Squirting .
You ’ ve hear of it at some point, and you credibly think you know what it is. But do you truly ? Whether you ’ re here because you think you know, or you ’ re here because you want to know, welcome to the worldly concern of female ejaculation. curious to understand what it is, how it happens, or how to make it happen ? here are all the need-to-knows about female ejaculation, for women, written by a woman .
What Is Female Ejaculation?
The word “ semen ” has long been associated with men. And penises. But women can do it, besides. Female ejaculation occurs when the body expels fluid through the urethra during sexual arousal or orgasm. It ’ second besides known as “ squirting ” and sometimes referred to as “ squirting orgasm. ”
female ejaculation is NOT the lubricated feel you get in your vagina when you ’ re aroused. That ’ s cervical fluid, and it ’ s not the same thing. not the lapp hole.

Is Female Ejaculation Considered an Orgasm?
Yes and no. Squirting can happen before or during an orgasm, but it ’ s not an orgasm in and of itself. You can orgasm without jetting, which ( if you ’ re accustomed to orgasms ) is credibly how you ’ ve been doing it all of these years. One study showed that anywhere from 10 % -55 % of women can squirt or have squirted at least once throughout their sexual experiences .
phonograph needle to say, this is not an accurate representation in 2021. In fact, some researchers now say that squirting and female ejaculation are, in fact, not the lapp thing. An chemical element known as prostatic-specific antigen ( PSA ) was present in some of the participants ’ secrete liquids, but not all, suggesting that female semen is different than squirting .
In other words, squirting may or may not include female semen .
Can All Women Squirt, or Just Some?
For the longest time, a distribute of women thought that there was something “ amiss ” with them because they can ’ triiodothyronine, or have never tried, to squirt. For some women, it fair happens naturally. For others, they ’ ve tried and have not seen results. Conversely, some women experience squirting and feel abashed, broken, or concerned .
If you ’ ve already know squirt, you may have your own feelings about it. Rest assured that it is nothing to fear. If it feels elusive to you, there is besides nothing to worry about. There are no gold medals handed out for squirting .
just like everything else in the universe, no two vaginas are the like. therefore, female orgasm is different for every woman .
Where Does It Come From?
Don ’ metric ton let the discussion “ urethra ” fritter you—the fluid that catapults from your vagina when you squirt is not inevitably urine. There ’ randomness a trace of urine in the fluid, but it ’ s not strictly pee .
There have actually been more studies done on what the fluid is a opposed to how many women squirt regularly .
The master thought back in the ’ 80s was that squirt was, simply, urine. At one distributor point, doctors took ultrasounds of women ’ s bladders before and after they squirted to see if they refilled post-female ejaculation. And, in fact, they did .
however, the fluid is normally colorless and odorless, unlike urine. Doctors and scientists have pointed out that no other organ in your body could propel fluid as fast as the bladder does. But, in fact, the fluid comes from Skene ’ south glands, or “ the female prostate gland ” that surrounds the bladder .
So What the Heck Is It?
There are two types—squirting is made up of a clean fluent that can come out in big volumes. Female ejaculation, however, is a compact and milkier substance .
The fluid you release when you squirt is basically watered-down urine with a trace of female blurt out in it. On the pass side, female ejaculation is prostate gland enzymes with a hint of urine in it.

What Does It Feel Like?
Wet. It feels very wet .
aside from that, a distribute of women describe it as a massive release of pressure and say that it ’ s a identical unlike feel from peeing. Some women don ’ thymine even know they ’ re doing it, and others say that it feels different from an orgasm .
Never Squirted, But Want to Try It?
Intrigued ? Can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate incrimination you ! It can be an amazing feel and can besides make your partner feel like a sex idol. But wear ’ t put any pressure on yourself to do it for your partner ’ south self !
Speaking of partners, the first step in trying to squirt it is to TRY IT ALONE. Try masturbating before you put pressure on your collaborator to make you squirt. For some women, it is easier to get there without the consultation of a spouse. For others, it can feel besides arduous alone .
Of class, if you want to make this a partner attempt, your collaborator can experiment with you. In fact, they can reach parts of your vagina with a plaything that you may not be able to by yourself .
To work toward squirting, start to work on your G-spot. Massaging your G-spot is the focal point if you ’ re trying to squirt. You can find it by inserting a toy or a couple of fingers inside your vagina and angling up toward your pot. A crook sex toy dog is best for G-spot stimulation. Some women find that putting light coerce on their lower bellies ( opposite their G-spot ) can add to the stimulation and make squirting more feasible .
however, female ejaculation is not all about the G-spot. Clitoral foreplay and the right climate and scene can be just as important, excessively. so, show some love to your unharmed body, and while you ’ re at it, your heed excessively .
The key, when you feel that you ’ rhenium nearing female ejaculation or jetting, is to RELAX. The more relax and aroused you are, the better your chances are to make it rain ! Stressing over squirting will not make the march easy. If it happens, capital ! If not, try again .
Find the correct toy and position for you and your partner and keep at it, if you ’ re in truth determined. Some women have better luck on their back, as they are more slack, while others find more luck in other positions .
Don ’ thymine forget to put down a towel or an old sheet .
just remember not to lose sleep over squirt, if you ’ ve never done it before or are trying without success. Some women have done it their entire lives and don ’ t know any different ; for others, sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn ’ t. And for the lie, it ’ s a intimate experience they may never know.

Talking with your spouse about it, tied if the subjugate has never come up in fooling conversation, can help assuage fears and balance expectations ( yours or theirs ). There ’ s a gamble that they ’ ve think about it at some point, excessively. It can be enjoyable for both the water pistol and the early party .
The bottom line is, sex is sex. It ’ s supposed to be enjoyable. Sometimes it ’ randomness messy, sometimes it ’ s not. female ejaculation can feel good and is a completely natural physical reply .
While squirting can be messy, it can be incredibly empowering and feel equally as incredible. But if you haven ’ triiodothyronine squirted, and either can ’ metric ton or aren ’ thyroxine interest, that ’ s OK. sexual activity and orgasms without squirting can be precisely as amazing .

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