20 Different Types Of Penises

Penises are like snowflakes : No two are precisely the same, but they ‘re all perfect in their own way. That said, depending on how many you ‘ve seen in your life, you might be wondering how many types of penises are there, truly ? Well, it turns our there are a lot more than the scope of emojis would suggest. “ I ‘d love for people to know that you don ’ t have to compare a person ‘s penis to some ideal penis shape because all of these unlike types of penises exist, ” explains Joshua Gonzalez, MD, a board-certified urologist based in Los Angeles and Astroglide ’ s house physician sexual health adviser. “ You can make it work and have fun in the bedroom no count the penis determine or size. ” basically, penises are good like vulva in that they ‘re all a little different, says Wendasha Jenkins-Hall, PhD, a sex educator, research worker, and flight simulator. “ cipher ’ second penis looks precisely the lapp since they all have unlike shapes, lengths and curves. however, when it comes to sex, it ‘s equitable approximately finding what works for you and your partner, and communicating what feels best for you both. ”
then yea, no matter the kind of downstairs position you ‘re working with, there ‘s a room to have sex with ( and just plain appreciate ) alllll of the penises out there. If you ‘re looking to discover just how expansive the oscilloscope of penises is, experts narrowed down the width of boners to 20 independent types. here ‘s what you need to know about each—plus the ways to best have the most enjoyable arouse with all of them.

1. Bigger base with narrow head

    different penis shapes


    Description: “ Colloquially, I ’ ve heard men refer to their penises as a traffic cone penis, where it ’ sulfur minute at the lead but then gets wide, ” says Gonzalez. Real talk: Because the penis gradually gets larger as you get toward the basis, penetration might be easy at first ; but the deep they go, the more unmanageable it may get. Your move: “ With meter and ease, you will be able to stretch some to fit around their penis, ” Gonzalez explains. “ You ‘ll decidedly want to use a bunch of lubricant to allow for deeper lunge so that it ’ mho not a uncomfortable as the penis goes in and out. ” And FYI, missionary position works well when having sexual activity with this penis form, since you ‘re able to open your legs arsenic wide as potential, allowing them to enter you lento and amply, Jenkins-Hall says. 2. Narrow head with larger base mushroom different penis types

    Roland Magnusson / EyeEm

    Description: On the flip side, there are besides penises that are more narrow at the root but gradually get bigger at the pass. If you ca n’t visualize it, picture this : an turn back traffic cone or a mushroom. Real talk: “ There might be initial issues, but once you ease in, things will be all right, ” Gonzalez explains. Your move: “ Missionary position might be more comfortable for the partner of person with a mushroom headway penis. You would get the initial stretch of the vaginal or rectal wall, and then the tap of the penis could provide some extra stimulation once inside, ” Gonzalez says. 3. Thick Girtha butternut squash, isolated on white


    Description: Some penises are working with a morsel more cinch than others, meaning they ‘re on the wide-eyed side, or may even be wider than they are long. Real talk: “ I know that cinch can be uncomfortable, but there are besides people who like cinch over length when it comes to having sex with people with penises, ” Jenkins-Hall explains. Your move: “ It ’ s important when you ’ re having sex with person who ‘s girthier that you remember the lubricate. Because there ‘s so much girth, there ‘s besides a lot of friction, which means you need to be careful of getting micro tears on the walls of your uterus or anus, ” Jenkins-Hall adds. 4. Thinner Girthasparagus

    Fridholm, Jakob

    Description: rather of having cinch, there are besides lots of penises that are on the slender side, which means they ‘re superintendent cheeseparing. Real talk: “ A distribute of people don ’ triiodothyronine know blistering to deal with a scraggy penis, particularly if what they want is girth, ” Jenkins-Hall says. “ It ’ south actually all about making certain that you ’ re in a correct position, and making certain that when you ’ re having arouse with that person that [ they ‘re ] amply erect. then, you ’ ra getting arsenic a lot girth as you can. ” Your move: “ One position that can actually help with a skinny penis is to have both of you laying on your sides and entering you from behind. Your buttocks is in the way a little sting and oftentimes your legs are closed. That can give you the sensation of having some cinch, because you ’ re closing your legs around the penis, giving a full feel, ” Jenkins-Halls says.
    5. Circumcised Penises types of penises- Circumcised banana


    Description: The skin covering the penis ( a.k.a. the prepuce ) has been removed, broadly in the infancy phase of life. Real talk: “ This is the most common kind of penis in the United States : “ About 90 percentage of men over 20 are circumcised, ” says Joseph Alukal, MD, an associate professor of urology at Columbia University Medical Center .
    Your move: “ T here is no actually specific sex gratuity when it comes to having intercourse with a circumcise penis, since most people in this country are circumcised, ” Jenkins-Hall explains. “ That said, you can spice it up in the bedroom any way that you normally would using lubricate, using sex toys, and trying new positions good to keep it concern. ” If anything, she says that it can be fun to put lubricate on both the outside and the inside of the condom you ‘re using, making things extra sensitive for you both. Do n’t worry, it wo n’t slip off ! 6. Uncircumcised Penises types of penises- uncircumcised cucumber

    Thanagon Karaket / EyeEm

    Description: Simply put, the prepuce is left integral. It ‘s by and large a cultural ( region, religion, tradition, etc. ) thing. Real talk: Uncircumcised men have to work a morsel hard to keep it scavenge down there since bacteria can get trapped in the extra skin. Your move: As the penis goes from soft to erect, it helps to roll back the prepuce to stimulate him more. But the head area can besides be extremely sensitive, so get down gently, and continuously ask him what feels good, says Holly Richmond, PhD, a sexual activity therapist with practices in New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Portland, Oregon. Watch this video to learn everything you never knew about the male human body : ​

    7. Growers types of penises- growers

    Getty Images

    Description: You know these guys well : Penises that are larger when hard compared to when they ‘re flaccid, explains Dr. Gonzalez.
    Real talk: This one ‘s pretty common, Gonzalez says. Your move: “ When getting ready for aphrodisiac prison term, allow your partner to become in full aroused during foreplay, ” Jenkins-Hall says. “ That way, you know what length and cinch you ’ ra working with and can adjust your expectations and determine what positions may work for you. ”

    8. Show-ers

    types of penises- show-er


    Description: Penises that stay more or less the same size whether they ‘re ready to go or flaccid. Real talk: “ No one knows why certain penises function therefore differently, ” says Alukal. But it ‘s not uncommon for some to be owners of show-ers. Your move: Time to make a stop consonant at your local sex plaything shop class. Why ? “ You can use a cock resound to make that large penis tumid for even longer, ” Jenkins-Hall explains, A.k.a., extra long penetration fourth dimension for *you*. “ besides, for deeper penetration, you can lie on your back with your legs up so that they can enter you with their integral length, Jenkins-Hall says. This subject is imported from { embed-name }. You may be able to find the same subject in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web web site .

    9. Curved Penises

    types of penises- curved pepper


    Description: When raise, their penis bends slenderly ( or majorly ) to one side or the other. Real talk: The penis will s eem reasonably straight when it ‘s good chilling—it ‘s only when they ‘re hard that the curve appears. Your move: Look at curves as an unexpected, sexy advantage. “ Experiment and be communicative with your collaborator, ” says arouse and couples therapist Ian Kerner, PhD, generator of. If their penis is curved upward, it might reach up enough to stimulate your G-spot ( which is typically located at the front wall of the vagina ), says Jenkins-Hall. To reach it, try the cowgirl put. And if it ‘s curved to the side, just be sure that you two adjust your angles to make certain it feels best for both, Jenkins-Hall explains. 10. Smaller Length and Girthtypes of penises- small carrot

    Getty Images

    Description: To actually be considered medically small, “ a penis has to be two standard deviations less than the average [ five inches ] —meaning it ’ second just over three inches long when tumid, ” says Alukal. A little penis can be anything that seems smaller relative to others you ‘ve seen .
    Real talk: Length is one thing, but radius esearchers haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate measured cinch ( a.k.a. width ) even in any formal way, so there aren ’ thyroxine any established numbers floating around out for that average, says Alukal. But, many agree that cinch matters more than duration.
    Your move: To feel more of the penis when you ‘re working with less, try the coital alignment technique ( CAT ) : Have their pelvic bone press immediately against your clitoris during penetration. 11. Larger length and girthtypes of penises- big eggplant

    Getty Images

    Description: Penises that are seven inches long or more when rear, which is about two standard deviations longer than the average of five, modify for the eggplant ( versus carrot ) emoji.

    Real talk: Chances are, you ‘ll never come across a penis that absolutely can not fit inside you, says Jenkins-Hall .
    Your move: When it comes to arouse, it ‘s all about lubricant, lubricant, and more lube, explains Jenkins-Hall. And no need to jump properly in. spend time on foreplay which will allow you to ease into penetration. And pro topple : possibly avoid on-top positions if they feel like besides a lot inside you.
    12. Unpredictable Penises types of penises- unpredictable penis

    Oliver Helbig / EyeEm

    Description: T hese penises do n’t constantly get hard—or bide hard—when they should. Real talk: “ About 40 percentage of penises don ’ metric ton always function as they should, ” says Alukal. What ’ s more, an unpredictable penis could actually be an index of a greater health problem .
    Your move: If your partner has penile difficulties, the most important matter you can do is be supportive. If it ‘s an offspring say, “ We ‘ll figure this out together, ” and then actually follow through—by helping them schedule a doctor ‘s appointment, says Alukal. In terms of bedroom play, however, the most important thing to do is give them time for kissing, touching, and oral sex so they become amply arouse says Jenkins-Hall. If they do n’t get that erection spinal column, no worries. It happens. rather, have them give you oral sex, engage in nipple gambling, cuddling, or whatever else makes you orgasm, Jenkins-Hall explains. penetration is n’t everything !

    13. Emotionally Sensitive Penises

    types of penises- emotionally sensitive

    Rubberball/Mike Kemp

    Description: This type of ESP is a penis that loses its erecting due to embarrassment, disgraceful associations, social anxiety around sex, or other genial hangups. Real talk: An inability to get or stay hard could be a gestural that they ‘re not feeling great psychologically about what ‘s going down ( possibly they realize you have stronger feelings for them than they do for you ), Richmond explains. Or it could mean the face-to-face : They ‘re sol into you, they feel besides much imperativeness to perform well. Your move: Outside the bedroom ( in a safe space or when neither of you are naked and vulnerable ), have a conversation to make indisputable you ‘re both on the same page about your relationship and what you want from each other physically. Miscommunication and assumed expectations can be major buzzkills. 14. Smooth Penisestypes of penises- smooth zucchini

    Jenny Dettrick

    Description: Have you ever seen a cock indeed fluent, it could have been carved from marble ? That ‘s what I ‘m talking about here.
    Real talk: A smooth penis can feel better and more natural in your mouth for oral sex. Or if it ‘s your first time with penetration, entry should be smoother and more comfortable, Richmond says.
    Your move: If you feel under-stimulated during penetrative sexual activity with this type of penis, try adding a hammer ring or flush good a ribbed condom ( the little indentations make for more sensation ).

    15. Veiny Penises

    types of penises- veiny okra

    Randy Mayor

    Description: Some penises have very accentuated anatomy when they ‘re hard—as in, their veins are not alone visible but besides decidedly physically obtrusive during sex. Real talk: Two things generally affect person ‘s veiny-ness : genetics and muscle. ( typically, those who work out more have more marked cock veins. ) Their veins might merely be closer to the bark and not inevitably bigger, but lapp diff in the end. Your move: Extra texture like veins of any kind can feel truly amazing for many vaginas says Jenkins-Hall. “ When a veiny penis enters a vagina, it can feel very good because most boldness endings in your vagina are in that lower third near the entrance, ” she explains. Try a position where you ‘re on top and controlling the speed at which the penis is moving in and out. Plus, this was you can stimulate your clitoris, besides .

    16. Pigmented Penises

    typer of penises- darker eggplant

    Science Photo Library

    Description: Basically, this merely mean penises whose skin is darker than the skin on the rest of their body, and not necessarily that person ‘s raceway. Real talk: possibly your vulva is a little dark in color than the rest of your peel ? In both cases, it ‘s barely a matter of pigmentation and melanin. Your move: The semblance of their cock has zero hold on its phase or function, says Richmond .

    17. Freckled Penises

    types of penises- freckled banana

    Getty Images

    Description: Like darker-hued dicks, a freckle penis is a particular type with classifiable freckles or birthmarks. Real talk: Again, skin color has nothing to do with what they ‘re actually working with—it ‘s strictly aesthetic, notes Richmond. That said, freckles and birthmarks could be other things—like STIs or skin cancer—in disguise. Your move: If you ‘re with a new partner, decidedly have a talk about safety, and always, always use condoms if you ‘re not sure. For establish partners, if you notice spots, marks, or growths that were n’t there ahead, ask them to get checked out. For STIs, yes, but besides cancer.

    18. Hairy Penises

    types of penises- hairy carrot

    Getty Images

    Description: Whether they hate shaving, did n’t expect to be having sex, or equitable prefer to go all natural ( which is convention ! ), this type of penis has pubes around its establish and ball sphere. Real talk: Pubic hair has a determination, says Richmond. It traps bacteria and scandal, plus holds and emits scents that attract you to your partner ( called pheromones ). Your move: If haircloth bugs you, do n’t beat around the bush ( heh ). In a non-shaming direction, ask him for a compromise, saying something like, “ Hey, possibly we can trim this a fiddling therefore I do n’t chafe or it ‘s more comfortable for me ? ” That said, it ‘s their body, and it ‘s in truth improving to them what they do with it. For oral, gently push pubes down with one pass, because having a little spiral-y fibril on your tongue can feel eldritch.

    19. Shaved Penises

    types of penises- smooth carrot

    Getty Images

    Description: Some people prefer to keep their integral genital sphere hairless or fair trimmed into something less bush-like. Real talk: even though pubic hair helps keep germs away, there ‘s nothing dangerous about a shave penis, Richmond says .
    Your move: Enjoy the view. “ You get a pass search at everything—shaft, balls, anus, perineum, everything—so take your time to explore and experiment with what feels good for them, and by association, you, ” Richmond says. And rub on some lubricant : “ Lube on smooth skin is evening more slippery, which can feel perplex when extremely hard, ” Richmond explains. Mmm.

    20. Symptomatic Penis

    sprouting sweet potato


    Description: Basically, if you ‘ve got a lumpy-looking penis on your hands, this may be a red ease up. “ It can be actually insidious, but penile cancer sometimes looks like a growth, ” Gonzalez says. “ A bunch of times it will look like a bulge or a little cauliflower. It normally evolves or starts on the prepuce if the penis is n’t circumcised. ” Real Talk: “ This one is a bite more dangerous, but there is a small number of people who have penile cancer, ” says Gonzalez. here ‘s the thing : It ‘s manner rare for person with a circumcise penis to get penile cancer. Those who are at a higher risk are those who are uncircumcised, he adds. In accession to lumps or growths, you ‘ll want to ask them if they feel any softheartedness around the scrotum area, Jenkins-Hall says. Visually, their penis may besides look a little crimson or discolored. Wait to see if these symptoms persist and if they do, head to the doctor, Jenkins-Hall explains. Your move: “ If you see it, you ’ ll decidedly want to recommend that they get checked out by their doctor, ” Gonzalez says. “ For patients, we always advise them to look for exchange. indeed, if there is a fiddling spot there that wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate there a few months ago, it ’ south constantly well to have the doctor count at it rather than just ignore it, ” Gonzalez says .
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