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Illinois Lotto

The Illinois Lottery is drawn on Monday, Thursday and Saturday and requires players to match six numbers from a possible 52 in orderliness to win the jackpot. Players can besides opt to play an extra number, named Extra Shot, to increase their non-jackpot winnings. The standard game has five trophy tiers including the jackpot but Lotto Extra Shot offers eleven pry tiers. The Illinois Lottery has a starting jackpot of USD $ 2 million and no pot capital, which means that it can generate prizes that run into tens of millions of dollars .
All Illinois Lottery statistics are derived from the Lotto Extra Shot .
This Illinois Lotto data includes all draws up to and including Thursday 30th December 2021. Chronology is used to distinguish ties.

Prize Draw Information

survive jackpot

The final pot draw on Thursday 30th December 2021 for Illinois Lotto was $ 5.2 Million
The next estimated Illinois Lotto pot is $ 5.3 Million
which will be drawn on Saturday 1st January 2022
Illinois Lotto

Illinois Lotto Numbers (Last 10 Draws)

Illinois Lotto Odds & Prize Draw Breakdown

Lottery Odds

Players must pick 6 balls from a pond of 52. ( extra Shots are drawn from the same pool )
Numbers Matched Odds (Rounded)
6 Main Numbers (Jackpot) 1 in 20,358,520
5 Main Numbers + Extra Shot 1 in 3,393,087
5 Main Numbers 1 in 75,402
4 Main Numbers + Extra Shot 1 in 30,161
4 Main Numbers 1 in 1,371
3 Main Numbers + Extra Shot 1 in 1,028
3 Main Numbers 1 in 72
2 Main Numbers + Extra Shot 1 in 96
2 Main Numbers 1 in 9
1 Main Numbers + Extra Shot 1 in 23
Extra Shot Only 1 in 17
Approx. Overall Odds: 1 in 4

View the FAQs for an explanation of how overall odds of winning are calculated.

Illinois Lotto Draw Details

Illinois Lotto is drawn on the stick to days

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
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Illinois Lottery History

The Illinois Lottery was first established in July 1974 when US lotteries were restricted to the northeast and mid-west areas. The foremost state draw plot was held in August 1974 and reached USD $ 1 million for the first time in October of that year .
In February 1983 the Illinois Lottery was officially formed with a six from 40 matrix to be drawn every Saturday night. In May 1984, the game changed to a six from 44 matrix in order to generate bigger jackpots. In September 1984 these changes achieved their aim when the largest lottery jackpot to date in american english history was won, the sum of USD $ 40 million .
Wednesday draws were added to the game for a brief period between January 1986 and April 1987 and the matrix was changed to six from 54 in May 1988. The Wednesday reap was reintroduced in August 1990, and in January 1998 the matrix was scaled down to six from 48 .
The matrix changed once again in April 1999 to become a six from 52 game, which remains as its stream format.

Extra Shot was introduced as an accessory to the main game in November 2012, which offered players the prospect to win bigger secondary-tier prizes for matching an extra issue alongside their independent numbers .
In July 2013 the Wednesday draw was moved to Thursday to avoid a collide with the multi-state Powerball draw. extra innovations comprised a Monday draw and a newly pry tier with the aim of build larger jackpots and increasing the value of secondary-tier prizes .

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