I regularly have sex with my mom

so I ‘ve been regularly having sex with my mother for about a class now. She is 53 and I am 25. She has since been divorced from her moment conserve about 2 years ago, has been dating on and off until death July, she told me she had taken a pause from looking. About a calendar month by and by, “ it ” happened. I got home one night late july last year, and we were watching movies together on the couch as we do much ( at the time I placid lived with her, have since moved into an apartment and she spends the night a few times a week ) we equitable started to cuddle a bit, and then we kissed on the cheek, the lips, and then it escalated into arouse. We are no strangers to forcible contact to one another, even into adulthood we hush hug and evening cuddle pretty frequently, so it about came naturally. It was very strange at first, but we talked it out and we both enjoyed it, so it became a regular thing. And to be honest, I ‘m identical glad that it has. I have constantly been identical close to my ma, and at 53 she is very meet and smooth, she is a very beautiful woman and she is so passionate. I ‘ve honestly never felt an experience more erotic and more passionate than making sleep together to her, it ‘s like a closeness I ca n’t truly explain but it feels so fantastic. I would n’t say it ‘s like a “ boyfriend/girlfriend ” or “ husband and wife ” find, but something different yet precisely as potent, though still identical much a syndicate like bond, there is this fooling fun to the sexual activity itself. ( And barely to let you know I have had a few girlfriends/boyfriends throughout high educate and adulthood, so I ‘m not doing this out of desperation, I ‘m not being “ manipulated ” by anyone, I want to make that absolutely clear ) This is something that I very much enjoy, it ‘s been the most erotic and excite thing both of us have ever experienced in the bedroom. however, there has been person who has been concern in me and I ‘ve been considering vitamin a well. I feel like we have a lot in common and I wan na see if it goes anywhere, I ‘ve told my ma about her and she is o with it, my mother and I have discussed a long clock time ago that the kinship we have at its core is still kin, equitable a “ with benefits ” sort of thing. I feel like if I always did have a long term relationship with that daughter, or anyone, the whole “ I have a intimate relationship with my ma ” thing touch creep them out. I have this concern now that they mite find out if I go any farther with them, but I know I have to be truthful with them. I know I ‘m thinking way to ahead of myself, but I truly hope that this wo n’t end up tainting any likely relationships I mite have in the future. I ‘m certain there are a few womanhood out there who would be accepting of this strange relationship I have with my ma, but no doubt they are few and army for the liberation of rwanda between. I ‘m kind of conflicted on what to do right now, the logical thing would be to barely keep it a secret and that ‘s what we ‘ve been doing, but there is always that tick in the rear of my beware that any girl/guy I mite want to date will somehow find out .
equitable … any advice ?

and a few answers to questions I ‘m most likely going to get,
I ‘m bisexual
We do n’t use protection ( do n’t need to )
I am an lone child
we are 100 % biologically related
my very dad dose n’t know ( have n’t talked to him since I was 17, I wo n’t go into detail but it ‘s better that he ‘s out of both of our lives )
at the time of me writing this we are inactive sexually active with eachother

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