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Reaching orgasm can be hard enough to happen once during sex, let alone twice—or gasp—three times ? The estimate of having multiple orgasms might sound like a total myth—a straight-up bedroom unicorn, if you will—but it is, in fact, wholly real number … and possible. Yes, even for you. Women are anatomically programmed for back-to-back orgasms, thanks to that small ( but thousand ) thing called a clitoris. “ The clitoris is the only organ designed wholly for pleasure, so we are set up to experience arsenic much of it as we want, ” says Holly Richmond, PhD, a psychologist and certified sexual activity therapist with offices in California, New Jersey, and Oregon .

“ It ’ s like the evolutionary biologist was, like, ‘Well, we have to give women something or they ‘re never going to want to have sex. ‘ ”

“ Unlike for men, when we have orgasms, it has nothing to do with reproduction, so there ‘s no physiologic delay before we can ‘release again, ‘ ” she explains. ( That delay is called the refractory menstruation, and it happens indeed that men can build up more sperm-packed semen, evolutionarily speaking. ) “ It ’ s like the evolutionary biologist was, like, ‘Well, we have to give women something or they ‘re never going to want to have sex. ” Of path, the clitoris is n’t the merely lady part that, when stimulated, leads to climax—but it is the most common generator of one. ( Your clitoris has three to four times the total of heart endings as the head of a penis, btw, so it ‘s über-sensitive. ) The other adult musician in the female finish ? Your genius. so much of your O potential revolves around your ability to be in the here and now, and let ‘s face it : Your head can make that reasonably impossible at times. And while having respective toe-curling releases in a individual romp—whether they ‘re 30 seconds apart or 30 minutes apart—is no doubt fun and stimulate, there are legit health benefits, excessively. You get a double ( or triple ) drug of the bonding hormone oxytocin, which not only boosts your temper and restrict stress, but besides increases affection for yourself and your partner, Richmond adds. If you have a clitoris and you have a brain, you are indeed capable of the elusive ( not to mention, incredible ) multiple-orgasm sex school term. hera ‘s how to make it happen tonight :

1. Focus first on desire.

In ordain to prime yourself for multiple orgasms, you first have to get yourself, quite literally, in the temper for arouse. “ desire happens in our minds—it ‘s when we want to want, ” says Richmond. It ‘s the “ Ooh, I see you ” here and now that occurs when you spot a fine-looking guy or woman in the Starbucks line or catch a lewd scene in a sex and the City rerun. Arousal, on the other hand, is the physiologic ace that follows : the vaginal tingle and/or wetness that prepares your body for sex ( even if you ‘re not about to have it ). This content is imported from { embed-name }. You may be able to find the lapp content in another format, or you may be able to find more data, at their web site .

Before you can get aroused—which is all-important for not merely your initial O, but every individual one that comes after it ( pun intended ) —you have to feel desire. thus number out what turns you on—a bubble bath ? a dirty martini ? hard-core pornography ? —and spend as much time as you need on that until you ‘re cook to jump some bones.

2. Explore your body.

nowadays that you ‘re excited ( yay ! ), the following step is to suss out what makes you roar. “ Self-exploration is the service line for female sexual joy, ” says Richmond. There ‘s no way to tell or show your partner what you want without first knowing what you want, so masturbation is key.
Massage your clitoris, finger yourself, bring in a vibrator, watch diverse types of pornography, play around with moisture ( do you like a little spit or a fortune of lubricant ? ) … good experiment until you ‘ve found what gets you off alone .
“ There ‘s way less blackmail to orgasm when you ‘re by yourself versus with a partner, ” Richmond notes, “ therefore you ‘re much more probable to figure out precisely what makes you come when you ‘re on your own. ”

3. Go heavy on foreplay.

once you ‘ve brought your collaborator into it, do yourself a party favor and delay the independent event. “ Foreplay is an incredible opportunity to actually create and stay in that space for yourself where you feel sexy and turned on, ” Richmond explains. “ By spending extra clock time touching, snog, and teasing, you have a chance to get out of your head and focus on all the unlike sensations that are happening. ”
Did you know it takes most women at least 20 minutes to reach their beginning orgasm ? not lone does your body indigence time to prime itself for sex ( read : self-lubricate ), your mind besides needs time to truly tune in the action. ( It ‘s that unharmed brain thing, remember ? )
“ Orgasming is all about a balance of mental and physical stimulation, ” says Richmond. ( Though some women can rely entirely on their beware to climax, they ‘re a rare breed—and can alone do so because of some memory or illusion of what the experience would feel like. ) once you are there, it ‘s much easier to want to keep going after your beginning orgasm sol that you can be well on your way to a second .

4. Bring in lube, if needed.

About that “ your body priming itself for arouse ” bit ? I ‘m talking lubrication. Without it ( or enough of it ), sex can be uncomfortable or downright painful.

If you need some extra moisture, no shame ! You might want to add in a water- or silicone-based lubricant —especially if you ‘re going for your second or one-third orgasm. You see, post-orgasm, your previously wet vagina becomes a little desiccant ( okay, sometimes a lot dry ), since it no longer has a rush of lineage flooding your genitals. When that happens, you ‘re credibly not going to love the touch of a penis, finger, or play being shoved inside or rubbed around your clitoris, so you ‘re a lot less likely culminate again. Worried all the arouse will stretch out your vag ? here ‘s the real accuracy :

5. Concentrate on sensations.

There ‘s a growing concept in the world of sex research ( consecrate scientists, tbh ) called “ mindful sex, ” and it ‘s all about what it sounds like : getting your mind in on the action. “ It ‘s extremely unmanageable, if not impossible, to climax when you ‘re not detect how good things are feeling in your body, ” explains Richmond. In order to do that, though, you have to be in the stage moment … which anyone who is anyone knows is rather challenge. Do n’t worry, though—Richmond has respective tricks to bring yourself back to the award to get that much closer to getting off :

  • Deepen your breath and focus on the sound and feeling of each inhale and exhale.
  • Look at where your partner is touching you, then close your eyes and zone in on what you’re feeling in that spot.
  • When a distracting thought pops up, acknowledge it, then return to thinking, “X feels good on Y.”

    6. Know what will work for you…again.

    “ In my practice, I ‘ve notification there ‘s about a 50/50 split between women who need to change positions in order to achieve a second gear orgasm and those who are like, ‘Do n’t change a matter, ‘ ” says Richmond .
    It may be that whatever your spouse is doing to you—fingering and licking, slow thrust and hitting your G-spot, grinding as they insert anal beads —is working perfectly for you, and that ‘s precisely how you ‘ll orgasm for a second time. On the flip side, you might need a new setup or type of stimulation to get there again, and that ‘s all right, besides. experiment to figure it out … you can always go back to what you were doing ahead, or jump to ahead to an wholly new thing. You do you, when they ‘re doing you .

    7. Stop thinking about your orgasm, or the next one.

    This may sound a bite counterintuitive, but the more you think about having multiple orgasms, the less likely you are to have them. Why ? Because “ the more performance-based we are, the less we are in our bodies and focused on the experience, ” Richmond explains. When you start overthinking the whole thing, you ‘re no longer relaxed about it … and that kind of tension is precisely what prevents you from passing .

    “ When you treat orgasms as a bonus of sex and not the goal, you ‘re on the spur of the moment much more able to have them. ”

    “ It ‘s amusing, ” says Richmond, “ when you treat orgasms as a bonus of arouse and not the goal, you ‘re on the spur of the moment much more able to have them. ” And there you have it folks : Prepare your take care and consistency for soap joy … then let nature ( your nerve-packed clitoris ) take over from there .
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