Lack of exercise is a major cause of chronic diseases

Submaximal supine bicycle at HR of
110bpm End-diastolic mean wall thickness (rest) H = 53% 21 12 M Similar results when adjusted for body
fat. Non-genetic component is made up of both shared and non-shared environmental
components. (40) LV diameter (rest) N.S Fractional shortening (rest) H = 13% (N.S) Change in End-diastolic mean wall thickness
w/exercise H = 0% (N.S.) Change LV diameter w/exercise H = 24% Change in Fractional shortening w/exercise H = 47% Cycling Power output H = 53% Cycling VO2max H = 46% 20-wk endurance training LV wall, posterior wall, septal wall, LV mass, Minimal H effect 20 20 (not related) M Training effect in all subjects. (303) Supine bicycle at 60W (submaximal) SBP (rest) Sig H 32 21 M Less effect on heritability during
exercise than at rest (conclusions based only on abstract; unable to obtain full
article) (41) DBP (rest) Change in SBP w/exercise Change in DBP w/exercise Graded Cycle test to
“exhaustion” Peak VO2 H = 77%, 66% when PA and skinfolds adjusted 29 19 M Testing was done on a max test and also
collected with HR was at 150bpm. (176) O2 uptake at HR of 150bpm H = 61%, 16% when PA and skinfolds adjusted Mechanical Efficiency N.S. H Correlation Anaerobic energy generation H = 78%, 58% when PA and skinfolds adjusted Respiratory exchange ratio H = 6% only 30 minutes of treadmill at anaerobic
threshold GH and PRL response to exercise and cortisol at
rest Sig H Correlation 9 M Athletes (135) ACTH and cortisol response to exercise and
beta-endorphin at rest N.S. H Correlation 93 days of negative energy balance (diet
and exercise) euglycemic-hyperinsuliemic clamp before and after
intervention N.S. H Correlation 7 M (390) Fasting and postprandial insulin dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate & androsterone
glucuronide Sig. H effect 7 M Healthy Young Males. (419) Cortisol levels Wingate test, max progressive test Max 5 s Wingate power H = 74% 8 8 Not correlated were measures in the
ergojump test. Had different heritability’s with different tests measuring same
performance measure. Homogenous subject group. (75) Max Lactate Wingate H = 82% Delta Lactate during maximal test H = 84% 10-wk isokinetic strength training
(5d/wk) HK, MDH, B-HAD N.S. H 5 5 (unrelated) M (505) oxoglutarate dehydrogenase activity (OGDH) Sig H Maximal and submaximal treadmill
running running economy N.S. H Correlation 8 8 No significant differences in references
to MZ v DZ twins. (440) VO2 max N.S. H Correlation Maximal lactate H = 75% 15 weeks of endurance training Skeleteal Muslce HKII, (31%), PFK (37%), LDH (21%),
MDH (31%), &B-HAD (60%) Sig H 12 M (217) fiber-type, CK activitiy, N.S. H 15 weeks of high intensity supramaximal
exercise (4–5 times/wk) ALC, CK, HK, LDH, MDH, OGDH activitiy & PFK:OGDH
activity ratio Sig H 28 Exercise bouts of 15–90s all
out. (474) fiber type & anaerobic capacity A single 90 minute bout of exercise Rest v Ex Adipose LPL activity following
exercise Sig difference btw MZ and DZ 11 10 M Aged 18–27 (458) Cycle exercise Rest v Ex metabolic rate(VO2) H = 46% at low power. N.S. H at > 6xRMR 37 21 + 31 parent child B (60) Cycle exercise to max Absolute and BW adjust VO2max Sig H 12 12 M 18–31 years old (177) Rest v Ex LV internal diameter N.S. H Rest v Ex Fractional Shortening N.S. H LV Mass N.S. H when adjusted for BW 165 min submax treadmill test before & after 22
days of 1000 kcal/day overfeeding Pre v Post change in VO2max Sig H 12 M (524) 93 days of supervised 60min/d
exercise Loss in B.W., fat mass, skinfold, visceral fat Sig H 7 M Healthy young males (59) Change in fasting TAGs and Cholesterol Change in VO2max, RER during exercise 1000 kcal of vigorous exercise per day
for 22 days Pre v Post fasting insulin Sig H 12 M Healthy young males. (522) Pre v Post delta insulin during OGTT N.S. H 93 days of supervised 60min/d exercise Pre v post fasting insulin and glucose disposal N.S. H, but Sig improvement 7 (390) 116min/day of cycle ergometer for 22days
at 58% max Pre v Post fat mass N.S. H 12 M Healthy males aged 19.1 yr old. (414) basal lipogenesis Sig H Pre v Post insulin stimulated lipogenesis N.S. H Pre v Post epinephrine and basal lipolysis N.S. H Pre v Post LPL activity N.S. H Fat Free Mass Sig H 20-wk cycle ergometer endurance
training Pre vs. Post epinephrine lipolysis Sig H. 8 B 4 male and 4 female. (133) Basal lipolysis N.S. H Single 90 min bout of exercise LPL activity More Sig in MZ than DZ 11 10 M (458) 116 min/day of cycle ergometer for 22days
at 58% max Total Cholesterol Sig H 12 M (134) LDL Cholesterol HDL Cholesterol 93 days of supervised 60min/d
exercise Total cholesterol Sig H 7 M Male, young and healthy. ~93000
total calorie deficit. Significant within twin effects. (298) LDL Cholesterol Cholesterol to HDL ratio 116min/day of cycle ergometer for 22days
at 58% max Baseline RMR Sig H 12 M (415) Baseline thermic effect of food Pre v Post plasma T3, T4, and FT4 Sig H (except for T3) 93 days of supervised 60min/d
exercise Pre v post RMR, Thermic effect of food, Sig H 7 M Healthy young males (523) Thyroid hormones 14 weeks of exercise training Cardiac Size N.S. H 28 10 + 12 siblings B No genetic effect on heart size pre or post exercise
training. (3)
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