18 Best Lesbian Sex Positions For A Mind-Blowing Orgasm

There ’ s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to people with vulva having sex. thing is, sex between women is capital and satisfying despite what mainstream teachings, which typically center men ’ mho pleasure, would have you believe. “ Because of our hetero and penis-centric culture, many believe that vaginal or anal sexual activity are imperative for sexual gratification, ” says Wendasha Jenkins-Hall, PhD, a sex educator who specializes in the wellbeing of women and femmes. “ But the clitoris is key—its lone aim and function is pleasure. ” well, capital news program : lesbian sexual activity makes the clitoris and other erogenous zones the precedence. “ Those who engage in lesbian sex know that most people with vaginas need clitoral foreplay to achieve orgasm, ” says Jenkins-Hall. And it ‘s so damn meet because it puts this external pleasure front and center.

But that ’ s not to say there international relations and security network ’ thymine something for everyone to learn hera. Sure, lesbians tend to rely on these pleasure-inducing techniques most, but anyone with a vulva, bisexual women, pansexual women, fagot women, and even cis-gendered straight identifying women are bound to climax by mixing these moves into their intimate routines, excessively. These positions ensure the woman or vulva-owning person gets all the attention they deserve during their sexual feel and can offer that same pleasure to their vulva-having spouse. Ahead, unwrap 18 lesbian sex positions that experts say will help you do merely that, plus, the tips and tricks to take them up a notch. This contented is imported from { embed-name }. You may be able to find the lapp content in another format, or you may be able to find more data, at their web site .

1. 69

        6 and 69, 69ing

        Jewelyn Butron

        “ This is a test and true put, ” says Jenkins-Hall. “ The 69 position allows both partners to give and receive clitoral foreplay simultaneously. ” If you need more details, it goes a fiddling something like this : One of you lies on top of the other in an opposite-facing commission. That way, both of your mouths farming right in between each other ‘s legs .

        2. Lying 69

        6 and 9 69ing on their side

        Jewelyn Butron

        pro tip : You can either switch up who ‘s on top during your 69 sesh *or* both of you can stay on your sides for a lying 69 put, Jenkins-Hall explains. This might be a little more comfortable if you do n’t like feeling the weight of person ‘s body on yours ( you do you ! ) or frailty versa .

        3. Queening (Face Sitting)

        abstract lesbian sex references “ This side is basically the cowgirl done on your partner ’ sulfur face, ” says Jenkins-Hall. “ It ‘s great because it provides lead clitoral foreplay and you can focus on the pleasure you are receiving from your collaborator. ” If you ‘re on acme, you ‘ve besides got the ability to control the speed, cycle, and gesticulate of your stimulation—always a plus.
        “ This stead besides works well with role-play, like blue breastfeed or demanding dominatrix, ” Jenkins-Hall explains. photograph it : You ‘re on top and in accomplished control, feeling like the potent tabby you are, or you ‘re on the buttocks and experiencing your collaborator get all kinds of pleasure from rubbing against your mouthpiece and tongue. Both hot situations.

        4. Doggy Style

        abstract lesbian sex references “ straight couples are n’t the merely ones who can enjoy doggy-style sex, ” Jenkins-Hall says. “ With a strap-on, two people with vaginas can besides enjoy this place. ” The receive collaborator can stimulate their clitoris with their fingers or a vibrator while being stroked from behind, she explains. And the partner with the strap-on can stimulate their own nipples with their hands or finger vibrator. note : If you enjoy deep penetration, you ‘ll probs love this one. And if you do n’t enjoy penetration, forget it altogether and the position can still be a enjoyable one. You can grind and rub against each other without anything being inserted anywhere. As the person in the back, you can reach around and massage your collaborator ‘s clitoris or nipples, or you can pull their haircloth as they grind on your pelvis .

        5. All Fours

        No, not for more pooch style. You or your partner gets on all fours while the other person, besides on all fours, gives oral from behind, says Jess O ’ Reilly, sexpert, writer, podcaster, and Astroglide ‘s nonmigratory sexologist. This gives you a unlike kind of angle than you might be used to and offers easy access to the receiver ‘s border for massaging or anal penetration, if that ‘s what you ‘re into .

        6. The Stretch

        This fourth dimension, “ have your collaborator slide underneath you while lying on their back, ” O’Reilly explains. You can stay on all fours, but “ stretch your arms out in front and bring your bed up for improved access ” to your vulva and clitoris. This means, your partner will be underneath you while you ‘re on your hands and knees, giving them a different slant by which to entree your clitoris than approaching you from behind .

        7. The Delegator

        “ Sit upright in a president or on the edge of a go to bed with your legs spread wide, ” says O’Reilly. “ Have your collaborator crawl between your legs and put a pillow below their knees. Lift your branch ( sulfur ) up and wrap them around your collaborator ’ sulfur neck and shoulders to adjust the slant and use your hips to steer them ” while they go down on you. lookout Rose and Rosie give dating advice to lesbians, queer women and non-binary people :

        8. The High Riser

        For this one, lie down and put a pillow under your head to support your neck. then, “ have your spouse straddle your forefront or chest, facing your feet, ” O’Reilly explains. then, they ‘ll bend over and you can go to town—as in, with your tongue. If you need a fail, feel release to bring a bullet train vibrator into the mix ( a smaller miniature is better in this shell since your spouse ‘s vulva is already in close proximity ) that you can easily sub in and manipulate to your partner ‘s capacity. ➡ Join WH Stronger today and get unlimited access to digital content, exclusive workouts, and more!

        9. Missionary


        Emily Schiff-Slater

        again, while certain positions like missionary have a heteronormative association, they ‘re in truth for *everyone* to explore. Jenkins-Hall recommends using a strap on to ride your partner. On a budget ? Just use your fingers alternatively .

        10. Double-Missionary

        “ Double-sided dildo allow for coincident penetration, ” Jenkins-Hall explains. Get one of your own, rub lubricate onto both sides, and each of you can ease it in for a kink on traditional missionary that ‘s double the fun. Gaze into each early ‘s eyes, affect each other, and more while you ride the toy. 11. Sexy Spooning
        sexy spooning lesbian se position

        Jewelyn Butron

        Cuddle up to each other. Whoever is the big spoon can reach around and touch the short spoon. If you ‘re in front, you can rub your loot against your collaborator, reach around to tug on their hair’s-breadth, fellate on their fingers, and more. If you ‘re into it, “ this is a bang-up stead for penetration, ” says Gigi Engle, ACS, sex technical at Feeld and writer of All The F*cking Mistakes : a lead to sex, love, and biography. Plus, it ‘s not besides imply. The bad spoon can wear a strap on, and use it to pleasure the little smooch from behind. And if strap ons are n’t your thing, Engle says a finger would besides do the trick. While you ‘re at it, since your faces are then near in concert, do n’t be shy about experimenting with a act of dirty talk. Whisper everything you want to do you collaborator correct into their ear. 12. Thigh Town

        abstract lesbian sex references Both of you get on your knees and list into each other ‘s thighs so that they ‘re criss-crossed ( about like a pretzel ! ). Both of your clits and vulva should be up against each other ‘s thighs so you can grind against them as fast or deoxyadenosine monophosphate slowly as you please all while kissing and licking each other, excessively. There ‘s enough of opportunity for breast play hera, says Engle. And if you ‘re into curl and BDSM, you can bring in a dom/sub dynamic with choking or hair pull. For a alteration, particularly if one of you has back issues, Engle recommends switching up the angle of this place. Have the partner with the sensitive back lie apartment on the bed, then their partner can hover above them on all fours with their thigh in between their spouse ‘s leg. 13. Scissoring
        abstract lesbian sex references Scissoring ‘s an oldie but goodie. Have your partner lie on their side and then you straddle their leg so that your clits are both aligned. “ Play, explore, and do n’t worry excessively much about where your body ends up, ” McDaniel explains. Once you ‘re set up, grind arsenic much as you please ! 14. The Hug
        the om

        Emily Schiff-Slater

        Have your partner baby-sit on a chair, or criss-cross on the floor or a bed, and then straddle their lap, so you ‘re sitting on them and you ‘re both face each other. This position creates *lots* of affair ( hello, kissing, caressing, touching ! ), all while giving you both access to each early ‘s genitals. That double-ended dildo you read about earlier ? Engle says this is a great position for it. If entirely one of you is down for penetration however, she recommends a. This way, you can slip a decoration vibrator inside the pouch and incorporate a sting of buzz with your penetration. 15. Standing Ovation
        abstract lesbian sex references stand straight astir and lean against the wall while your collaborator kneels and performs oral on you. If they need a little extra comfort while they ‘re down there, make certain they slide a pillow under their knees. This is great side for character play, says Engle, and possibly not in the way you think. The person on their knees does n’t inevitably have to be submissive. experiment with bondage by tying up the standing spouse, she suggests. 16. From Behind While you ‘re both standing, have one person turn around and put their hands on the wall for libra. then, have the other collaborator reach around to your front and stimulate your nipples and clitoris. once the pick up collaborator is turned on, you might consider introducing penetration, says Engle. It might be overwhelming to just go for it at the start, but if you ‘re both game after a piece of external pleasure, the spouse in the back might use a dildo or strap on on the spouse who ‘s leaning against the wall. If it turns out that ‘s not the vibration, switch things up again, says Engle, and go back to breast play and possibly even consensual hair’s-breadth pulling as things heat up. 17. Face-To-Face
        ballet dancer

        Emily Schiff-Slater

        Since you ‘re already standing, have the collaborator facing the wall turn about so that you ‘re in front of each other. Raise your legs up one at a meter to grind against each other and make out all you want. Height difference ? Engle has a means around it. precisely move it to the layer, she says, so you can lineage up precisely the means you ‘d like. Plus, it ‘ll be easier to grind up against each other if you ‘re not besides trying to keep your balance. When you ‘re actually feeling kittenish, bring in a sex toy dog that you can wedge between your bodies like the hands-free by Dame. 18. The Edge Of Glory Slide a tauten pillow underneath your lower back so that your pelvis is raised. This will give your partner a more comfortable angle when they go down on you. If you ‘re feeling penetration, this is besides an ideal fish for G-spot stimulation, says Engle. Get a swerve vibrator or dildo that ‘ll reach the G-spot. While your partner uses that on you, use your hand to stimulate your clitoris at the lapp fourth dimension .

        Turn up the heat with these tips:

        • Grab you favorite penetrative toy.

          abstract lesbian sex references “ Those who enjoy penetration can experiment with unlike types, shapes, and sizes when it comes to sex toys, ” says Jenkins-Hall. Break out your hoard of vibrators, and in concert, pick one to use for this aroused sesh. Have your spouse move the vibrator in and out of your vagina at whatever speed and movement you desire. ( Being on the receiving end of this one will feel real number courteous. )

          • Bring in nipple and breast play.

            abstract lesbian sex references not into the penetration bet on ? No worries. Nipples are a *major* erogenous zone for some people, explains Jenkins-Hall. Thanks to the many boldness endings on and around your nipple, says Holly Richmond, PhD, a bodily psychologist and certified arouse therapist, a nipple orgasm is a total hypothesis, she previously told Women ‘s Health. The less you limit your definition of sexual activity, the better. sol, have your partner absorb on and pull at your nipples during sex or while you touch yourself, Janet Brito, PhD, a sexologist and clinical psychologist in Honolulu previously recommended .

                If you want to take things up a notch, you and your spouse can invest in some nipples clamps. You can each wear your own set or good one of you wear them while your spouse plays and teases you with their fingers or a play.
                And speaking of toys, vibrators are great for the nips, excessively. Engle recommends having your partner graze the vibrator all along your nips for some dangerous feels .

                • Don’t forget the clit.

                  abstract lesbian sex references Since your vibrator is already handy, take it to your clitoris, labium, and vulva, besides. Guide your partner ‘s hand where you want the dally to go ( or frailty versa ) and get ready for all the feels. Engle says concentrate on the clitoris can and decidedly should be the independent consequence if you want it to, but it can besides be barely the thing you need to get you turned on and comfortable enough for penetration late on .
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