Inverted Nipple Treatment: What Works?

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Do inverted nipples require treatment?

Inverted nipples indent more than they protrude. They can occur on one or both breasts. It ’ sulfur estimated that 9 to 10 percentage of women have at least one invert nipple. man can have them, besides.

Some nipples only invert sometimes, and can reverse after changes in temperature or stimulation. Others nipples can be permanently inverted. This means that they ’ ll remain turn back unless you try to reverse them through one of the methods described below. In most cases, having an invert nipple won ’ t affect you. This natural happening doesn ’ t increase your risk for any health complications. And it shouldn ’ t affect your nipple sensitivity. If you want to reverse an turn back nipple for aesthetic reasons, keep read .

Inverted nipple treatment at home

parcel on Pinterest If you ’ rhenium looking for a irregular solution, you may want to consider :

Hoffman technique

The Hoffman technique for drawing out turn back nipples has been in use since the 1950s. To try it :

  • Place your thumbs on either side of your nipple. Be sure to place them at the base of the nipple, not the outside of the areola.
  • Press firmly into your breast tissue.
  • While still pressing down, gently pull your thumbs away from each other.
  • Move your thumbs all around the nipple and repeat.

You can do this whenever you ’ d like for your nipples to protrude, but it isn ’ triiodothyronine clear how long this consequence will last. For best results, practice this proficiency at least once a day. regular stimulation may help your nipples protrude more much. There haven ’ t been any studies proving whether it ’ s effective. Everyone ’ s breasts are different, therefore try not to get discouraged if this method doesn ’ thyroxine shape for you . share on Pinterest

Suction devices

There are some sucking devices promoted for reversing turn back nipples. Most are worn under dress for extended periods of time. These products are sold under a variety of names, including :

  • nipple retractors
  • nipple extractors
  • shells
  • cups

These devices normally work by pulling the nipple into a minor cup. This stimulates the nipple and makes it protrude. When used over time, these devices can help loosen the nipple tissue. This can help your nipples remain raise for longer periods of clock time. popular options include :

  • Avent Niplette
  • Pippetop Inverted Nipple Protractor
  • Medela SoftShells for Inverted Nipples
  • Supple cups

There hasn ’ triiodothyronine been any inquiry on the effectiveness of sucking devices. Some people may experience nipple protrusion and others may not. Most devices are cheap and may be worth a hear.

Nipple piercings as treatment for inverted nipple?

nipple acute is sometimes done to draw out turn back nipples. This is because jewelry worn in the pierce can help keep your nipple in an erect stead. If you ’ re matter to in getting your nipples pierced, do your research. You ’ ll want to be indisputable any piercer you choose has a license and experience pierce invert nipples. Your best bet is to call piercing parlors in your sphere and let them know what you ’ rhenium looking for .

What’s the procedure like?

At your appointee, remind your piercer that you have inverted nipples. They ’ ll likely want to make the room cold to help draw out the nipple. Your piercer may besides use nipple clamps to help pull the nipple out. During this time, your nipples may turn red or feel aching. In most cases, this happens because the nipple is being forced out. This may besides make the actual acute more afflictive. It ’ south authoritative that your nipples are completely drawn out before piercing. If they aren ’ thyroxine, your nipples may invert even after the jewelry is in space. once your nipples are wholly out, your piercer will use a gauge needle to thread a man of jewelry through the nipple. much, the jewelry used is a stainless steel ring or a barbell. A barbell is held in seat with screw-in balls on both ends. This prevents the nipple from sinking back into the breast. You should keep the ring in place for four to six months before switching jewelry. Men are typically pierced with a 14-gauge phonograph needle, and women are typically pierced with a smaller 16-gauge phonograph needle. This can vary from person to person, though. Be indisputable to talk with your piercer about the correct size for you. not everyone finds piercing effective. It ’ randomness important that you weigh your options before getting pierced. Talk to your doctor and likely piercer about the benefits and risks. If you do decide to get your nipples pierced, note that taking the jewelry out may cause your nipples to invert. To prevent this, avoid leaving the jewelry out for drawn-out periods of time. Check out: How to recognize and treat a nipple piercing infection »


If you ’ ra looking for something permanent, your only option is operating room. There are two different types of surgeries : surgery that preserves the milk ducts and operating room that doesn ’ metric ton .

Surgery with partial preservation of milk ducts

This is besides known as the “ chute beat ” proficiency. Women undergoing this routine should still be able to breastfeed because some of the milk duct system remains attached. You shouldn ’ t experience a change in nipple sense. here ’ s how it works :

  • After applying local anesthesia, your doctor will make an incision around the base of your nipple.
  • While still attached, the nipple and areola are both lifted from the breast and sewn into a protruding shape.
  • Your doctor will then close the incision and apply medicated gauze.

Surgery with detached milk ducts

This operation is more coarse. Women undergoing this procedure won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to breastfeed because of the removal of the milk ducts. You shouldn ’ thyroxine experience a change in nipple ace. here ’ s how it works :

  • Your doctor will apply local anesthesia before making an incision at the base of the nipple.
  • Your milk ducts are then detached. This will allow the nipple to protrude.
  • Your doctor will then close the incision and apply medicated gauze.

Each surgical choice typically takes one to two hours. You should be able to return home within a few hours of the surgery. lecture to your doctor about which choice is right for you.

Grades of nipple inversion

There are three grades of invert nipples. The grades determine or describe :

  • the degree of inversion
  • the likely effect of the inversion on breastfeeding
  • the best solution if you want the inversion altered

Grade 1 : Placing your finger and exponent finger on the areola and pushing or squeezing gently can pull out the nipple. The nipple will frequently stay out for some period of time. stimulation or breastfeed can besides draw the nipple out. Grade 2 : This degree means it may be more difficult to pull out the nipple than a grade 1 inversion. When released, the nipple retracts inbound. Grade 3 : It ’ south difficult or impossible to pull the inverted nipple out. Both the Hoffman technique and suction cups may be more successful for people with grade 1 or 2 inversion. surgery can typically remove any mark of inversion .

How to determine your grade of nipple inversion

many people know that they have inverted nipples, but aren ’ thymine clear on how invert their nipples are. here ’ s how to figure it out :

  1. Take off your shirt and any undergarments you have on.
  2. While standing in front of a mirror, hold the areola on each breast between your thumb and forefinger.
  3. Gently press inward. You should firmly press about an inch or so into the breast.
  4. Take note of how your nipples respond and use this to assess their grade.

You may only experience inversion in one nipple, or even different grades of inversion in each nipple. Learn more: 13 common breastfeeding problems and how to fix them »

Can you breastfeed with inverted nipples?

For some women, invert nipples can make breastfeeding more unmanageable. Some women find that their pamper has a hard meter latching onto the nipple to feed. This may be because, due to inversion, the nipple doesn ’ t become tumid. If you plan to become pregnant or are already breastfeeding, spill with your doctor. There are some techniques that you can use to help bring the nipple out, including :

  • nipple shields to help the baby latch on
  • breast shields to apply pressure to the nipple, helping it protrude
  • manual nipple stimulation with your hands

You may besides find that milk flows better when using a breast pump.

Are inverted nipples less sensitive?

The merely remainder between inverted and raise nipples is in the contract nerves — not the centripetal nerves. Inverted nipples can experience the same sensations as rear nipples. nipple sensitivity can besides vary from person to person. You may find that you feel more, or less ace depending on the situation. For case, you may feel more sensation during manual stimulation than when the nipple brushes against the framework of your brassiere or shirt.

Are inverted nipples permanent?

Some people may alone experience inversion some of the time, and others will experience inversion all the time. Others may find that nipples that once seemed permanently inverted now fluctuate between inverted and tumid. many women have inverted nipples during pregnancy, even if their nipples weren ’ metric ton inverted before becoming meaning. This is particularly truthful of women who are fraught for the first base fourth dimension.

The bottom line

nipple inversion is one of respective park breast variations. It shouldn ’ t have any effect on your health. often inversion can be temporarily adjusted through manual stimulation. If you ’ five hundred prefer something more permanent wave, talk to your doctor of the church about nipple pierce and options for surgery. They can walk you through the potential benefits and risks of each option. Women who are breastfeeding, or women who may want to breastfeed, should take this into retainer when exploring pierce or surgical options. Piercing may inhibit your ability to breastfeed, and sealed surgeries can prevent you from producing milk .

When to see your doctor

nipple inversion typically international relations and security network ’ t lawsuit for concern if it :

  • has been present since childhood or puberty
  • happens gradually, over several years
  • is associated with pregnancy, breastfeeding, or surgery

If you develop inverted nipples for no know reason, see your doctor. In some rare cases, a nipple that begins to turn inward may be a sign of the zodiac of front cancer. Breast cancer is more treatable when trip up in the early stages. Keep reading: Nipple problems »

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