How to Define Your Lifestyle

Have you always heard the phrase, “ it ’ s not a diet, it ’ s a life style ” ? This international relations and security network ’ t a post about healthy living or diets, but preferably the concept of a “ life style ” and how we use this idea in many aspects of blogging and our lives .
I got to thinking one day in the shower ( things always come to you in the shower, don ’ thymine they ? ) that we attribute the word “ lifestyle ” to so many things. For many of us bloggers, we call ourselves “ life style ” bloggers – where we blog about anything from food to healthy exist, inspiration, creativity, travel, casual biography, etc. I sometimes refer to my web log as a creative life style blog, for example, because I view by blog as a community where creatives can come together to share life, ideas and inspiration in many different forms .
What Kind of Lifestyle Are You Living?

other examples include living a college life style, a vegan life style, a minimalist life style, green life style, Christian life style, post-grad life style, etc. You could be a commercial enterprise owner, a undertaking coach, an artist, a creative, a traveler, a runner, an athlete or extreme adventurer .
personally, over the past couple years, I’ve experimented with a minimalist lifestyle, a vegan lifestyle (which I LOVE and wholeheartedly believe in), and different creative lifestyles (sometimes focused on journaling or blogging or other things like design or art).

All of these lifestyles can attach to our identities .

But can too many “lifestyles” harm us and our direction in life?

I question this as I realize the condition “ life style ” is growing so popular .
Does there become a point where we are living too many lifestyles? Can we attach too many things to our identity that don’t really matter? That don’t really define who we are?
In nowadays ’ randomness age, marketing and communications ( even under the purest intentions ) can create “ lifestyles ” out of closely anything. In fact, that seems to be a goal of marketing a intersection – connecting it to something beyond the real item itself. For exercise, marketing an alien passionfruit juice as a vital ingredient to living a mobile, extremely adventurous travel writer ’ s life connects items to a life style sealed people may want to live. This creates stories, values, and feelings that people can go out and “ buy. ”
It’s almost as if we have a closet full of “lifestyles” we can choose from everyday. We can choose to be anything we want to be.
In many cases, that can be a dear thing. I ’ megabyte all about leaving options open ! But what precisely is a life style and how precisely are we choosing to live ?
How to Define Your Lifestyle

What Does a “Lifestyle” Mean?

A life style is expressed in both the study, behavior, leisure and social patterns we do – it ’ s a combination of what we repeatedly do. It affects how we see ourselves and our identity .
Lifestyles compound motives, needs, wants, feelings. Our life style relates to our sense of happiness and peace .
overall, a life style is about the big picture, the accumulation of little details of our daily lives.

We only have one animation, right ? thus let ’ s look at it from a wide position .
So if we dedicated ten different concepts as our “lifestyles,” we really limit the big picture for each of them.

When One Lifestyle Gets in the Way of Another

ultimately, what we claim our life style is and how we live our life can be wholly different. It all comes down to priorities.
For the past seven months, I have focused a lot of my attention on veganism and my feed habits. I have learned a lot and I have changed my life, to put it just. I have spent hours watching Youtube video, documentaries, finding vegan recipes, looking at ingredients on packages and cooking delectable foods. All amazing things !
My reasons for going vegan have expanded from health reasons to moral and environmental reasons and I ’ ve uncovered the greater picture on how our life style choices impact our populace and the lives of others .
I think I have put a set of my impression and religion energy in the vegan life style, which could have been used pouring into my christian religion or in other ways to help others. I have no regrets about living a vegan life style – but ultimately, I would like it to come out of my religion as a christian and rooted in my journey with Christ .
How to Define Your Lifestyle
That’s how I see a true lifestyle evolving – from one pure focus in what you believe in. That’s how we live productive, faithful and inspiring lives. 
A minimalist life style is all about simplify and focusing on what rightfully matters in life to you. I think this is so important. But I challenge this mentality further – wouldn ’ t what truly matters to you be your life style already ? Wouldn ’ t minimalism be a by-product of your focus ?
Let’s challenge ourselves to truly define our lifestyle. What is the style of our lives? Are we living for what truly is important to us? Are we letting other “lifestyles” get in the way? What is our true focus as individuals on this planet? 

Let ’ s think about the ways we spend our time and the things we do this week. Let ’ s chew over on what we feel and the impingement we make on others .
Take a match moments to breathe in deep, and in truth think about your rage in life and where your center is. Think about love. About moving forward. About peace .
It ’ second in these moments where we live most vibrantly. Let ’ s find our manner. Let ’ s shine our lights .

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