How to Take a Good Dick Pic: 10 Tips From Sex Experts

Taking a thoroughly cock movie can be a nerve-racking undertake. not only do you need a bit of fearlessness to send person a photograph of your penis, but a solid murder besides requires some plan and creativity. If you send out a cock movie and the recipient role thinks your peen looks weird—or even worse, you send it without their consent—they ’ ra not going to get turned on. And at the goal of the day, that should be the goal of a cock movie : to get your spouse aroused ! Dick pics can be arousing in versatile ways. Your spouse might get all hot and bothered by the mere sight of your penis ; adverse to popular belief, a penis can be sexy to look at—but alone if photographed nicely. They may besides get turned on because the dick movie is building anticipation for your following intimate meet ; you ’ ra giving them a little tease of what they ’ ra gon na get. “ The goal of a cock movie is to spark your partner ’ s erotic imagination and curio, ” says Kenneth Play, international sex educator, sexual activity hacker, and creator of the Sex Hacker Pro Series. “ It ’ s anticipatory. You want to get them excited about what ’ randomness to come. ” Over my years as a sex columnist, I ’ ve received countless questions about how to take a proper cock movie. Guys have asked me where they should take it, when they should send it, which angles look best, and so on. To help answer all these questions and more, I enlisted the help of multiple experts. In addition to Play, I spoke to Ashley Cobb, a sexpert for Lovehoney along with Courtney Kocak and Sofiya Alexandra, co-hosts of Private Parts Unknown, a sexualities podcast exploring conversations on sexual activity, date, and gender. ( Kocak besides has an OnlyFans where you can send in cock pics and she offers “ cock ratings. ” ) hera ‘s everything to know about how to send a dick photograph .

Obtain consent.

“ Getting consent is rule number one, ” Cobb says. No one wants a movie of your mushroom without knowing it ’ s coming. “ It ’ s tacky and very off-putting. ”

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It ’ s not a fun surprise to receive on your earphone. In fact, it could be considered intimate harassment. Texas, for example, has banned sending unasked dick pics. If you send person a painting of your peen when they don ’ t want to see if, you can be hit with a $ 500 all right, reports insider. If you want to send a dick movie, just ask. “ Hey, can I send you something naughty that ’ s x-rated ? ” obviously, this shouldn ’ triiodothyronine be the first thing you message person. You should already have a rapport, and there should be some flirty sexting that happens anterior to asking .

Don’t include your face.

“ Remember this : no face, no case, ” Cobb says. “ This protects you from embarrassment if the photograph ends up getting leaked online—not to mention that there ’ s a decent gamble the person on the other end of the call will show your dick movie to their friends. They shouldn ’ thymine, but overlord knows that happens. ”

But don’t just show your dick.

“ Like a quotation, a dick photograph needs context, ” Alexandra says. “ Show me abs, torso, and a peek at that butt. Basically, in the deity words of E-40, ‘ Show me what you workin ’ wit. ’ ” This can besides help give context to how big your cock actually is. You may think it ’ second better to make your cock expect humungous, but if you do that, and your dick is average, or tied on the smaller side, they might feel like you misrepresented the truth. ( BTW, there ‘s nothing wrong with having a penis on the smaller side—it ‘s precisely that no one appreciates assumed advertise ! ) “ And if you ’ ra holding it, make certain your nails aren ’ t groaty because then I think your dick is funky, ” Alexandra adds .

Play with angles.

“ Get creative with your angles and explore ones that are about teasing and seduction rather than super explicit, ” Play says. “ Women, specially, tend to like more seductive angles than getting up-close and personal with the bejewel. ”

Think about lighting.

“ Choose some quick and flattering unhorse, ” Kocak says. “ Nothing turns you off more than a cock bathed in fluorescent bathroom light. Like, why is it green ? Is it vomit ? A cock photograph is not supposed to look like a BTS of your final doctor of the church ’ second examination, ” she says. And in a similar vein, make sure we can see your cock distinctly. No one wants to see a dimly-lit penis. Folks wan sodium see your peen in all of its glory .

Don’t snap the photo in the bathroom.

First off, the ignite in a bathroom is rarely romantic—it ‘s frequently blindingly fluorescent or dense and yellowy. Second, “ Toilets are not a turn-on, ” Play says.

Do some manscaping.

We ’ ra not living in the ’80s—full bushes aren ’ thyroxine hep. Tidy up polish there. You don ’ t need to shave it wholly bare, but a nice little reduce will do. “ Take some time to get your debris television camera ready, ” Play says. “ It ’ s very much appreciated. ” This contented is imported from { embed-name }. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site .

Clean your bedroom.

“ I see a fairly sum of frowsy bed situations when reviewing dicks on my OnlyFans, and I have to say, it very detracts from the sex entreaty, ” Kocak says. “ even if I ’ meter arrant at a gorgeous hammer, part of me is thinking, ‘ Ew, I would never want to have arouse in that bed. ’ ” Since that ’ s not the vibration you ’ re going for, take five minutes to clean. “ Trust me, doing a flying clean ahead is worth it ! ” Kocak says .

Think about timing.

“ Sending a dick movie at an inappropriate clock time can be embarrassing for everyone, ” Cobb says. Let ’ s say she ’ second in the middle of a influence touch where her phone is connected to the screen. An improbable position, I ’ megabyte mindful, but that would be absolutely awful if you sent a movie then. “ If you ’ ra not sure what your partner is up to, text a dim-witted ‘ Hey, you busy ? I wan na show you something ; ) ’ to check if it ’ s a good time, ” Cobb says .

Last but not least—I’m going to add my own bit of advice here—have fun!

While yes, you should put in the time, you don ’ thyroxine want to overthink it. Sending a dick movie is vitamin a much for you as it is for them, so if you ’ re not enjoying the work of taking it and all the flirty kid that comes with it, then sending dick pics might not be right for you !
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