You Probably Forgot About Lindsay Lohan’s Iconic Sex List

It ’ s been a big class for Lindsay Lohan. She opened her beach clubs in Mykonos and Rhodes, and is supposed to be getting a modern world show sometime soon. I ’ m not sure whether I love her or hate her at this point, but I ’ m inactive fascinated no matter what. For the by few months, she ’ s basically merely been hanging out in Mykonos, posing for pictures with celebrated people and randos that issue forth to her golf club. Her ma came to visit, as did my favorite Trump child, Tiffany. But a few days ago, I saw a photograph that actually made me feel nostalgic. Lindsay was hanging out with Nico Tortorella, one of the names on Lindsay ’ s ill-famed “ f*ck list. ”

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If you don ’ thymine know about the f*ck list, cook to have your mind blow out. Back in 2014, Lindsay was staying at the Beverly Hilton Hotel with her friends. For reasons stranger, Lindsay filled out a literal Scattergories playing cards with 36 names of people, all of whom it ’ mho assumed she slept with at some point. There are a few names that have always remained blurred out in the photograph, but there ’ s inactive a long ton of material hera. Let ’ s walk down memory list, and check in on some of the greatest hits of Lindsay Lohan ’ s f*ck list .

Nico Tortorella

Nico Tortorella ( who uses inert pronouns ) decidedly international relations and security network ’ t the most celebrated person on the list, but they ’ re one of the most interest. besides, they ’ rhenium credibly one of the few that she actually keeps in touch with. This is fair a guess, but I ’ thousand pretty surely Zac Efron international relations and security network ’ thymine texting LiLo on the reg. Nico has been in lots of random television shows and movies, but they ’ rhenium best known for playing Josh on Younger. Nico is married to Bethany Meyers, and they ’ re both queer and hot and very into expressing themselves. Lindsay and Nico have been friends since at least 2011, and he evening proposed to her as a antic one time. Glad they ’ re still friends—Lindsay needs some people in her life who aren ’ triiodothyronine Russian oligarch .

Jamie Dornan

I got ta say, Lindsay in truth got in early on this one. Way back in 2006, she and Jamie were rumored to have a fling, but it didn ’ t truly lead anywhere. That was the same year that Jamie had his inaugural movie role, and it was a full nine years before Fifty Shades of Grey came out. I ’ molarity reasonably sure this means that Jamie Dornan owes his entire career to Lindsay Lohan ? possibly I barely need to sleep with Lindsay excessively, and then my life will stop being a mess .

Justin Timberlake

I must admit, I had rightfully forgotten about this one. It ’ second wilderness to think back to a meter when Lindsay Lohan and Justin Timberlake would have been at the same parties. It ’ s a little ill-defined precisely when and how this happened, but there is one plausible theory. In 2009, they were allegedly at the like clubhouse in New York, and then late Lindsay tweeted ( then deleted ) “ where ’ s jb deceiver ? ” meditation is that “ jb ” could be Jessica Biel, and I ’ m just thoroughly jumble. There ’ s a 99 % probability JT has Lindsay ’ s count blocked.

Ashton Kutcher & Wilmer Valderrama

Hooking up with both of the hot guys from That ’ 70s Show is very a classic LiLo act. It ’ s a known fact that Lindsay dated Wilmer way back in 2004, when she was just 18 years old. Lindsay most likely got with Ashton in 2006, shortly before he started dating Demi Moore. That truly feels like a life ago. Do we think Wilmer was delirious at Ashton for sleeping with Lindsay ? Bless this mess .

Orlando Bloom

The only know connection between Lindsay and Orlando is that they were both robbed by the Bling Ring. Wow, I actually miss 2000s Hollywood. They were both robbed in the summer of 2009, and Lindsay was the last victim before they were arrested. At the time, Orlando was living with Miranda Kerr, but possibly he and Lindsay bonded over their lost stuff ? Idk, they besides could ’ ve had sex at literally any other time within the last 15 years. Fun fact : Orlando is a Buddhist, so I feel like he might vibe well with Lindsay ’ s apparitional energy .

Riley S/Riley G

One of the most random, not celebrated inclusions on Lindsay ’ mho number is besides a personal favorite of mine. The evidence points to this being Riley Giles, a snowboarder who Lindsay met in 2007 in rehab. They apparently dated for a while, and then Riley did some tell-all interviews after they broke up. Cute, I ’ m indisputable she appreciated it. Riley said that Lindsay “ leave office coke and got hooked on sexual activity with me, ” and I just threw up in my mouth a little. He called her a “ nymphomaniac, ” and said they escaped rehab and went to a batch cabin, where they went at it “ like rabbits. ” Okay, I hate Riley.

Stavros Niarchos III

Ah yes, Stavros. He ’ s the successor to a massive ship fortune, and naturally that ’ randomness always made him desirable boyfriend material. In the mid-2000s, he was dating Paris Hilton, and Lindsay allegedly tried to move in on Paris ’ district. It was constantly rumored that this was the rationality Lindsay and Paris stopped being friends, even though Lindsay claimed that ’ s faithlessly. More recently, Stavros has been seeing Dasha Zhukova, which makes a distribute of sense. Dasha is a russian businesswoman who was previously married to Roman Abramovich, a russian oligarch who ’ second worth $ 11 billion. Dasha is clearly good at following the money, and I applaud her. She and Stavros both have private Instagrams with less than 1,000 followers, which is a total ability motion .

All The Rest

There are a distribute more celebrated names on the f*ck number, so we could be here for days. Highlights include Zac Efron ( Lindsay spelled both his first gear and last name wrong ), Joaquin Phoenix, Adam Levine, Heath Ledger, James Franco, and Benicio del Toro. Someday, I actually hope Lindsay writes a book in which she explains each and every one of these encounters, but that would probably result in approximately 10,000 lawsuits. I ’ m besides very curious to know who ’ s been added to the list since 2014, because I bet there are some truly matter to artistic choices. Thanks for all the great memories Lindsay, please never change .
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