Do You Pay Income Tax on NY Lotto Number Games?

It takes a lot of money to run New York, but income taxes from Lotto winners help pay the bills If you ’ ve won money playing NY lotto games, it ’ second time to celebrate. Just preceptor ’ thyroxine go overboard, because if you figure out your taxes on lottery winnings by calculator, you ’ ll understand you ’ ll owe a substantial sum. You ‘ll have to pay income taxes on lottery winnings in New York.


You do have to pay a substantial total of income tax on NY lotto games, more indeed if you ‘re a resident of New York City or Yonkers .

NY Lottery Tax Calculator

According to the New York Lottery and Gaming Commission, the withhold rates after lotto winnings for 2019 are 24 percentage for federal tax and New York state withholding tax of 8.82 percentage. If you are a New York City resident, you ’ ll pay an extra 3.876 percentage in tax, and if you live in Yonkers, you ’ ll pay up 1.477 percentage. federal withholding for non-resident aliens is 30 percentage. That means if you are a U.S. citizen who lives in New York City, your lottery payout calculator is just 63.304 percentage of the declared winnings, since you ’ ll wage 36.696 percentage in federal, state and local taxes.

The $5,000 Threshold

By police, the New York Lottery and Gaming Commission must withhold federal and state taxes on all taxable prizes worth more than $ 5,000. If you win more than $ 600 but owe taxes to the department of state or have past-due child support, the amount of the overdue taxes or child support owed is withheld. Anyone who has always been on public aid and wins more than $ 600 will besides have the repayment come owed to the state withhold.

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The Highest Lottery Taxes in the Country

If the bluff size of the sum of taxes owed after lotto winnings surprises you, keep in mind that New York ’ mho lottery taxes are the highest in the nation. In California, another state long-familiar for high taxes in general, there is no state tax on lottery winnings equally hanker as the tag was purchased in California. According to the New York Post, citing a Powerball payout calculator, New York taxes such winnings at the state ’ mho highest income bracket. Since a person only has a 1 in 292 million casual of winning Powerball, individuals don ’ t have much find of winning large, but New York does. The New York Post could not find state or city officials who would comment on why lottery taxes are thus high there.

Winning Powerball in New York

so what if you did win the Mar. 6, 2019 Powerball pot of $ 9.20 million and are a New York State house physician ? The New York Lottery web site explains that if you chose the annuity of $ 9.20 million, you would receive 26 annual payments in the sum of $ 353,846.15 per year, but the federal tax indebtedness is $ 88,461.54 per year and the state tax liability is $ 31,209.23 per year. That means your net annual payment after tax withholding is $ 234,175.38 per year. Of course, if you ‘re a New York City or Yonkers nonmigratory, you ‘ll owe additional local taxes.

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