Idaho Lottery announces $1 million Raffle winning number

Is your tag the lucky achiever ? BOISE, Idaho — Just in time for 2022, one lucky Idahoan became the Gem State ‘s newest millionaire Wednesday night. The Idaho Lottery announced the winning numbers in the sold-out Idaho $ 1,000,000 Raffle on Idaho ‘s Newschannel 7. This year ‘s $ 1,000,000 winning number is :

0 2 7 0 4 7

On top of the $ 1,000,000 august pry, the Idaho Lottery besides announced the two $ 10,000 prize-winning numbers from 2021 ‘s game. They are :

0 2 8 6 8 4

0 6 8 3 1 9

With 200 prizes of $ 200, 515 prizes of $ 50 and 14,282 prizes of $ 15 – in accession to the $ 1,000,000 and $ 10,000 prizes – this year ‘s Raffle bet on offered more winners than any years past, according to Idaho Lottery officials. For all 15,000 prizes, participating Idahoans can check their tickets for winners at They can besides call the Idaho Lottery Winning Numbers Hotline ( 208-334-4656 ), using the Idaho Lottery ’ s free, mobile Check-a-Ticket app, or visit an Idaho Lottery retail localization nearby. This year ‘s sellout of the Idaho $ 1,000,000 Raffle shattered records. After tickets went on sale Oct. 21, it took just 34 days for 250,000 tickets to sell out two days before Thanksgiving. “ As a game sold only in Idaho, the Idaho $ 1,000,000 Raffle, continues to be one of our most democratic and fastest selling games each year, ” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. “ We thank everyone who participated in making this plot a success for the good causes we support that benefit all Idahoans, Idaho ’ s public schools and buildings. All players holding Idaho $ 1,000,000 Raffle tickets should sign them and keep them in a safe place until claiming their trophy. ”

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All players holding winning raffle tickets are urged to sign the back and keep them in a safe identify until claiming their respect. This year ’ randomness Raffle included 15 early bird prizes of $ 1,000, one more trophy than 2020 ‘s 14. Each day for the first fifteen days of sales – Oct. 21 through Nov. 4 – the Idaho Lottery selected random winning tickets from each day ’ mho sales. Players mechanically became eligible for these prizes once they purchased their ticket. In addition to winning $ 1,000, these tickets are besides eligible to win extra prizes from Wednesday ‘s draw. Eight of these prizes have been claimed. The remaining seven winning tickets worth $ 1,000 are :

  • 006747 – sold on Oct. 21 at Idaho Liquor Store #132 off East Fairview Ave in Meridian
  • 016106 – sold on Oct. 22 at KJ’s Kwik Stop in Malad City 
  • 024200 – sold on Oct. 23 at Idaho Liquor Store #134 off East Fairview Ave in Meridian 
  • 057221 – sold on Oct. 27 at Holiday in Hayden 
  • 076606 – sold on Oct. 30 at Albertson’s #0161 off Ustick Road in Boise
  • 094975 – sold on Nov. 1 at Albertson’s #3195 Market Street off Fairview Ave in Meridian
  • 102979 – sold on Nov. 2 at Jacksons Food Store off Airbase Road in Mountain Home 

Raffle players holding any of these tickets should contact the Idaho Lottery at 208-334-2600 deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as possible for information on claiming their loot. All winning tickets of $ 1,000 or higher in this game must be claimed at Lottery offices in Boise. Players will have 180 days after the draw on Dec. 29, 2021, to claim their prizes. Idaho Lottery offices are open from 8:30 ante meridiem to 5:30 post meridiem M.T. Monday through Friday, excluding country holidays. Players may besides mail their winning tickets to Lottery Offices for payment. All other prizes may be claimed at Idaho Lottery retail locations.

The Idaho $ 1,000,000 Raffle generated more than $ 900,000 in dividend tax income to benefit Idaho public schools and buildings this year.

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