Intercrural sex

Non-penetrative sex using thighs

Greek Erotica Martin F. Kilmer, depicts “the position most commonly adopted”.[1] The earliest case of intercrural sex in an artwork ; it, according to the generator ofMartin F. Kilmer, depicts “ the position most normally adopted ”.

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Intercrural sex, which is besides known as coitus interfemoris, thigh sex and interfemoral sex, is a type of non-penetrative sex in which the penis is placed between the receiving spouse ‘s thighs and friction is generated via thrusting. It was a coarse practice in ancient greek club anterior to the early centuries AD, and was frequently discussed by writers and portrayed in artwork such as vases. It later became subject to sodomy laws and became increasingly seen as contemptible. In the seventeenth hundred, intercrural sexual activity was featured in multiple pieces of literature and it took cultural prominence, being seen as a depart of male-on-male intimate habits following the trial of Mervyn Tuchet. In modern times, intercrural sex is normally practiced in relationships of versatile orientations ; adult women are said to use it to stimulate orgasm and in Paris, it was normally performed as a part of prostitution. In Africa and parts of Asia, like Sri Lanka, the practice is normalised and is carried out among heterosexuals and homosexual males. In South Africa, it was used to combat assume immunodeficiency syndrome ( AIDS ) ; this practice was finally phased out. Knowledge of intercrural sexual activity that was extracted from studies and its relationship to AIDS and pregnancy is low. It has been reported as a entail of dependable sex for human immunodeficiency virus ( HIV ) positivist patients and has a lower risk of infection than peno-vaginal sex. Studies have found a fluctuating percentage of intimate assault cases have involved intercrural sexual activity, with little to no physical tell .

etymology [edit ]

Kenneth Dover first gear introduced the terminus “ intercrural sex ” in his 1978 book Greek Homosexuality. Dover used the term to refer to sexual natural process between an older man and a new son. [ 1 ] The Ancient Greek term for this drill was διαμηρίζειν diamērizein ( “ to do [ something ] between the thighs ” ). [ 2 ] Webster ‘s Dictionary defines intercrural arouse as an act in which one collaborator “ plac [ es his ] penis … between the other partner ‘s [ closed ] thighs … [ and thrusts ] to create friction ”. [ 3 ] Synonyms include sexual intercourse interfemoris, [ 4 ] second joint sex [ 5 ] and interfemoral arouse. [ 6 ] Kang Tchou of Cambridge University notes Dover ‘s definition is like to the theme of “ celestial sexual love ” articulated by Pausanias that “ encourages a stable life-long kinship between the male child and the man and enhances the cerebral exploitation of the younger boy ”. [ 1 ]

history and mod practice [edit ]

ancient history and the Middle Ages [edit ]

Red-figure Greek example of intercrural sex between a winged god ( Eros or Zephyrus ) and a young person ( possibly Hyacinthus Intercrural sexual intercourse was a common expression of pederasty in ancient Greece ; young men were forbidden from having sex with older men in a manner beyond intercrural. [ 1 ] [ 7 ] It has been associated with Eromenos although its prominence in such a relationship is undetermined and anal sex may have been more common. [ 8 ] [ a ] Intercrural sexual activity was not entirely executed by homosexual men ; by the early-AD era, it fell out of rehearse as sex with women became more encouraged in greek society. [ 1 ] [ 11 ] Intercrural sex has been depicted on artworks such as vases, where they were called “ court scenes ”, and was much discussed by writers. [ 1 ] [ 12 ] [ bacillus ] After the fifth century BC, ocular depictions of it were sparse and about entirely found on black-figure pottery. [ 14 ] Zeno of Citium and Aristophanes have been said to reference the act, the latter was the first to document intercrural sex being practiced in a heterosexual capacity. [ 11 ] [ 14 ] [ 15 ] [ 16 ] Aeschylus ’ play Myrmidons features the implication of pornographic men engaging in the act. [ 17 ] Joan Roughgarden refers to intercrural sexual intercourse as the “ brave male missionary place ” of Ancient Greece. [ 18 ] historic sodomy laws have included intercrural sexual intercourse within their horizon. [ 19 ] In 15th-century Italy, it was a part of sodomy ‘s ill-famed repute ; In renaissance Venice, capital punishment was considered against the partner initiating intercrural sex. [ 20 ] [ 21 ] Medieval penitentials often highlighted intercrural arouse as extraordinary and gave instructions on ways to repent ; early on Christanity regarded intercrural sexual intercourse as “ more estimable ” than anal sexual activity. [ 3 ] [ 21 ] In the Middle Ages, Arabic views considered intercrural sexual activity “ condemnable ” although its less condition led to practitioners avoiding harsh punishments. [ 22 ]

modern history [edit ]

A 19th-century erotic artwork depicting intercrural sex between a man and a woman. In early modern English, writers referred to intercrural sex as “ rubbing ” or “ frigging ”. Literary works and sarcasm depicted intercrural sex, possibly encouraging people to perform the work. Cases of sodomy, such as the trial of Mervyn Tuchet in 1631 that resulted in his execution, occasionally mentioned intercrural sex. [ c ] Tuchet ‘s case took on significant cultural prominence and informed many people of gay male sexual habits, likely conjuring a cultural perception of intercrural sex as the main method of sex between men. [ 3 ] From 1660, intercrural sexual intercourse was increasingly mentioned in literature. [ 24 ] Richard Ellmann believed Oscar Wilde entirely performed intercrural sex in the hope he could consequently declare his innocence against the allegation of “ posing as a sodomite ”. [ 25 ] [ five hundred ] In 1885, the UK Parliament passed a codified penalizing “ gross indecency ” between men under the Labouchere Amendment ; intercrural sex was within the police ‘s remit because it fell short of sodomy. [ 26 ] [ 27 ] [ e ] In both the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany, intercrural sex between men was an chargeable umbrage, although german South West african law did not see it punishable under sodomy. [ 29 ] [ 30 ] Female prostitutes in 18th-century Paris normally performed intercrural arouse, which was second only to vaginal intercourse. [ 31 ] [ 32 ] Malawians and Mozambiquean men practiced it in mines, as did South african men in “ mine marriages “. [ 33 ] [ 34 ] Before european colonization, Azande warriors would entirely have intercrural arouse with their young partners ; it was a democratic form of eroticism in pre-colonial Asia. [ 35 ] [ 36 ] [ 37 ]

In Zulu intercrural arouse is referred to as okusoma. It has a long history as an accept practice for young people in southerly Africa and was frequently practiced to prevent population growth. [ 38 ] [ 39 ] Traditional Zulu culture encouraged youth to engage in intercrural sex as a part of sexual socialisation—intercrural sex as practiced by young unmarried couples was besides supported. [ 40 ] A 1989 report regarding the city of Durban stated that in South Africa :

There is some testify … to suggest that children from button-down homes are still schooled in the practice of ukusoma, that is intercrural sexual intercourse, but in christian homes this was stopped long ago in favor of chastity. [ 41 ]

Statistics [edit ]

sexual rape [edit ]

Hickson et al. ( 1994 ) found intercrural sex took place in five of 219 cases of male sexual assault reviewed in England and Wales. [ 42 ] In 2014 in Sri Lanka, 270 instances of intimate assault were medically examined ; 18 occurrences of intercrural sexual intercourse were reported. No physical injuries to the victims occurred. These assaults reportedly occurred when the victim was between the age of 4 and 19 years. [ 43 ] A more specific discipline of boys between the ages of 14 and 19 know in Colombo District found intercrural sex to be the second-most common form of abuse before oral sex, as reported by the victims ; 20 of the 52 reported cases consisted of intercrural sex. [ 44 ] A 1957 analysis of 148 sexual offenders in the United States who assaulted children under the age of 14 found that 6 percentage committed their offences by means of intercrural intercourse. [ 45 ] In cases of child sexual abuse, there are normally no forcible signs of intercrural intercourse. [ 46 ]

education [edit ]

Ripley et al. ( 1973 ), demonstrated only 3 out of every 10 boys and 4 of every 10 girls in the 14-year-old historic period group surveyed thought intercrural sexual intercourse could not result in pregnancy. [ 47 ] [ degree fahrenheit ] In Nigeria, 13 of 298 human immunodeficiency virus ( HIV ) plus respondents said the disease could be transmitted through intercrural sexual activity while a further 30 said “ no ” and the remaining 255 responded with doubt. [ 48 ] Intercrural sex has been reported as a safe means of sex that prevents transmission of HIV and is “ lower-risk ” than peno-vaginal sex. [ 49 ] [ 50 ] Epprecht ( 2019 ) said that as mine marriages involved intercrural sex “ there was no danger of sexually transmitted infection ”. [ 51 ] Mistry & Jha ( 2015 ) wrote in regards to pregnancy ; “ Because there is no anal or vaginal penetration, [ intercrural sex ] is regarded as a safe sexual drill ”. [ 52 ] In South Africa, intercrural sexual activity has been seen as a method acting of preventing the transmission of acquire immunodeficiency syndrome ( AIDS ). From a 1997 learn, 12.5 percentage of girls who were asked how to avoid acquiring AIDS responded by suggesting intercrural sex. [ 40 ] It was once the most common form of contraception for rural adults in South Africa. By 2012, Mary van five hundred Riet of KwaZulu-Natal University noted ; “ The shift from intercrural sexual activity to the use of the injectable contraceptive set up detail conditions for condom habit in response to HIV and AIDS “. [ 53 ] [ 54 ]

Demographics [edit ]

Shere Hite ‘s 1976 and 1981 inquiry on female sex found some adult women reported being able to achieve orgasm via intercrural contact to stimulate the clitoris. [ 55 ] Intercrural sex is popular in Sri Lanka ; in a 2006 study, 4.2 percentage of women reported having engaged in it while 20.7 percentage of men said they had had homosexual intercrural sex. [ 56 ] A 1997 report on the sexual health needs of males who have sex with males in the Calcutta suburb found 73 percentage of men they asked engaged in intercrural sexual activity, though the frequency varied based on demographic factors. only 54 percentage of sex workers, 50 percentage of lower-income men and 40 percentage of Muslims reported having had intercrural sex while 82 percentage of Hindus and 88 percentage of middle-income men reported engaging in it. [ 57 ]

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explanatory notes [edit ]

  1. ^[9] He identified it as a “standard practice”.[10] Dover, aboard early classical scholars, argues that it was soley intercrural.He identified it as a “ standard drill ” .
  2. ^[13] There exists no examples of male-on-female intercrural sexual activity in either form listed .
  3. ^[23] Tuchet engaged in intercrural masturbation to the point of orgasm, which led to him being sentenced for “ sodomy ” .
  4. ^[23] By 1670, sodomy ‘s legal definition was narrowed and intercrural arouse was excluded from its oscilloscope .
  5. ^[28] The Sexual Offences Act 1967 permitted homosexual acts between two consenting adults over the historic period of 21 .
  6. ^et al. (1973), intercrural sex is not a recommended method of contraception.[47] According to Ripley. ( 1973 ), intercrural sex is not a commend method of contraception .

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