9 Sex Positions For When You Want To Feel Closer To Your Partner

One does n’t have to pore over the Kama Sutra to know that there is a arouse place for every temper. Whether it ‘s an acute band aid in the bathroom with person you do n’t plan to see again or a multiple-hour fest of “ love create, ” for the most part, there ‘s no end to options when it comes to sex positions. This is capital for those who get bored easily and those who would like to expand their sex position repertory. honestly, can we ever have excessively many sex positions from which to choose ? No. But sometimes, for whatever argue, it can feel unmanageable to find a sexual activity placement that fits how you ‘re feeling. sometimes you find yourself weeding through the list you have in your head, coming up empty when trying to find the right “ remedy ” sol to speak. This can particularly be the character when you ‘re looking for a position that will make you feel closer to your partner — and I ‘m not merely talking physically closer, but emotionally closer, besides. Connection — religious, aroused, and differently — is n’t constantly easy to find. Because that ‘s the case, allow me to cut down your search time a fiddling moment. If you want to feel closer to your partner, here are nine sex status to try.


Doggy With Vibrator

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle How to do it: While in pooch style, reach for your darling vibrator ( or the closest vibrator ), and proceed to stimulate your clitoris while your partner penetrates you from behind. Why it will make you feel closer: For some, introducing a sex toy dog to the mix takes time. Because of this, when you ‘re finally ready to do so, it can decidedly make you feel closer.


Coital Alignment Technique

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle How to do it: Because this one is thus similar to the missionary position, it ‘s best to start there. Next, have your partner pull their pelvis up so it ‘s a bite higher than yours, and get to grinding. Yes, this position involves more labor than the common in-out apparent motion. Why it will make you feel closer: For the most share, the coital conjunction proficiency is a actually intimate position. It ‘s taking missionary — with that physical and emotional stuffiness — but intensifying it. It besides ups your chances of having an orgasm and once that happens, the oxytocin that ‘s released will make you feel evening closer.


Weak In The Knees

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle How to do it: With your partner on their back, straddle their face so they can give you oral sex. Why it will make you feel closer: Oral sexual activity, for the most part, is a fairly confidant act. Once you add in the sitting-on-the face expression, it gets evening more cozy because, well, you ‘re on your partner ‘s face, which will make you both feel close.



Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle How to do it: While your partner sits cross-legged, lower yourself into their lick ( facing them ), then wrap your arms and legs around them. From here, it ‘s about a rocking gesture more than anything else. Why it will make you feel closer: If there ever were a sex put that would make you feel close, then this is it. You ‘re not fair physically close, but emotionally close because embrace and rock, without a single concern in the populace, will do that.


Modified Doggy

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle How to do it: Either starting in pooch expressive style or two-dimensional on your stomach, have your spouse penetrate your from behind while parallel with your body. Why it will make you feel closer: Modified pooch takes the forcible pleasure of pooch style and allows for something that the traditional interpretation does not : Kissing. Between being able to kiss your partner and feel their integral body against yours with that deep penetration, it ‘s a familiarity delight.


Sideways Straddle

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle How to do it: Have your partner lie down, with one stage bended, then straddle their thigh. You want to slide yourself down onto their penis and use their second joint to stimulate your clitoris. Why it will make you feel closer: Again, like coital alliance, you have a placement that ‘s great for the female orgasm. When you orgasms, you just naturally feels closer to your collaborator than if you do n’t have an orgasm. Thanks, oxytocin !



Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle How to do it: While lying on your sides, facing the same focus, have your partner permeate you from there. Yes, this will involve a spot of situating before everything is in space. Why it will make you feel closer: Cuddling and sex ? It ‘s like this put was made to make one feel closer to their collaborator.


The Crab

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle How to do it: Although this side may seem unmanageable in hypothesis, in execution, it ‘s easy. It ‘s just a matter of facing your partner, while in the crab placement you credibly both mastered in grammar school, then lowering yourself onto them and putting your legs on their shoulders. See ? Easy peasy ! Why it will make you feel closer: Because this situation requires a draw of finagling and communication ( and laughing ), it ‘s hard not to feel close while in it. You ‘re on the lapp team trying to figure out how best to pull off the position while having a lot of playfulness in the process.


Mutual Masturbation

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle How to do it: For this one, it ‘s all about masturbating within eye sight of your spouse, so the experience is shared. Why it will make you feel closer: Often masturbation is thought of as a secret thing. then when you take something that ‘s deem private and contribution it with person else, you mechanically feel closer to them. You ‘re giving them a rare and alone spirit into how you touch yourself and it ‘s not something that people frequently parcel with person else.


The Proposal

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle How to do it: While on both your knees, have your collaborator get down on one knee then penetrate you from that position. Depending on how much tall ( or shorter ) your partner is, could mean more or a little adjust to get the right paroxysm. besides, you decidedly want a pillow or blanket under your knees.

Why it will make you feel closer: As is the case with the crab position, this requires some allowance, so that immediately adds an element of familiarity because it requires communication. You besides have your eyes locked and, not to ignore the obvious, your partner is in the traditional marriage proposal placement ( hence the mention ) — all components for making one feel closer during sexual activity. For all the times you want a hot band aid, you credibly want a sexual experience that makes you feel excessively closer to your collaborator, excessively. If you ‘re creative enough, there actually is no end to the sex positions you can experiment with, but these nine should get you off on the right foot. Check out the “Sex & Relationships” stream in the Bustle App for tips, tricks, and advice on friends, sex, dating, and everything in-between.

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