Day Forty Four

I did n’t think I would have the balls to do this position, but nowadays that I ‘ve done it and witnessed D ‘s reaction, I think you all ( even the shy girls ) should try it .
D. chose the Lap Dance and I think it has something to do with the fact that he went to a strip club recently. ( Does your boyfriend/husband go to strip clubs ? Does it bother you ? ) D. occasionally goes and I ‘m o with it, arsenic farseeing as he ‘s not going to the back room or doing any touching.

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anyhow, he pointed out the airs and I reluctantly agreed. I good was n’t into the estimate of having my business all open and visible for him to stare at. Plus, after the Great Queefing Disaster of 2010, I was anxious to do any crazy positions. But I pushed my vart and visible-vagina fears apart and climbed on board. Well, climbed on D .
Sitting on his din room chair ( good-for-nothing, D. ‘s roommate and all future dinner guests ), he was in the perfect position to receive a beej. So I got down on my knees and got him hard with my mouth. then I stood up and he leaned forward and kissed my stomach and breasts while using his hands down south .
After a few minutes of this, I straddled him. And then, channeling my inner stripper, I leaned back on my hands so my slant was on D. ‘s thighs and threw my legs over his shoulders. Can you hear “ Pour Some Sugar on Me ” play ? actually, for the record, we were listening to Kings of Leon. nothing hot to have dirty sex to than them !
D. could n’t take his eyes off of me. And by “ me ” I mean my disturbance. But alternatively of being self-conscious, I decided to take it as an ego-boost. I figured, a guy is n’t going to willingly look at something he does n’t like ( or think is fishy looking/needs a wax/weirds him out ) while he ‘s trying to get off.

We thrust — or quite, he pulled my hips second and forth. I felt a little awkward with my hands on his thighs, leaning back, so I scooted forth, pushing my upper berth leg bang against his thorax and holding on to his neck. ( I fair checked the reserve and saw that this is called the Lap Limbo. ) It felt identical similar, but our faces were close adequate for kissing and I felt less exposed .
D. finished fairly cursorily, but I good was n’t getting the stimulation I needed. I do, however, consider this side a full achiever because D. ca n’t stop talking about how hot I looked. badly, even if you ‘re feeling a little self-conscious about your lady-bits, precisely dim the lights and pretend your name is SeXXXyCandy. ( Or, you could use my friend ‘s tap and keep your undies on — pulled to the side — in this pose for a little extra coverage. )
What do you think the naughtiest/dirtiest sex situation is ? Have you ever given your guy a clean tease ?
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