exercise 1
Using the facts below, answer the follow questions, then write a lead paragraph that answers these questions :
1. About 10 last night the Champaign Fire Department dispatched a hand truck to the residence of Elizabeth Klinski, old age 67, on Daniel Street.
2. She had attended a concert at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts and returned to her home around 10.
3. She found fume pouring from a kitchen window and called the burn department.
4. damage was estimated at $ 15,000.
5. Firefighters said the fire started in the kitchen, probably from a short in the kitchen range.
6. Mrs. Klinski ’ s darling cat, Butterball, was found dead in the living room.
7. Firefighters arrived at 10:14 and had the fire out by 10:25.
8. Mrs. Klinski ’ second husband Tom died 14 years ago. She lives alone.
9. She has lived in Champaign for 46 years.
10. She is retired from the Champaign library system, where she had served as heading librarian.
11. Her three children are grown and live out of town.
12. She is an avid reviewer of English classic novels. She particularly enjoys Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Louis Stevenson.

exercise 2 : Write a hard-news lead of 25 words or less using these facts :
1. The Champaign City Council met Tuesday nox at its usual place, the city hall at Neil and University business district.
2. Among the items on the agenda was a proposal to increase property taxes.
3. The resolution called for the city to receive $ 5,229,000 from property taxes in the following fiscal year.
4. That ’ s an increase of $ 248,000 or about 4.8 percentage.
5. The increase was approved by a 9-0 vote.
6. The new tax rate will cost the owner of a home valued at $ 75,000 about $ 345 .
exercise 3 : Using the facts below, write a hard-news lead of 25 words or less .
1. The two candidates for mayor of Champaign debated last night at Central High School.
2. The argue was sponsored by the League of Women Voters. About 245 people attended. Three-hundred people had been expected.
3. republican candidate Mack Abraham said he would try to accomplish three things if elected : ( 1 ) He would add raw businesses to Marketplace Mall ; ( 2 ) He would crack down on drink by university students in Campustown ; ( 3 ) he would streamline council meetings.
4. democratic candidate Maya Evans, the incumbent, accused Abraham of trying to give something to everyone. She said she had learned that Abraham ’ randomness largest subscriber was a major angel of Marketplace Mall.
5. Abraham said he had not received any money from anyone connected with the plaza.
6. Questioned from the audience, Abraham said he would make public the names of donors only by the dates required by law, and not earlier.
7. league of Women Voters President Sally Harm thanked the candidates for a good argument and said she thought the evening was a success .
exercise 4 : Using the facts below, write a hard-news lead of 25 words or less.
1. James A. Thatcher, a correspondent for a group of English newspapers who is based in Washington, D.C., will speak Thursday night at 7:30 in the Illini Union, Room D.
2. His topic will be “ The Bush Legacy. ”
3. Thatcher is on a speaking enlistment of the United States in association with the late issue of his book, “ The Unjust Society. ”
4. The book is a strong condemnation of the presidency of George W. Bush for what he says is Bush ’ s “ turning over the state to the acquisitive, the greedy and the plutocrats of wealth. ” He said Bush ’ s presidency had launched “ an era of avarice. ”
5. The speak is sponsored by the Political Affairs Society, a university constitution that sponsors monthly talks at the union. Admisssion is free .
practice 5

From the follow information, write a shortstop news report. At the end of story, note any questions or extra information that you think is needed to complete your report .
Urbana police were called to the corner of Cunningham and University at 11:25 ante meridiem Monday to investigate a two-vehicle accident. After arriving, they called for an emergency rescue team because two people were injured. Two people were believed all in. Witnesses told police that a truck in which the hurt persons were riding was heading west on University. The truck failed to stop when the light turned red and starting slide because of the snow-white conditions. The truck hit a cable car circular. The car rolled over three times and came to rest against a light pole.
At the hospital, two people were pronounced dead of injuries sustained in the accident. They were identified as James and Martha Westhaver. He was 55 ; she was 54. James Westhaver was the president of Busey Bank, the largest locally own bank in Central Illinois.
Injured were James West, 43, and Samuel Blackwater, 36, both city employees in the Urbana parks and refreshment department. West suffered a break leg and a possible concussion ; Blackwater had two break arms and a unwrap nose. Police ticketed West for driving excessively fast for road conditions. Assistant State ’ s Attorney Madelyn Cochran said she would investigate before determining whether involuntary manslaughter charges should be lodged against West.
A bank official said Westhaver had been employed at the bank for 29 years. He was named president on Jan. 1, 1997. He was besides chair of the Champaign County United Way this year. Martha Westhaver hosted a talk show on WCIA-TV. funeral arrangements are incomplete .

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