19 Crimes ‘Living Wine Labels’ Now Include A Holographic Visit From Snoop Dogg

The pressure of choosing wine for vacation dinners and events surrounding this fourth dimension of year can much impede a host ’ mho ability to enjoy the celebration .
Do you want to stick to the authoritative and herd please labels your guests have shown matter to in ahead or do you want to switch it up ? If the answer is the latter, 19 Crimes web-based, augment world ( AR ) know is the initiation you need at your vacation gather, as the wine brand once again snagged the count one title for U.S. Wine Innovations for the second straight year*, this time with Snoop Cali Rosé .

Snoop Dogg with 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Rosé

19 Crimes

well recognizable by its labels depicting antique mugshots, The australian Wine Brand owned by Treasury Wine Estates, partnered with rapper and songwriter Snoop Dogg to further the AR experience offered through their Living Labels application that corresponds to a portfolio of their wines. As the first wine stigmatize to launch an AR component to their collection–Living Wine Labels was launched in 2017–19 Crimes continues to innovate through partnerships like that with Snoop Dogg. The brand announced their extend partnership with the celebrity precisely yesterday .

“ We were able to launch the next development of AR wine labels with ‘ Ask the Doggfather ’, ” explained Ming Alterman, Brand Director of 19 Crimes and the lead behind 19 Crimes AR. “ The synergistic web-based augmented world allows consumers to interact with Snoop without downloading an app. alternatively of a face talking off the bottle, Snoop immediately jumps right off the bottle and answers any questions his fans would like to ask. ”
The partnership with Snoop Dogg in the first place began when 19 Crimes decided to make a California wine, explained Alterman, who added that Snoop Dogg is “ an entertainment and California picture who embodies the spirit of 19 Crimes–rule break, culture creating and overcoming adversity. ”

Since launching in 2012, the portraits of 19 Crimes ’ labels have always told a floor, whether wine drinkers realized it or not. The grayscale images that overlay the brand ’ s collection of crimson blends, vitamin a well as its pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay and sauvignon blanc, all portray 18th-century british convicts, guilty of at least one of 19 crimes, who were banished to Australia as their punishment by department of transportation. Alterman emphasized that these men and women were real figures, artists and scholars : “ Their rebellious spirit forged a fresh culture and national heart for Australia–and our wines celebrate the rules they broke and the culture they built, ” said Alterman .

This is how the concept of Living Wine Labels came about as there was already an intrigue behind the faces on the bottles. “ We had a trade name that was already resonating with consumers because the stories of the people on our 19 Crimes labels were actual and they were pioneers. What better way to tell their authentic stories than hearing it through their articulation ? ” said Alterman .
“ AR gave us the unique opportunity to let these historic criminals-turned-colonists tell their own stories in a way that resonates with nowadays ’ sulfur consumer, ” furthered Alterman. Though Snoop Cali Rosé won the most advanced wine award this year and Snoop Cali Red won for 2020, the Living Wine Labels core line besides includes personalities like John Boyle O ’ Reilly, who on his 1867 exile journey to Australia published poetry throughout and outwitted prison guards on arrival to escape to America, and Jane Castings, who was caught and convicted for receiving stolen goods of cheese and bacon that landed her seven years in Tasmania.

As the newest arkansas feel requires only an internet connection, it ’ south easy enough to use on a notion, allowing the wine to speak for itself this year and undoubtedly serving the entertainment so desired from your guests .
* ( SOURCE : IRI Total US MULO, Calendar Year 2020 and Calendar Year ending 11.28.21, Dollar Sales ) .

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