

Safer mutual masturbation

If you like to share the love and masturbate with a partner ( second ), barrier protective covering can help prevent sexually transmitted infections ( STIs ). If there ’ s any uncertainty about condition or if one or more of you have an STI, courtship up that peen, toy, or hired hand for play to help prevent liaison with bodily fluids or open sores.

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